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This page contains new features and fixed issues for each QPR ProcessAnalyzer release.

Next Release: QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2023.4 (planned release date 2023-06-13)


  • B-07872: List aggregation with Distinct=true should order items by their value.
  • B-06383: Sankey chart is added to visualize relations between items.
  • B-07940: Removed "Count" aggregation from textual values in Big data chart (you can use the Case count, Event count, etc. selection instead).
  • B-07825: Improve Snowflake error messages when trying to use non-existing attributes.
  • B-07757: Datatables linked to user-definable Snowflake database, schema and table.
  • B-07905: Rank related functions to Snowflake.
  • B-07873: Improved pivot table visual layout to highlight totals and aggregated data, and also mapping to rows titles are visible.
  • B-07902: SqlDataFrame: Optimize sequences of joins.
  • B-03103: Access operation log in expression language.

Fixed issues:

  • D-13660: Disabling filter rules didn't work in Snowflake.
  • D-13526: Passing data frames from SQL scripts to expression scripts did not work.
  • D-13528: Error message for certain erroneous SQL expressions was unclear.
  • D-13677: "Flow occurrences with specific case attribute value" selection didn't work in in-memory chart.
  • D-13661: PA crashed when there was no access to conformance UDF's.
  • D-13653: Big data flowchart Root causes preset showed incorrect legend.
  • D-13626: Flowchart freezed, when converting into big data flowchart and vice versa by modifying chart json settings.
  • D-13656: Root causes for attribute gave error "Failed to compare two elements in the array" in some situations.
  • D-11563: Pivot table had a minimum height of 300px, which caused bottom part of it to be out of view.
  • D-13598: Chart gave unclear error message when events datatable is not defined.
  • D-13655: Improved error messages for BPMN editor and conformance statistics.
  • D-13704: In CSV file import, parsing now allows spaces between column separator and text quotation mark.
  • D-13663: Pivot table border line was slightly broken in the header area.
  • D-13703: Snowflake stage file-based import failed to parse exception.

Latest Release: QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2023.3 (build 1990) (released 2023-05-03)


  • B-07818: Conformance analysis is supported in Snowflake with following dashboard components: Big data chart, BPMN editor, Conformance statistics, and Design model selector.
  • B-07833: Root causes analysis for flowchart is available for Snowflake showing how the event and flow occurrences explain selected phenomena.
  • B-07786: Big data chart has more measure aggregations, such as median, percentile, standard deviation and variance. Also for textual items, unique values can be listed.
  • B-07795: Conditional formatting supports also columns with non-numerical contents.
  • B-07830: None and Any aggregations for Snowflake and user-friendly formatting for conformance violations.
  • B-06527: Error messages in CSV file import show also the column number to help working with CSV files with lot of columns.
  • B-07747: In-memory conformance checking accepts design models with multiple tasks having same name (same is followed by the Snowflake implementation).
  • B-07659: In-memory flowchart preset Case Conformance to visualize conformance checking violations.
  • B-07571: Added function IsConformant to backend to check whether cases are conformant.
  • B-07863: Added function ConformanceViolationsFlows to backend to return nonconformance reasons for violating cases.
  • B-07844: Support for "array" aggregation to return aggregated items as array.
  • B-07856: Support for creating and accessing arrays and objects in SQL expressions.
  • B-07860: Array handling functions and Tasks property for DesignModel entity.
  • B-07847: Added throttling for QPR ScriptLauncher client-side imports to limit memory usage.
  • B-07811: Snowflake query optimization to omit columns that are not used by the query.

Fixed issues:

  • D-13632: Going from variations to event types led to very poor performance with certain models.
  • D-13628: Statistical calculations were incorrectly not applied in chart CSV export.
  • D-13575: SQL script may have given error "Operand type clash: nvarchar(max) was incompatible with sql_variant".
  • D-13597: UI supports now datatable column type "ShortString" (previously datatable contents preview and CSV import didn't work).
  • D-13536: Using business calendar sometimes gave error "System.InvalidOperationException: Collection was modified".
  • D-13477: Chart types without y-axis mapping caused an error when series mapping was used.
  • D-13453: _model variable was not available for Snowflake expression filter rules.
  • D-13527: Checkbox height didn't increase when long label needed to span to multiple lines.
  • D-13363: Snowflake query with EvaluateAfterAggregations and IsHidden failed when dimensioning by case id column.
  • D-13383: Snowflake query gave error "Invalid column name 'FromCase Name'".
  • D-13523: Request id was incorrectly shown as zeros in error messages.
  • D-13541: In CSV import, error message for maximum number of columns exceeded is improved (maximum is 300 column for SQL Server).
  • D-13583: Objects count in header didn't work for empty Snowflake model.
  • D-13553: Larger pacm files can now be imported, as there isn't error "Request body too large. The max request body size is 30000000 bytes".
  • D-13306: Stack overflow error was given when using SqlDataFrames.
  • D-13487: When Flows root and there was filter in Values expression, some flows were lost.
  • D-13540: SqlDataFrame query with 300 columns failed to error "WithExpressionColumn: No name given for the new column".
  • D-13429: Ordering in List aggregation couldn't find columns in dataframe query.
  • D-13406: Dataframe query with root FlowOccurrences and get value from cases caused error.
  • D-13538: There was incorrect handling of escaping characters in column names used in dimensions.
  • D-13633: Fixed ordering in List aggregation with null and empty values.
  • D-13636: Query that dimensions by numeric case attribute with AggregateOthers true, caused error.
  • D-13589: Creating Snowflake datatable did not connect to Snowflake.
  • D-13623: Value expressions without aggregation didn't work with AggregateOthers setting.
  • D-13554: In in-memory chart, percentile function might have return both Int64 and Double type of objects which cannot be sorted.
  • D-13481: Improved error message when trying to use deleted model.
  • D-13621: Dynamic value search dialog had incorrect font in lists.
  • D-13610: Some invalid BPMN files crashed BPMN editor.
  • D-13614: Checkbox label texts overflowed to right.
  • D-13520: Removed excessive parameters from the Query Designer for generic context queries.
  • D-12998: QPR icon was incorrectly positioned in header in Safari.
  • D-13480: Import to duration data type is removed from Snowflake datatables, and for local datatables duration type maximum size is checked.
  • D-13517: In Highcharts-based visualizationsm conditional formatting didn't work for other than the first y-axis mapping.
  • D-13529: In some presets containing several on-screen settings, when chart showed in error message, on-screen settings showed invalid selection.
  • D-13530: Opening dropdown list caused JavaScript error when the list contents should be empty after it previously contained items.
  • D-13486: Removed unreachable error message in CSV import.
  • D-13524: Fixed in-memory chart flow occurrences root measures "Event attribute (text)" and "Event attribute (number)" that caused error.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2023.2 (build 1478) (released 2023-03-22)


  • B-07755: Business calendar for duration calculation is available for Snowflake models.
  • B-07719: In Snowflake dashboards, measures can be assigned to variables and use the variables in other measures to create combined measures.
  • B-07746: Changed in-memory conformance checking to not show invalid flow violations where starting or ending event type is invalid.
  • B-07743: Default datasource can be configured for datatables created by scripts, allowing to set Snowflake as default.
  • B-07740: System memory indicator moved from the header to User settings Version information dialog.
  • B-07776: New SQL expressions functions Unicode, Char and Regexp, as a basis for future rule-based process mining.
  • B-07741: Backend support for aggregation operations Median, Percentile, Stdev, Stdevp, Var and Varp to Snowflake.
  • B-07742: Backend support for aggregation operation to list unique items in Snowflake.
  • B-07770: Optimized Snowflake SQL generation by combining consecutive WithColumn function calls into one select.

Fixed issues:

  • D-13491: QPR ProcessAnalyzer server crashed now and then when sorting was in progress and the query was cancelled.
  • D-13380: Dimensioning integers in in-memory core calculation didn't work correctly as 0 and -1 were put to same bucket.
  • D-13385: In Workspace Bin, Delete Forever and Restore from Bin buttons were misaligned.
  • D-13332: Conformance checking didn't show in violations when there were multiple undesired events in same case.
  • D-13405: Images take now always all available space in image component area.
  • D-13417: KPI card without title was slightly misaligned vertically.
  • D-13438: Clicking selected event type or flow in flowchart didn't cancel the filter selection.
  • D-13350: Task log and Script log default filter end date is now empty by default.
  • D-13381: Disabled browser auto-complete from flowchart variation stepper and Workspace create/rename object dialog.
  • D-13347: Improved performance for in-memory business calendar calculation.
  • D-13335: In in-memory chart, filtering didn't work in "Flow occurrences" root "Flow occurrences with specific event attribute value" dimension.
  • D-13367: Percentage value wasn't displayed properly with German or Spanish language when event types were shown in object counts indicator.
  • D-13451: Exported filter file is now named based on selected filter name.
  • D-13378: In Big data chart, prevented error "Unable to aggregate from level RootCauses to level Custom".
  • D-13293: DataFrame query with root Flows and IncludeEvents and ExcludeEvents filter rules failed.
  • D-13370: Fixed issue where on-screen settings that didn't have any selectable items, showed a strange selection.
  • D-13392: Clustering analysis was incorrectly shown when originally in-memory chart was converted into big data chart by changing chart json settings.
  • D-12784: Some Snowflake queries incorrectly bypassed Snowflake caching because they used unique object names.
  • D-13456: Improved error messages for incorrectly configured on-screen settings.
  • D-13445: Conformance violations related translated terms have been fine-tuned for better translations into different languages.
  • D-13421: Improved error messages when trying to use model having some column mappings missing.
  • D-13485: Snowflake business calendar gave error when calendar contained Sunday.
  • D-13218: Windows event viewer incorrectly contained log entries that are not errors.
  • D-12634: Multiline text boxes width is set to non-changeable.
  • D-13034: Confirmation dialog to delete items permanently has been updated.
  • D-13288: In dialogs, the Create button didn't show the disabled state correctly.
  • D-13427: When dropdown lists didn't have any selectable items, the "N/A" text appeared and the list incorrectly took more space vertically.
  • D-13483: In Workspace, the new items menu was too narrow for Spanish texts.

Additional release for QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2023.1 (build 1449) (released 2023-02-24)


  • B-07690: System setting DatabaseId can be defined by administrator to get more simple table names in Snowflake.
  • B-07737: In flowchart Bottlenecks preset, originally used flow colors has been recovered.
  • B-07748: For Analyzed objects "Conformance checking findings" in charts, terminology has been revised and issue with the case count calculation fixed.
  • B-07663: In on-screen settings, when case/event attribute is selected, related attribute values list are reset.
  • B-07570: Backend support for business calendars in Snowflake.
  • B-07660: Backend support for conformance checking to show also the last event index and event type in NotCompleted reason.
  • B-07610: Memory counter related technical properties have been removed from expression language.

Fixed issues:

  • D-13349: Opening dashboard containing Root causes preset with default settings jammed the system by generating lot of calculations (for more information, see previous release notes).
  • D-13277: Stacked charts with date type of data as series did incorrectly show gaps in columns/bars.
  • D-13270: Flowchart conditional formatting didn't work with duration multi-unit format.
  • D-13358: Calculation results caching works also across different user sessions.
  • D-13250: Dashboard with two charts connected with linked settings using variables ended up to to a never ending loop.
  • D-13230: SAP import did not automatically create columns to use the correct column types.
  • D-12857: Deeply recursive functions caused a crash without any trace.
  • D-12994: In Workspace, some buttons were not clickable due to breadcrumb covering them.
  • D-13249: In Workspace, there was incorrect error message for duplicate datatable names when there were items with only letter capitalization was different.
  • D-13232: In-memory chart Top variations preset is now sorted secondarily by average duration descending.
  • D-13300: Setting DashboardFilter variable to empty value didn't have any effect in dashboard but old value was incorrectly used.
  • D-12834: Limited the maximum number of dimensions to 20, to avoid too demanding queries for SQL Server.
  • D-12917: Changed visual indication of missing items in dropdown lists (it's no longer showing "***").
  • D-13111: In Root causes preset, there is now error message when trying to use weighting related columns when weighting isn't in use.
  • D-13124: SQLDataFrame query containing filter rule EventTypes aggregating from cases failed.
  • D-13207: Dataframe query with AggregateOthers, AggregationFunctionForOthersRow and EvaluateAfterAggregations failed.
  • D-13292: Dataframe query with AggregateOthers, AggregationFunctionForOthersRow and EvaluateAfterAggregations failed (rev.2).
  • D-12991: Dropdown list texts had some translations missing.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2023.1 (build 1433) (released 2023-02-07)

This release contains a potentially severe issue, where some dashboards completely jam the system by generating lot of calculations. The issue may appear in dashboards that have been created in earlier releases and containing the Root causes preset with default settings. The issue will be fixed by the next release. The issue can be worked around by exporting the affected dashboard, modifying the dashboard file manually and importing the dashboard back. The required modification is to remove line(s) containing
"preset": "RootCauses"
and the comma from the preceding line.

Following legacy analyses have been removed: Cases (analysis number: 5), Events (6), and EventTypes (7). This functionality may be in use in SQL scripts (in --#GetAnalysis command), and thus needs to be changed to the --#RunQuery command (see the examples page how each legacy analysis can be replaced). Note that the legacy analyses removal don't affect the dashboarding functionality.

Following script can be run in the Expression Designer to show whether there are scripts that use the removed analyses (and thus require migration):

let removedAnalyses = [5, 6, 7];
  let scr = _;Sum(removedAnalyses.("'AnalysisType','" + _ + "')").{let num=_;scr.code?.Replace(" ", "").Replace("\t", "").Replace("\n", "").Replace("\r\n", "").Replace("\r", "").Contains(num)})>0;
}),LastRunStart).(Project.Name + ": " + name + " (id: " + id + ") (last run: " + (LastRunStart ?? "N/A") + ")");

Starting from QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2023.1, the .NET Desktop Runtime is not needed anymore for QPR ProcessAnalyzer Server, so it can be uninstalled. Also for QPR ScriptLauncher, .NET Desktop Runtime is not needed, but instead install the .NET Runtime (which is more lightweight). .NET Desktop Runtime contains the .NET Runtime, so the actions are not mandatory when updating to QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2023.1.


  • B-06997: Expression-based filter rules for Snowflake dashboards to allow versatile filtering and filtering from custom expressions.
  • B-07383: Improvements to linked settings to allow binding to variables, tags and filter rules (more information).
  • B-07508: Flowchart preset colors have been renewed to be more intuitive.
  • B-07184: Automation preset in flowchart has now options for selecting the Automation attribute and value.
  • B-07512: Changed datatable metadata can be refreshed from Snowflake, and all rows in the datatable can be deleted easily in Workspace (more information).
  • B-07440: Date when the release was made is now shown in User settings.
  • B-07595: WeekOfYear property for DateTime objects in expression language to get the week number of a year (between 1 and 53).
  • B-07623: In-memory expression language functions Random (to get random numbers) and Hash (to get hash value of string).
  • B-07612: Breadcrumb in Workspace has now a Home button to quickly navigate to the top level of the projects hierarchy.
  • B-07637: Language selector now shows the language options in local languages.
  • B-07228: Remove following deprecated analyses: Cases, Events, and EventTypes (see the release note above).
  • B-07538: Backend support: Snowflake root causes analysis can find event attribute related root causes.
  • B-07706: Backend support: Snowflake expression-based filter rules support for roots containing Where function.
  • B-07611: Removed following legacy filter rules: CaseAttributeTrend, EventAttributeTrend, EventTypeTrend, and Duration.
  • B-07598: Refactored client-side import for SQL scripting to use generic client-side task mechanism.
  • B-07716: ShortString columns are now properly detected in SQL Server queries.
  • B-07652: Now it's possible to pipe multiline expression strings to QPR ScriptLauncher.
  • B-07688: AddColumns function for Datatables to create multiple columns in one call.

Fixed issues:

  • D-13092: Table conditional formatting didn't work when color code was fetched from other column.
  • D-13105: Some charts created in earlier release referring to non-existing presets names appeared as empty after software update.
  • D-13107: Flowcharts crashed and showed loading animation forever when setting color or flow thickness to non-numerical measure.
  • D-13104: In BPMN model editor, context menus to edit elements didn't appear.
  • D-12939: Script editor tabs Close buttons didn't work.
  • D-13154: "Search by case ID" didn't work in in-memory chart.
  • D-12933: CSV columns with only empty values were incorrectly auto-detected as integers.
  • D-12929: In-memory chart Root causes for case duration and Root causes for case attributes (weighted) had Custom expression missing.
  • D-12928: Pivot table headers were empty when there were two column levels and two values.
  • D-12924: Pivot table columns with Count and Distinct Count aggregations are now numeric and aligned right.
  • D-13033: Changing colors in chart settings Color palette caused "Item already exists" error and prevented changing colors.
  • D-12996: Tags referring to dashboard variables didn't work in Additional root expression.
  • D-12877: UI gave error in some situations: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'min').
  • D-13071: Prevented selecting two or more of the Y-axis, X-axis and series mappings at the same time for the same measure or dimension.
  • D-12895: Big data chart crashed when on-screen setting contained event type selector and there were no event type filter set.
  • D-13231: Tooltips for dashboard name, model selector and filter selector in header show now the content text instead of generic instruction.
  • D-13139: There was an error when tried to create filter for a custom expression where selected data type didn't match with the actual type of data.
  • D-12988: Chart presets selection in chart settings showed unnecessary tooltip.
  • D-12901: When set sampling over 1 million, Snowflake models gave error: parameter value out of range: size of fixed sample. Must be between 0 and 1,000,000.
  • D-12904: Creating expression filter having lower/greater logic with root objects sampling failed.
  • D-12923: Chart schema didn't accept pivotAggregation in dimensions/columns.
  • D-12926: Root causes columns Selected weight, Compared weight and Total weight have now correct float data type.
  • D-12880: In out-of-the box dashboards, chart titles and subtitles were not translated.
  • D-12916: Improved filter rule description text in Filter rule editor dialog for expression filter rules.
  • D-12889: No clear error message was given when user tried to export corrupted model from .pacm file.
  • D-12869: Date selector in on-screen settings had inconsistent vertical alignment.
  • D-12938: When creating a filter with lasso and selecting a single data point only, "equals" kind of filter rule is now created.
  • D-12989: "Running tasks as specific time" system report may have ended up in loop causing following error: Maximum call stack size exceeded error.
  • D-13010: Pivot table sometimes ended up to never-ending resizing loop when browser zoom was more than 100%.
  • D-12790: Expression language: DataFrame.SetColumns: Initializing and using variables defined in closure of SetColumns function parameter didn't work
  • D-12927: All on-screen settings were not be visible in narrow charts having several on-screen settings.
  • D-12937: Added maximum value limitation to several number input fields in charts.
  • D-12947: Message dialog didn't show line breaks correctly (e.g., in CSV file import).
  • D-12948: Defining column setting caused error when Measure Expression was not defined.
  • D-12946: Filter rule text couldn't be seen entirely from tooltip.
  • D-12983: When range filtering using integer values in Highcharts chart, filter is now shown as integer value.
  • D-12984: When range filtering in Highcharts charts and there is category axis, filter rule is now based on individual (category) values.
  • D-12930: When creating filters from charts using date type of X-axis with lasso, "greater than or equal" and "less than or equal" filter rules are not created.
  • D-12920: "Where" function in DataFrame lost column data types of the original DataFrame.
  • D-13048: Model notifications failed with certain measures that define variables in root expression leading to error: Variable "sampleSize" already exists in this context.
  • D-13116: BPMN editor had some translations missing.
  • D-13019: Datatable and script selectors show now datatable/script name instead of id, when opening selector having existing selections.
  • D-12951: Changing additional root expression in flowchart didn't refresh the flowchart.
  • D-13147: Filter rule boxes in header had different widths, and Add filter rule button vertical alignment was incorrect.
  • D-12907: Sometimes case attribute selection showed incorrect attribute name for empty model.
  • D-13148: Filters and Datatables system reports loaded unnecessarily twice which could be seen as blinking.
  • D-12844: In dataframe query, FlowOccurrences in root and GetValueFrom Cases with filter gave null reference exception
  • D-12915: Repeating certain query twice with aggregations in Events root generated invalid SQL
  • D-12728: Was huge amount logs in server during client side import (manual testing required as identification)
  • D-13156: Persist function failed to snowflake: Invalid unicode escape sequence '\u0027ACCE'; should be at most '\u0010FFFF'.
  • D-12876: Flows/FlowOccurrences in root didn't work with SqlExpressionValue filtering.

Additional release for QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2022.8 (build 1397) (released 2023-01-11)

This release fixes an issue where extracting large datasets from SAP increases memory consumption considerably and may lead to out-of-memory error. This release contains packages for both QPR ScriptLauncher and QPR ProcessAnalyzer Server. If SAP extractions are done using QPR ScriptLauncher in client side mode (ExecuteInClientSide=1), it's enough to update QPR ScriptLauncher to fix this issue.

Fixed issues:

  • D-12941: Extracting data from SAP consumed unnecessary lot of memory and may have led to out-of-memory error (both when running using QPR ScriptLauncher and in server side).

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2022.8 (build 1396) (released 2022-12-30)

Creating datatables with duplicate names in the same project is prevented, and possible existing duplicate names are automatically changed to unique names with a random suffix. If there are duplicate names, they can be renamed either before updating QPR ProcessAnalyzer (to avoid automatic renaming) or after the update (by changing suffixed names). If the renamed datatables are used by models, the linkage will break because it's based on the datatable name. Creating duplicate datatables has already been prevented in the UI, but the improved method works also in the API level.

Following SQL query can be used to list datatables (and project id) having duplicate names:

HAVING Count(*) > 1

If trying to use business calendar for a model that doesn't have the business calendar defined, there will now be an error message instead of showing the chart. Either unselect the business calendar checkbox for the measure or dimension, or define a business calendar to the model. In this situation in earlier releases the business calendar was ignored and full time calculation used.


  • B-07498: Automation and Operational Excellence presets and Root causes analysis (for Snowflake), Weighted root causes analysis and Event scattering preset (for Snowflake and in-memory), Root causes for case duration (in-memory).
  • B-07177: Flexible mappings, user selectable aggregations and conditional formatting for Pivot table, and flexible mappings for KPI Card.
  • B-07518: New function named Query to run call /api/expression/query.
  • B-07294: In Workspace, the left side projects hierarchy can be collapsed and expanded to make more space to project contents.
  • B-06814: In SQL expressions, new function DurationBetweenDates to calculate duration between timestamps precisely.
  • B-07519: Replaced DateDiff function with the new DurationBetweenDates function in big data chart.
  • B-07531: In SQL expressions, new mathematical functions Abs, Log, Mod, Power, Rand, Sign and Sqrt.
  • B-07297: To optimize performance, Snowflake queries are automatically cancelled if they are not needed by UI.
  • B-07569: To optimize performance, TakeSample function implementation is improved for Snowflake.
  • B-07198: Several performance improvements to DataFrame queries (used in Snowflake).
  • B-07464: Added Lead and Lag functions to SqlDataFrames to support getting previous and next event.
  • B-07470: New ExtractSap function to fetch data from SAP using expression language.
  • B-07536: New Pivot function to SqlDataFrames to enable root causes analysis.
  • B-07488: Primary keys can be set to datatables to improve calculation performance (UI will follow later).
  • B-07515: Added RootCauseAnalysis function to SqlDataFrames.
  • B-07546: RootCauseAnalysis function support for complex weighting expressions.
  • B-03052: Support for user-defined variables in /api/expression/query.
  • B-07565: Support for NumberPrecision, DatetimeTruncation and TimespanPrecision properties for Values section in in-memory query.
  • B-07513: For product activation file handling, replaced mutex based implementation with exclusive file lock.
  • B-07480: Expression language support for DataFlows for data extraction.
  • B-07613: Removed support for SQL Server based R scripting.
  • B-07567: Take datatable primary keys into use in expression builder to improve performance (part 2).
  • B-07588: Remove total memory information from log writing and DateDiff function for in-memory.

Fixed issues:

  • D-12715: Snowflake calculated imprecisely some operations containing division and aggregation.
  • D-12761: Progress bar of the CSV import dialog didn't show any progress.
  • D-12799: Opening datatable contents dialog settings was slow when there were lot of rows in the datatable.
  • D-12089: Include conforming/nonconforming cases made BPMN editor no responding.
  • D-12496: Datagrid filter search keyword didn't work for rounded values, so the search was hidden for other than textual data.
  • D-12704: Durations as quarters was calculated incorrectly in charts.
  • D-12662: Fixed issue where some special literals in custom expressions didn't work.
  • D-12403: Setting Notifications on a model had some visual issues.
  • D-12859: Dependency wheel visualization crashed with nulls values in From and To mappings.
  • D-12660: Removed unnecessary float conversions in SQL expressions.
  • D-12653: In-memory datafram OrderByColumns function with mixed values failed.
  • D-12657: When trying to use milliseconds period in some presets, frontend frozed.
  • D-12706: Line breaks in data were shown in many places where it's undesired.
  • D-12719: Syncfusion dialog headers showed backslaces incorrectly.
  • D-12372: Refused to run the JavaScript URL because it violated the Content Security Policy directive.
  • D-12730: Logging out when filter selection is in progress, gave javascript error.
  • D-12705: Header object counts tooltip was sometimes messed after logout.
  • D-12384: Selected project was not highlighted for whole project name string.
  • D-12581: Prevented creating duplicate datatable names in same project in parallel execution.
  • D-12722: There was incorrect syntax near '<' when running SqlDataFrame expressions.
  • D-12736: Swedish and Finnish translation improvements for object counter tooltips.
  • D-12702: For BPMN Editor component "Something went wrong" error was given when switching from in-memory to Snowflake model.
  • D-12712: UI gave error: TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'id').
  • D-12738: Business calendar showed total business time when calendar configuration was invalid.
  • D-12776: Special character filter caused JavaScript SyntaxError.
  • D-12785: Unnecessary vertical scrollbar displayed for main header toolbar.
  • D-12164: There was unnecessary UnauthorizedAccess errors in logs.
  • D-12580: Case duration was not same when comparing Big data chart with in-memory chart for same data.
  • D-12768: Data grid links and variable change actions didn't work when grouping was used.
  • D-12735: FindRootCauses (in-memory) function filtered out cases with zero contribution.
  • D-12763: --#CallWebService didn't work from ScriptLauncher.
  • D-12789: There was timeout in SQL queries to scripting sandbox.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2022.7 (build 1331) (released 2022-11-15)

Starting from QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2022.7, to improve security expression language operations that modify data or connect to external datasources are prevented in dashboard custom expressions. The limitation is required, because when a dashboard is opened, its expressions are run with the user's permissions, and the user need to trust the expressions don't perform any unexpected operations, such as delete data. The full functionality of the expression language is available in the scripts and in the Expression Designer.

The following functions and operations are prevented in dashboards: SendEmail(), CallWebService(), ImportOdbc(), ImportOdbcSecure(), Model.DeletePermanently(), Model.Restore(), Model.TriggerNotifications(), Project.DeletePermanently(), Project.Restore(), Project.CreateDatatable(), Datatable.AddColumn(), Datatable.DeletePermanently(), Datatable.Import(), Datatable.Merge(), Datatable.RemoveColumns(), Datatable.RenameColumns(), Datatable.Truncate(), RecycleBin.DeletePermanently(), and call SQL script. Calling expression scripts is allowed, but in the script all previously mentioned operations are prevented.

Following SQL query can be executed in the QPR ProcessAnalyzer metadata database to reveal dashboards that potentially have prevented expressions:

SELECT * FROM [PA_UI_ELEMENT] WHERE [UIE_PROPERTIES] LIKE '%SendEmail(%' OR [UIE_PROPERTIES] LIKE '%CallWebService(%' OR [UIE_PROPERTIES] LIKE '%ImportOdbc(%' OR [UIE_PROPERTIES] LIKE '%ImportOdbcSecure(%' OR [UIE_PROPERTIES] LIKE '%DeletePermanently(%' OR [UIE_PROPERTIES] LIKE '%Restore(%' OR [UIE_PROPERTIES] LIKE '%TriggerNotifications(%' OR [UIE_PROPERTIES] LIKE '%CreateDatatable(%' OR [UIE_PROPERTIES] LIKE '%AddColumn(%' OR [UIE_PROPERTIES] LIKE '%DeletePermanently(%' OR [UIE_PROPERTIES] LIKE '%Import(%' OR [UIE_PROPERTIES] LIKE '%Merge(%' OR [UIE_PROPERTIES] LIKE '%RemoveColumns(%' OR [UIE_PROPERTIES] LIKE '%RenameColumns(%'


  • B-07287: Process Discovery and most important presets for Snowflake.
  • B-07271: "Last Row Aggregates Over-limit Rows" setting for big data chart.
  • B-06431: Snowflake datatables support for database views in the datasource.
  • B-07266: Security: "limited mode" to prevent data modifications and external calls from dashboard expressions.
  • B-07097: Improved flowchart root causes color scales.
  • B-07363: SQL LIKE function support for escape character.
  • B-06877: Improved variation queries performance in Snowflake, part 1.
  • B-07444: Improved variation queries performance in Snowflake, part 2.
  • B-07382: Support for empty strings and nulls in event type names in dataframe processing.
  • B-07273: WithRowNumberColumn, WithRankColumn, WithDenseRankColumn support for descending sorting.
  • B-07303: FindRootCauses function support for weighting expression.
  • B-07327: Unpivot function for SqlDataFrames (for root cause analysis).
  • B-07385: Align token lifetime with SESSION_MAXIMUM_DURATION setting.
  • B-07500: ColumnMappings property for IDataFrame and DataTables.
  • B-07499: IDataFrame.ApplyFilter function to filter events data using a JSON-based filter.
  • B-07469: Translation updates for release 2022.7.

Fixed issues:

  • D-11630: Drag and drop from chart settings to main header was working incorrectly for filter and root cause rules.
  • D-12455: Moving a chart filter from one chart to another created a root cause analysis filter.
  • D-12266: Root causes analysis showed incorrect results when certain combination of filters.
  • D-12525: Numerical values in Excel export in data grid was formatted incorrectly.
  • D-12534: Restoring item from recycle bin changed project from Bin to previous project.
  • D-12529: Measure specific datalabel mapping did not work correctly when also mapped to Y-axis.
  • D-12532: Multi-selection options caused layout issue for Chart setting.
  • D-12541: Layout issue for Polish in multiselect list search dialog.
  • D-11277: Increase/decrease Icons were missing in the dimension sorting for Mac.
  • D-12552: Uncaught Error: Diagram.selectCollection given something that is not a Part: null.
  • D-12567: Tooltip incorrectly showed for label component containing only spaces.
  • D-12438: Operation was cancelled because it was replaced by a new operation.
  • D-12551: Some expressions didn't work as calculated case/event attributes.
  • D-11720: Chart buttons were not visible in Apple Safari and iPad.
  • D-12544: On-screen settings "options" parameter did not work.
  • D-12528: Multi-unit time unit selection appeared where it's not applicable.
  • D-12583: Error message should be provided for invalid settings input  than just  display JS errors.
  • D-12599: Tooltips didn't show correct measures/dimensions when "Show in tooltip" mappings are used.
  • D-12561: Chart settings content was incorrectly drawn outside of the chart dialog.
  • D-12568: Reload UI sometimes crashed chart having multiselect on-screen settings.
  • D-12572: Main header toolbar lost when refresh maximized PA chart.
  • D-12612: Drop Unused Filters After setting incorrectly allowed zero seconds.
  • D-12533: Error message keeped blinking in Analysis view.
  • D-12608: User could not select or add new case attribute when current select attribute doesn't exist.
  • D-12451: Prevented deleting running script.
  • D-12516: Windows event viewer warning: Failed to gracefully shutdown application.
  • D-12523: Business calendar performance - part 2.
  • D-12538: Column with same name could be added multiple times to datatable using expression language.
  • D-12582: Improved EMS mutex code to support multiple PA service in one server.
  • D-12624: Synchronize new (empty) data table generated failed queries in Snowflake.
  • D-12622: Advanced setting page reserved room for the expression editor frame that did not exist.
  • D-11295: In on-screen settings, some UI controls were vertically misaligned.
  • D-11625: The heights of the parameter option menu in the clustering tab was not well aligned.
  • D-12103: Small dropdown list layout issue.
  • D-12633: Align issue for Column related Advanced settings.
  • D-12505: Search dialog didn't escape % and _ characters correctly in dataframe processing.
  • D-12645: Tabs in expression settings dialog were partly hidden when dialog is narrow.
  • D-11382: Moving of flowchart was sometimes shaky.
  • D-12655: Filter rule tooltips in header were styled incorrectly.
  • D-12656: Large integer values in filter jsons were incorrectly presented as small integers.
  • D-12661: Some exported filters contained unnecessary "invert" property.
  • D-12500: Model with numeric case id's and filtering with the attribute mapped as case id: ERROR [22018] Numeric value '' is not recognized.
  • D-12509: Filtering null values didn't work in boolean attributes in Snowflake.
  • D-12571: In dataframe processing in SQL Server, dividing two integers should not make rounding to integer.
  • D-12610: Setting for global DropUnusedFiltersAfter was missing.
  • D-12613: Filtering with case/event attributes with null values didn't match in Snowflake models.
  • D-12617: Model didn't work when DropUnusedFiltersAfter is 00:00:00.
  • D-12618: If model ConfigurationJson is null, Configuration property didn't work.
  • D-12620: Filtering didn't work when there are backslaces in attribute names in Snowflake models.
  • D-12643: AttributeFunctionCallExpression did not always work properly in array context.
  • D-12647: SqlDataFrame with SQL Server: Comparing literals to variant column values failed.
  • D-12648: Models that have DropUnusedModelsAfter setting caused "The sliding expiration value must be positive" error.
  • D-11526: It was unable to translate Unicode character \uD83D at index 176 to specified code page.
  • D-12637: In application startup arised FATAL Application startup exception System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path 'Global\MutexQPRPAActivation' is denied.

Additional release for QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2022.6 (build 1262) (released 2022-10-19)

This release contains fixes to following major issues:

  • Older QPR ScriptLauncher versions (<=2022.5) don't work with this release, when using the client side import. As a workaround, if updating to QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2022.6, also update QPR ScriptLauncher. Hotfix will be released to recover the backwards compatibility.
  • When pressing the Add measure/Add dimension button in the chart settings, the chart settings dialog stop working. The workaround is to add the new measure/dimension to the bottom and use the Move up button to get the desired order of measures/dimensions. This issue will also be fixed in the hotfix.
  • ETL scripts run using QPR ScriptLauncher in the client side import mode don't work if there is an import operation taking more than 10 minutes. This is because during the import, QPR ScriptLauncher erroneusly doesn't send the heartbeats to QPR ProcessAnalyzer Server, which then stops the script, believing QPR ScriptLauncher has stopped working. This issue occurs in all QPR ScriptLauncher versions. This issue will be fixed to QPR ProcessAnalyzer Server in the hotfix (i.e., no need to update ScriptLauncher).

Fixed issues:

  • D-12586: Scripts using client-side import with older version of QPR ScriptLauncher didn't work.
  • D-12597: QPR ScriptLauncher was not sending heartbeats during import, which might have stopped the script prematurely.
  • D-12589: Pressing Add measure/Add dimension button crashed chart.
  • D-12558: In chart settings, setting expression to "(none)" gave error.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2022.6 (build 1259) (released 2022-10-05)

QPR ProcessAnalyzer Server and QPR ScriptLauncher use now .NET 6 (instead of legacy .NET Framework). The hardware requirements are same, but the .NET 6 Runtime needs to be installed to machines running QPR ProcessAnalyzer Server and QPR ScriptLauncher. See more on the updating QPR ProcessAnalyzer instructions. Note that the IIS deployment script is not available anymore. QPR ScriptLauncher update is not mandatory (i.e., .Net Framework based QPR ScriptLauncher works with the .Net 6 based QPR ProcessAnalyzer Server), but update is recommended due to bug fixes made to the QPR ScriptLauncher.

Following legacy analyses have been removed: Flowchart (analysis number: 0), Variations (8), Duration (9), Profiling (10), and Flows (13). This functionality may have been used in the SQL scripts. Note that this change doesn't affect the functionality available in the QPR ProcessAnalyzer web UI.

Following script can be run in the Expression Designer to show whether there are scripts in the system that likely use the removed analyses:

let removedAnalyses = Flatten([0,8,9,10,13].(["'AnalysisType','" + _ + "')", "'AnalysisType', '" + _ + "')"]));
  let scr = _;Sum(removedAnalyses.{let num=_;scr.code?.Contains(num)})>0;
}),LastRunStart).(Project.Name + ": " + name + " (last run: " + (LastRunStart ?? "N/A") + ")");


  • B-06524: Search dialog for finding and selecting multi-select items.
  • B-07173: CSV file importing supports date columns for row matching.
  • B-07277: Query timeout for dashboards.
  • B-06921: Expression language: For loop.
  • B-07307: Expression language: DataTable.Synchronize().
  • B-07288: SQL expression functions ToLower and ToUpper.
  • B-07335: Expression language: Datatable.NameInDataSource-property.
  • B-07336: ScriptLauncher client side import heartbeat.
  • B-07176: Dataframe queries run in SQL Server are stopped when operation is cancelled.
  • B-06986: Support for AggregateOthers setting in dataframe processing.
  • B-07342: Improved validation for dashboard import.
  • B-07267: Support for Comparison parameter in SQLExpression filter rule.
  • B-06533: Timeout to /api/expression/query.
  • B-07208: Remove deprecated analyses (part 2).
  • B-07295: Frontend components update.
  • B-07290: Translation updates for release 2022.6.
  • B-07326: .NET 6 migration merge.
  • B-07398: Improvements to PA service log writing during client-side import.

Fixed issues:

  • D-12098: Attribute function worked incorrectly inside Switch statement.
  • D-12491: Case filter was not shown in header if case id column is integer.
  • D-12535: Variables disappeared when going to other dashboard.
  • D-12480: ScriptLauncher client side import stucked without error.
  • D-12501: Snowflake model gave error: ERROR [42P13] Invalid argument types for function 'SUM': (BOOLEAN).
  • D-12112: Added validation for allowed values of standard context variables.
  • D-12470: Truncating datatable made it unreadable.
  • D-12383: Chart settings export options didn't change when visualization is changed.
  • D-11424: Multiselect dropdown lists were shown partly out of screen in smaller screens.
  • D-12270: Old version Big data chart didn't show correct error message.
  • D-12471: Expression query windowing didn't take Criteria parameter into account.
  • D-12461: Several datagrid column menus were incorrectly visible at the same time.
  • D-12430: Dashboard gave error: Uncaught SyntaxError occurred: Invalid or unexpected token at new Function (<anonymous>).
  • D-12436: When query specific mapping was used, variations indicate flow that didn't exist in flows query.
  • D-12432: SqlExpressionValue filter rule using Datediff function didn't work.
  • D-12393: Expression generated with "Show Expression" in query designer did not support column role mappings.
  • D-11272: Measure/Dimension/Column settings icon was changed to be more understandable.
  • D-12416: Some UI strings were not translated properly.
  • D-12153: Removed logging when defining functions.
  • D-12485: Business calendar performance issue - part 1.
  • D-12537: Variables didn't work in PA opening url when SAML is in use.
  • D-12506: Root Analysis gave error "Operations that change non-concurrent collections must have exclude access".

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2022.5 (build 1179) (released 2022-08-24)

Datatables can be stored to a separate SQL Server database, i.e., the datatables are not anymore created to the QPR ProcessAnalyzer metadata database. This improves performance as data intensive operations are isolated from metadata operations. To take the feature into use, create a new database in SQL Server and set the SqlServerConnectionString setting in the configuration table to connect to that database. When the configuration has been made, all new datatables are created to the datatables database. Pre-existing datatables are still located in the metadata database. To get the pre-existing datatables to the new database, they need to be recreated, which can be done by creating a duplicate of the datatable. Support for the metadata database stored datatables is continued, but deprecating the support in future will be considered.

Following legacy analyses have been removed: Variations Chart (analysis number: 1), Event Types Chart (4), Models (17), Model Report (21), Project Report (22), Datatable Report (23), and Script Report (24). To replace these analyses, use the corresponding native functionality in the expression language.

Following script can be run in the Expression Designer to show whether there are scripts in the system that likely use the removed analyses:

let removedAnalyses = Flatten([1,4,17,21,22,23,24].(["'AnalysisType','" + _ + "')", "'AnalysisType', '" + _ + "')"]));
  let scr = _;Sum(removedAnalyses.{let num=_;scr.code?.Contains(num)})>0;
}),LastRunStart).(Project.Name + ": " + name + " (last run: " + (LastRunStart ?? "N/A") + ")");

Security hardening instructions to set the Content-Security-Policy http header, has changed. In addition, the img-src directive includes also blob: urls (this allows to export Highcharts charts).


  • B-06898: In Snowflake models, events can be filtered based on event attribute values.
  • B-06996: In Snowflake models, event type mapping can be defined for each chart.
  • B-07069: Datatables can be stored to separate SQL Server database to reduce load from metadata database.
  • B-06525: In dashboard editor, the background alignment grid is now better visible with any background color.
  • B-06844: In script editor, the script status is automatic refreshed.
  • B-06643: Links in header changed, e.g., the eLearning library link.
  • B-06981: Chart settings remember the last opened tab, and the settings are always for the active chart.
  • B-06467: Added SelectDistinct function for dataframes for selecting distinct rows.
  • B-06933: Added "Like" function to SQL expressions for string pattern matching.
  • B-06543: Generic Eval function for evaluating an expression given in a string.
  • B-06944: Truncate function to efficiently delete all rows from datatable.
  • B-07207: Access to properties CreatedBy, LastModifiedBy and LastImportBy for datatables using expression language.
  • B-06906: Added Configuration property to Model and Datatable objects to get configuration json as dictionary.
  • B-07170: Added ScriptByName and ModelByName functions for project objects and changed behavior for DatatableByName function.
  • B-06919: Expression language: Increment (++) and decrement (--) operators.
  • B-06829: UI remembers the user's last selected model in next login.
  • B-07000: Workspace Models and Scripts tab auto-refresh has been optimized for performance.
  • B-06456: Changed icons in chart Visualization selection.
  • B-07175: Removed deprecated analyses.
  • B-07205: Replaced Scripts analysis (24) with expression language property.
  • B-06813: Pacm file support case and event attribute data types.
  • B-06907: Define start row for the returned data in dataframe processing.
  • B-06879: NumberPrecision and DatetimeTruncation support for dataframe queries Values columns.
  • B-06998: Implemented referrer policy HTTP header.
  • B-06936: Prevented using outdated caches in dataframe processing.
  • B-07066: Snowflake queries has been optimized by removing unnecessary metadata queries.
  • B-06900: Backend support for expression filter rules to dataframe processing.
  • B-06987: Add caching for Project objects.
  • B-06910: Frontend components have been updated.
  • B-07117: Translation updates for release 2022.5.

Fixed issues:

  • D-12075: DashboardFilter variable rules were applied in incorrect order.
  • D-12351: Pivot table columns headers had unnecessary prefix when there are multiple measures and no dimensions in columns.
  • D-11946: Content security policy violation occurred when exporting Highcharts charts as images.
  • D-12064: Chart pending query was incorrectly cancelled when going to and from Add component mode.
  • D-11606: Scripts and Projects tab slightly covered the top borderline of workspace datagrid and entire grid was not visible.
  • D-12389: When using AggregateFrom, filters were always applied on the completely unfiltered set of events even if a "top level" filter existed also.
  • D-12324: The visibility stepper counter didn't follow changed variations.
  • D-12373: CSV import may have failed when there are line breaks in strings.
  • D-12045: Column filter was not cleared when user switched to other view in Recycle bin.
  • D-11590: Two context menus were visible at the same time.
  • D-11131: It was not possible to move data grid column Custom filter dialog.
  • D-11401: For datatables filter popup menu was opened outside visible dialog and required more scrolling to be seen.
  • D-11650: In Workspace, sub context menu for target projects to move items didn't open with latest Syncfusion.
  • D-11651: Multiselect list lost some items when using search.
  • D-11657: Combobox autofill was broken.
  • D-11639: User's default model did not behave as it should.
  • D-12085: Filter rules in header were lost when pressing F5.
  • D-12142: KPI card value is now visible for non-numeric values.
  • D-12105: Nullable object must have value error displayed  when trying to open Enhanced BPMN dashboard.
  • D-12157: Root causes analysis in the Conformance Root Causes Analysis didn't work.
  • D-12067: Some tooltips, e.g., in BPMN button, didn't disappear at all.
  • D-12069: User got querying variation error when first time created big data flowchart.
  • D-12177: In models list, search and cancel icons were vertically misaligned.
  • D-12116: Add and delete filter rule from Create Filter dialogue did not work.
  • D-11445: When using very large value for border corner roundness, chart settings were not visible.
  • D-12166: External content presentation object was broken due to too strict content security policy.
  • D-12151: KPI card incorrectly showed error "Measure data type needs to be numeric" when numerical measure has null value.
  • D-12150: Event data column named "Case ID" mapping to both Case ID and Event Type caused error "An item with the same key has already been added".
  • D-12325: Workspace root level had too many New items in context menu.
  • D-12326: Wrong menu displayed for sub projects if first click create new option for root level from project tree view.
  • D-12000: Script log system report default time interval was too long making report very slow.
  • D-12119: Uncaught (in promise) TypeError occured: Cannot set properties of undefined (setting 'isAnimate').
  • D-12293: "Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'id') at o.checkTabNames" error occured.
  • D-12294: Term ID was incorrectly translated.
  • D-12353: Dialogs broke when there are quotation marks in header.
  • D-11978: Soft deleted project could incorrectly be queried by admins.
  • D-11982: Null reference error when filter contained attribute value with null.
  • D-11706: Deadlocks during tests in Concurrency test category.
  • D-11893: User.Globalpermissions returned incorrectly Hashset for inactive users (should return array).
  • D-11892: Project-specific user role could be assigned without project id (as global).
  • D-12114: In-memory core gave now and then error: The given key was not present in the dictionary.
  • D-12138: Timespan function incorrectly assumed 32-bit integers.
  • D-11548: Removed setting of default model and view.
  • D-12230: Column mappings didn't work for some dataframe processing operations.
  • D-12100: Giving project name (possibly id too) for DataFrame.Persist did not work when persisting a SqlDataFrame.
  • D-12099: Querying SqlDataFrame for an empty table returned an empty in-memory DataFrame.
  • D-12301: Duplicating local datatable didn't create datatable in sqlserver.
  • D-12097: Error "Unable to join two tables without specified binding columns", when dimensioning events by two case attributes.
  • D-11862: Filter with integer stringifiedvalues raised an exception when running in in-memory.
  • D-12087: Error: Ambiguous column name 'CaseId'. The column 'CaseId' was specified multiple times for 'df_5'.
  • D-12297: The datediff function resulted in an overflow when using high precision in SQL Server.
  • D-12288: Error in querying event type measures: An item with the same key has already been added.
  • D-12329: Filters using boolean attributes didn't work in SQL Server/Snowflake.
  • D-12054: Backslashes in string literals gave null reference error in dataframe processing.
  • D-12065: Case attribute filtering with column mapped to case id didn't work in filters.
  • D-12070: PA server incorrectly modified dashboard json.
  • D-12046: Expression language DateTime.Ticks was always UTC time.
  • D-12102: SQL Expression: Variable-function did not work if the variable has upper-case letters.
  • D-11950: Using list aggregation with different orderings in a single select did not work.
  • D-12345: Mapping columns and using Columns function caused error 'invalid identifier'.
  • D-12082: SourceData definition to events effected case attributes.
  • D-12348: DateDiff did not support milliseconds in-memory.
  • D-12374: Overflow error occurred when calculating standard deviation for case durations in large model.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2022.4 (build 1001) (released 2022-05-31)

Expression language has new function CallWebService for extracting data from web API's and make generic http calls. This function replaces the ReadWebService function which was a pre-production version of the same functionality. The ReadWebService function is thus now deprecated and it will be removed in future.


  • B-06864: New dashboard component: Big data flowchart that calculates in Snowflake.
  • B-06434: Flowchart has been improved by adding e.g., presets, tabs and title (both in in-memory and big data flowchart).
  • B-06515: New setting for chart to prevent applying chart filter to other charts (Apply chart filters to dashboard).
  • B-06450: Log in screen visual layout has been renewed.
  • B-06876: User management system reports including used license for each user.
  • B-05981: Expression language function CallWebService for web api and http calls.
  • B-06789: Datetime truncation function support for half-year and millisecond time units.
  • B-06497: SqlExpression function for getting string length.
  • B-06581: SqlExpression function for trimming white spaces from strings (Trim).
  • B-06630: SqlExpression function to add duration to date (DateAdd).
  • B-06631: SqlExpression function for getting a substring of a string (Substring).
  • B-06860: SqlDataFrame function to remove columns (RemoveColumns).
  • B-06832: When error occurs in script run in client side, error message is shown in script log.
  • B-06818: Russian language has been removed from UI.
  • B-06445: Datatable row counts are cached to avoid querying the information from Snowflake.
  • B-06843: Backend support for filter rule to filter events by event attribute values.
  • B-06871: Translation updates for 2022.4 release.

Fixed issues:

  • D-11802: When closing fullscreen, sometimes main header stayed invisible.
  • D-11947: Dynamic dropdown lists didn't open in first click in certain situations in Firefox.
  • D-11783: Flowchart start/end flow measure label showed in incorrect place when there are only one starting/ending flow.
  • D-11796: Data export in pivot table didn't work.
  • D-11530: When model is moved to other project, linked datatables are now not moved.
  • D-11714: Scripts list hover buttons didn't work in Firefox.
  • D-11500: Duplicated name check for workspace items was missing.
  • D-11782: Some in-memory chart expressions gave parse exception: token recognition error at: '\n'.
  • D-11871: Importing large number of rows to Snowflake could be very slow, as it incorrectly used SQL insert.
  • D-11781: Persisting more complicated SqlDataFrames did not work.
  • D-11849: Script log was not generated when running tasks in parallel using AsParallel function.
  • D-11789: Changing expression to "none" crashed UI, and line breaks were incorrectly removed in multiline text fields.
  • D-11817: Error missing when trying to run --#CallWebService with ExecuteInClientSide=1 in web UI.
  • D-11716: Deleted models were incorrectly listed in main header.
  • D-11912: User management dialog showed global roles incorrectly after they have been changed.
  • D-11940: Datatable rows column didn't show all when there is over 1 billion rows.
  • D-11596: Event count calculated incorrectly using AggregateFrom events.
  • D-11588: EventTypes root dimensioned by case count with AggregateFrom did not work.
  • D-11778: Variations dimensioned by flow count gave error in SQLDataFrames.
  • D-11788: User roles did not work in expression language.
  • D-11815: Variation case count showed as too large when there was other value joining events.
  • D-11818: Flow case count calculated incorrectly in dataframes.
  • D-11794: Switch statement returned null reference exception when condition expression evaluates to null.
  • D-11820: Variation duration calculation gave error in dataframes.
  • D-11867: Variations were not deterministic if there were events with same timestamps.
  • D-11891: Snowflake data import could fail in SQL insert mode due to too many statements.
  • D-11848: Configuration needed to be defined as valid JSON 'null'.
  • D-11784: Memorycache root gave errors when measures were used.
  • D-11913: Root causes icon was missing on the header.
  • D-11938: Design model was incorrectly not stored to the dashboard.
  • D-11939: Filter rule dialog showed incorrectly case/event attribute datatype in eventlog mode.
  • D-12004: Adjustment expression and Custom aggregation expression could not be emptied.
  • D-12034: All filter rules were not visible in main header when there are lot of them.
  • D-11821: Flow count of variation is incorrectly null for some variations.
  • D-11834: Error when dimensioning flows by case count in dataframes.

Old Releases

See older releases in QPR ProcessAnalyzer Release Archive