Languages and Localization

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Users can set their own language for the user interface. Available languages are:

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Finnish
  • Swedish
  • Polish

Changing Language

User language can be changes as follows:

  1. Login to QPR ProcessAnalyzer.
  2. Click the Main menu (on top left) and click User Settings.
  3. Choose the desired language in the Language dropdown list.
  4. Click Save to close the dialog.

The selected language is remembered when the user logs in the next time (also when using another computer).

Date Format Settings

In addition to the language, the following date formatting related settings can be set by each user in the User Settings dialog:

  • Date format: Defines how date values appears are presented in the Web UI. The format can be e.g. MM/dd/yyyy or d.M.yyyy. Following parts that can be used in the date format: d (day of month as one or two digits), dd (day of month as two digits), M (month as one or two digits), MM (month as two digits), yy (year as two digits) and yyyy (year as four digits).
  • First day of week: The first day of the week (that appears in calendars to pick dates).
  • Use 12-hour clock: Whether the 24-hour or 12-hour clock is used to present hours.

All these settings are remembered by the system, so they are always used for the user, until changed.

Default Localization Settings

There are system wide defaults for the following localization settings that can be set to the configuration table:

  • DefaultUiLanguage
  • DefaultDateFormat
  • DefaultFirstDayOfWeek
  • DefaultUse12HourClock

New user accounts use the default values until user changes to her/his own settings.

Translation Support Details

Most texts in the UI are translated, but there are the following exceptions:

  • Process mining data imported to QPR ProcessAnalyzer (e.g. case and event attribute names, event type names, case and event attribute values)
  • Some tooltips that contain long instructions
  • Some special error messages (originating from the server)

The login page is translated using the default language, when QPR ProcessAnalyzer is for the first time accessed using a certain web browser. Localization settings are stored to the browser's local storage, and thus the browser remembers the last used language and in the next time shows the login page in that language.