Updating QPR ProcessAnalyzer Server

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Starting from QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2024.1, .Net 8 is used (instead of .Net 6). If you are updating from an earlier release than QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2024.1, .Net 8 needs to be installed and .Net 6 uninstalled. Both .Net versions work side-by-side, so .Net 6 doesn't need to be uninstalled immediately, but due to security reasons, make sure that .Net 6 is eventually uninstalled.

Follow these instructions to update existing QPR ProcessAnalyzer Server to the latest version:

  1. Read the release notes between the original and new releases, to see any special considerations regarding the update.
  2. Download QPR ProcessAnalyzer Server package available in the downloads page.
  3. Extract the package into a temporary folder (e.g. C:\temp\QPR_ProcessAnalyzer).
  4. In the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager, stop the application pool used by QPR ProcessAnalyzer Server.
  5. Go to the ProcessAnalyzer Server IIS root folder (e.g. C:\inetpub\QPRPA) and make a backup of the appsettings.json file.
  6. Remove all files in the QPR ProcessAnalyzer Server root folder.
  7. Copy all files from the Service folder (the extracted package) into the IIS root folder of ProcessAnalyzer Server (e.g. from C:\temp\QPR_ProcessAnalyzer\Service to C:\inetpub\QPRPA).
  8. Copy the backed up appsettings.json file into the C:\inetpub\QPRPA folder.
  9. QPR ProcessAnalyzer Server IIS application pool can now be started.