QPR ProcessAnalyzer System Requirements

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System Requirements for Web Browsers

One of the following web browsers are needed:

  • Windows desktop
    • Google Chrome
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Microsoft Edge
  • Mac desktop with Safari
  • Tablets and smartphones
    • Apple iPad and iPhone with iOS 16 and Safari
    • Android version 11 or higher with Chrome for Android

Note: Due to the rapid update schedule of web browsers, QPR Software does not specify the supported versions but indicates the latest versions that are tested and verified to work. Chrome and Firefox versions newer than the tested versions are likely to work, but QPR Software cannot guarantee their functionality before the next release. Any compatibility issues will be fixed as soon as possible for the next release.

System requirements for QPR ProcessAnalyzer Server

System Requirements for QPR ScriptLauncher

Recommended Hardware for QPR ProcessAnalyzer Server (Snowflake)

When running QPR ProcessAnalyzer in Snowflake, there are following requirements to QPR ProcessAnalyzer Server:

  • Up to 5 simultaneous users
    • 16GB memory
    • 4 processor cores
  • More than 5 simultaneous users
    • 32GB memory
    • 8 processor cores

Dataset sizes don't affect the QPR ProcessAnalyzer Server requirements, because data is processed in Snowflake.

Recommended Snowflake Warehouses

The Snowflake warehouse sizing follows these general guidelines:

  • Scaling up: The more there is data in the process mining model, the larger warehouse size is needed (XS, S, M, L, XL).
  • Scaling out: The more there are simultaneous users, the more clusters are needed in the multi-cluster warehouse.

Typical Snowflake warehouses for different models:

  • Models up to 10M events: 1 node (XS)
  • Models up to 30M events: 2 nodes (S)
  • Models up to 100M events: 4 nodes (M)
  • Models up to 300M events: 8 nodes (L)
  • Models up to 1000M events: 16 nodes (XL)

Typical Snowflake multi-cluster configuration depends on simultaneous users:

  • Up to 1 simultaneous user: 2 clusters
  • Up to 3 simultaneous users: 3 clusters
  • Up to 5 simultaneous users: 4 clusters
  • Up to 10 simultaneous users: 5 clusters
  • Up to 20 simultaneous users: 6 clusters

Snowflake can adjust automatically the number of clusters based on the load, which is the recommended configuration. There are two scaling policies available, and of them the standard scaling policy is suitable for QPR ProcessAnalyzer analytics usage. When configured property, Snowflake is able to provide consistent performance regardless of number simultaneous of users. Note that the multi-cluster warehouses are not available in the Snowflake Standard Edition accounts.

Recommended Hardware for QPR ProcessAnalyzer Server (in-memory)

  • Small datasets (up to 5 million events per model) with simultaneous users
    • 32GB memory
    • 4 processor cores
    • 50GB disk
  • Medium datasets (10-20 million events per model) with simultaneous users
    • 64GB memory
    • 8 processor cores
    • 100GB disk
  • Large datasets (20-80 million events per model) with simultaneous users
    • 256GB memory
    • 16 processor cores
    • 150GB disk
  • Very large datasets (more than 80 million events per model) with simultaneous users
    • 512GB memory
    • 32 processor cores
    • 200GB disk

Recommended Hardware for Database

There are two databases used by QPR ProcessAnalyzer: metadata database and datatables database. The metadata database has relative small amount of data, so pretty lightweight SQL Server is sufficient (for small installations, 4GB memory and 2 processor cores, and heavy usage environments, 8GB memory and 4 processor cores). The datatables database has similar requirements, but in addition the required disk space depends on amount of data stored (100GB - 10TB SSD disk).

System Requirements for QPR TaskRecorder

  • Operating systems: Windows 10 or Windows 11
  • Installation uses approximately 100MB of disk space, and additional of 200MB should be reserved for task recordings.
  • Approximately 200MB of memory is used by QPR TaskRecorder.
  • QPR TaskRecorder is a .NET application released as a self-contained package, and .NET doesn't need to be installed separately.