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Chart stores all its settings in a JSON format described here. Usually there is no need to directly edit the chart JSON settings, but in certain cases it may be useful. Chart JSON settings is also a useful way to move charts to another QPR ProcessAnalyzer environment.

Chart JSON settings is a JSON object which contains the following properties:

  • visualization (string): Defined the selected visualization.
  • stacking (string): Defines the Stacking and % Stacking settings. Valid values are null, normal and percent.
  • polar (boolean): Defines the Polar Chart setting.
  • maxRows (integer): Defines the Maximum Rows setting.
  • showOthers (boolean): Defines the Group Rows Exceeding Maximum setting.
  • datalabels (boolean): Defines the Show Data Labels setting.
  • useViewFilter (boolean): Defines the Chart Follows Dashboard Filters setting.
  • enableFiltering (boolean): Defines the Create Filters from Chart setting.
  • updateFilterDuringSelection (boolean): Defines the Chart Follows Dashboard Filters setting.
  • updateVisualization (boolean): Defines the Chart Follows Dashboard Filters setting.
  • enableDimensioning (boolean): Defines the Slice into Dimensions setting.
  • sorting: Defines the Sorting setting. Valid values are 1. measure ascending, 1. measure descending, 1. dimension ascending, 1. dimension descending, 2. dimension ascending, 2. dimension descending, 3. dimension ascending, 3. dimension descending, none.
  • visibleCaseAttributes (string array): Defines the Visible Case Attributes setting.
  • visibleEventAttributes: Defines the Visible Event Attributes setting.
  • visibleEventTypes: Defines the Visible Event Types setting.
  • filterCaseAttribute (string): Case attribute name used for filtering.
  • title (object): Custom title of charts and tables.
  • subtitle (object): Custom title for charts.
  • enableResultCaching (boolean): Defines whether the calculation results are cached (both in the server and browser side).
  • comparisonWithDesignModel (boolean): When true, a BPMN model is taken from the designModel variable and a comparison rule selecting all nonconformant cases is added to the Comparison parameter of all queries done by the chart. Default value is false.
  • forceRowSelectionModeInTable (boolean):
  • root (string array):
  • measures (object array): Array of measures where each measure is an object containing the measure settings. Measures have following common settings: name, context, decimals, label, unit, visualization, color, mapping, type, isVariable, hidden, dateFormat, suffixExpression.
  • dimensions (object array): Array of dimensions/columns where each measure is an object containing the measure settings. Dimensions have the following common settings: name, decimals, label, unit, visualization, color, mapping, type, hidden, dateFormat, suffixExpression.
  • colorPalette: (string array): List of colors that chart uses as a color palette, overriding the default color palette. Any CSS compliant color codes can be used, e.g. "orange", "#FFA500" and "rgb(255,165,0)".
  • tableColumnWidths (number array): Defines column widths in the table. Taken into use, when user resizes columns.
  • componentFilter (object): Chart filter as a json object.
  • onscreenSettings (object array): On-screen settings as json object.
  • customLayout (object): Json object to directly access charts and tables custom settings.
  • preset (string): Name of the preset.
  • version (integer): Chart settings version.