QPR Suite Accelerators

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QPR Suite Accelerators

03.07.2019 - 09:33

Accelerators overview

  • QPR Suite Accelerators are software extensions for QPR Suite, enabling new features, enhancing user experience and improving compatibility with other applications.
  • Accelerators have been classified into different productization levels based on how much work and expertise their configuration and usage requires. Use the production level as a guideline how much time to reserve for the accelerator implementation. (more information)
  • Accelerator's description page has a list of required expertise areas for implementing the accelerator. To ensure a success in the implementation, make sure you have the needed skills available. (more information)
  • Accelerator description page mentions all QPR Suite versions the accelerator has been tested to function properly. Still, the accelerator may also work in other versions.
  • When a new accelerator version has been published, as a useful information the accelerator version number implies, how significant changes there are compared to previous versions. (more information)

Support for accelerators

Accelerators are not supported by QPR CustomerCare and are provided "as is" without any express or implied warranty. QPR Software Consulting can offer implementation support as billable work. For this, please contact your Partner Manager. If you have any questions related to the accelerators, please post them in the Partners section of discussion or in the individual pages of the accelerator.

List of accelerators

Following is an alphabetical list of all published accelerators. Compatible QPR Suite versions and the accelerator productization level is mentioned in parenthesis.