QPR Suite 2022.1

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QPR Suite 2022.1


Released: 10.12.2021
Lifecycle phase: Active
Next phase: Mature

Before You Start Downloading

QPR Suite zip file includes all the installers, Add-On files, Documentation files and Tutorials and the size is roughly 1GB. You can also download the installers separately.


QPR Suite as a zip file
Clients only
Servers only
QPR's lifecycle support policy
Release history



QPR Suite Accelerators are software extensions for QPR Suite, enabling new features, enhancing user experience and improving compatibility with other applications.
Accelerators can be accessed here.


Introduction to new features (PDF documentation on new features)
QPR Knowledge Base (this site contains all instructions and manuals on QPR software products in a single searcable entity)
Change list QPR Suite 2022.1.1
User rights matrix (Instructions on different user rights in QPR Suite)

Certified Professional program

Note: The QPR Suite certifications for version 2016 are still valid for version 2022.

Access all QPR Certified Professional program tests

Additional online training material

QPR Metrics basic training webinar
QPR ProcessDesigner basic training webinar

Known issues

D-11531 QPR ProcessDesigner 2022.1 can't open installed BPMN 2.0 models
- QPR Modeling client 2022.1 original installation package (build 1250) had incorrect BPMN 2.0 template/example files for both ProcessDesigner and EnterpriceArchitect. ProcessDesigner gives error about missing license with "OMG BPMN 2.0 Process Modeling.qprdat", "Process Modeling Diagrams - BPMN 2.0.qprdam" and "Product Activation - BPMN20.qprdam"
- Current installation packages have fixed these files.
Solution: Install the latest Modeling client package (build 1252 or later) or download fixed files from here.