Updating QPR ProcessAnalyzer Server

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Follow these instructions to update existing QPR ProcessAnalyzer Server to the latest version:

  1. Read the release notes between the original and new versions, to see any special considerations regarding the update.
  2. Download QPR ProcessAnalyzer Server package (available in the downloads page).
  3. Extract the package to a temporary folder (e.g. C:\temp\QPR_ProcessAnalyzer).
  4. In the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager, stop the application pool where QPR ProcessAnalyzer is running.
  5. Go to the ProcessAnalyzer Server IIS root folder (e.g. C:\inetpub\QPRPA) and backup the Web.config file (because it contains settings that need to be migrated to the new version).
  6. Delete all files in the QPR ProcessAnalyzer Server root folder.
  7. Copy all files from the Service folder (in the temporary folder) to the IIS root folder of the ProcessAnalyzer Server (e.g. from C:\temp\QPR_ProcessAnalyzer\Service to C:\inetpub\QPRPA).
  8. Open the new Web.config file located in the IIS root folder of QPR ProcessAnalyzer Server (e.g. C:\inetpub\QPRPA\Web.config) using a text editor. Compare the file with the backup Web.config file to migrate settings from the old version to the new. Note that the new web.config file may contain changes in other configuration sections which must be preserved. Migration can be done e.g. with WinMerge tool (https://winmerge.org). Settings are in the following sections:
    • In the connectionStrings section, copy the connectionString attribute value.
    • In the system.runtime.caching section, check the properties cacheMemoryLimitMegabytes, physicalMemoryLimitPercentage and pollingInterval.
    • In the applicationSettings section, copy all settings values (in the value tags). There are settings in the two subsections Qpr.ProcessAnalyzer.Common.Properties.Settings and Qpr.ProcessAnalyzer.Service.Properties.Settings.