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This page contains old QPR ProcessAnalyzer releases that were released in 2021 or earlier. See newer releases in QPR ProcessAnalyzer Release Notes.

Additional release for QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2021.9 (build 709) (released 2021-12-20)

This release has brought back SQL Server 2014 support.


  • B-06489: Restore support for SQL Server 2014.
  • B-06257: Add new SAP data extraction connector library SAP NetWeaver RFC (preview feature).
  • B-06443: Snowflake availability status is added to /api/serverinfo.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2021.9 (build 700) (released 2021-12-14)

Starting from QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2021.9, ScriptLauncher uses Web API instead of legacy WCF API, and thus also the ScriptLauncher needs to be updated to 2021.9. In addition, in the ScriptLauncher configuration file, ConnectionType setting needs to be WebApi (the setting is in place in the 2021.9 release package). The new Web API based ScriptLauncher is not anymore dependent on the API protocol version, and thus starting from 2021.9, information about the protocol version is not published. The old ScriptLauncher using protocol version 39 still works with the 2021.9, but as the WCF API is deprecated, ScriptLauncher update is mandatory before updating to 2022.1.

When taking into use the Web API based ScriptLauncher, the ServiceUrl setting in the ScriptLauncher configuration file needs to be set differently: Previously it was enough to specify the server name (e.g. https://processanalyzer.onqpr.com), but now also the application path needs to be specified (e.g. https://processanalyzer.onqpr.com/qprpa). This issue will be resolved in upcoming release.

Starting from QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2021.9, support for SQL Server 2012 and SQL Server 2014 has been dropped. See more in system requirements.

The predefined analyses operations that QPR ProcessAnalyzer has traditionally been based on, are now deprecated and will be replaced by functionality provided by the expression language. In practice, the following features will be removed:

  • --#GetAnalysis command in SQL scripting: If there are scripts using that command, replace them with the new --#RunQuery which uses the expression language to query data.
  • Analysis function in expression language: If using that function, replace it with other functionalities provided by the expression language.
  • POST /api/analysis/{analysisType} endpoint in the Web API: If using that endpoint in customized solutions, call the /api/expression/query endpoint instead.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer WCF API is now deprecated and it will not be available starting from 2022.1 release. All customized integrations and other solutions that use WCF API need to be converted to use Web API. Note that there may also exist scripts that contact the WCF API using the --#CallWebService command. The used API can be distinguished from the url: if it contains "/MainService.svc" the connection is to the WCF API and changes are required.

When installing 2021.9 server, note that there is a change in the web.config file, as httpRuntime element includes now targetFramework="4.7.1" attribute. Also, QPR ProcessAnanalyzer ScriptLauncher web.config has changed, as ConnectionType is now WebApi instead of Service.

SQL scripting commands that create datatables and temporary tables, use now specific column data types (such as NVARCHAR(MAX), INT, FLOAT, DATETIME2 and BIT) instead of SQL_VARIANT. This may affect SQL commands that have relied on the SQL_VARIANT column type. For example, in joins there may be mismatches between data types, requiring explicit type conversion.


  • B-03221: Flowchart has been renewed.
  • B-06378: Old flowchart has been removed.
  • B-06317: --#runQuery to run expression queries in SQL scripts.
  • B-06343: Bottleneck Flows preset is now sorted based on case counts and other visual improvements.
  • B-06360: Model Manager view has been removed.
  • B-06392: Enable ScriptLauncher to use Web API.
  • B-06346: Expression optimization for finding first/last event of specific type in case.
  • B-06399: Handling of simple requests has been optimized.
  • B-06309: Datatable operations for Snowflake stored datatables.
  • B-06413: Merge function for DataTables supporting SQL Server and Snowflake.
  • B-06415: MatchByColumns mode for importing data to Snowflake stored datatables.
  • B-06427: Append function for SqlDataFrames corresponding to UNION ALL in SQL.
  • B-06397: Backend support for modifying Snowflake stored datatables.
  • B-06408: Translation updates for 2021.9.
  • B-06412: CalcTester and ScriptLauncher are combined.

Fixed issues:

  • D-11282: Some system presets for task log analysis were very slow.
  • D-11296: Data grid and pivot grid were showing "No records to display" when about to show content.
  • D-11300: Following error appeared when doing logout when PA session was expired: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'find').
  • D-11315: CSV export was missing from Root causes visualization.
  • D-11316: Unnecessary error message appeared in login screen when user logged out quickly after opening the navigation menu.
  • D-11274: Performance issue: pivot grid froze for a while during opening when there were lot of column.
  • D-11350: In prediction, empty results should be shown when there is only one case in training set.
  • D-11353: Incorrect expression existed in case measure "Event type count per case".
  • D-11361: Cost input box was missing in Cost Savings by Automation preset.
  • D-11379: Search by Case ID preset was not working.
  • D-11290: Select Start or End filter from Bottleneck flow analysis result, Querying Variation error occurred.
  • D-11302: Chart filter didn't have any effect on root causes analysis.
  • D-11289: CSV import didn't warn about too long column names.
  • D-11310: Custom layout settings for highcharts were not compatible with the pivot grid.
  • D-11341: "Show for null values" didn't work in pivot grid.
  • D-11346: Chart configuration validation failed if there was no expression defined above defined expression.
  • D-11345: Some charts made in old version had nullValue=null which failed schema validation and showed error message when dashboard was opened.
  • D-11349: Expression based filter rules could not be disabled.
  • D-11326: Long project name string broke User effective permission layout.
  • D-11344: Invalid column name error occurred While evaluating function "Collect" in context for Pivot grid.
  • D-11387: Incorrect schema for "Table actions" caused error when opening dashboard.
  • D-11369: In workspace, hovering script row in table increased row height.
  • D-11224: In Workspace, sometimes when selecting row using checkbox, previous selections were unchecked.
  • D-11301: Drag&drop object in the Workspace missed a visual feedback.
  • D-11371: On-screen settings with multiple custom UI controls having same parameter name didn't work.
  • D-11388: Donut chart didn't work with multiple measures.
  • D-11261: Workspace column had sorting issue with empty date values.
  • D-11285: Datatable with lot of columns and rows caused performance slowdown.
  • D-11156: Unnecessary "This field is required" validation message existed in Manage Users dialog.
  • D-11370: CSV file import didn't detect timezone in dates.
  • D-11394: Workspace showed time incorrectly for 24h clock.
  • D-11407: In dashboard, clicking Workspace button right after clicking save, gave unsaved changes message.
  • D-11202: --#ImportDataTable did not create new columns when Append=1.
  • D-11283: Backend incorrectly converted json strings that look dates to dates with different formatting.
  • D-09499: When trying to use EventLog, CaseAttributes or EventAttributes properties in a loading script, clear error message was not given.
  • D-11287: Sometimes incorrect error message was shown for query cancellation.
  • D-11375: ProcessAnalyzer incorrectly ran with old .Net Framework runtime.
  • D-11376: ModelMetaData was dropped from memory when there was memory pressure.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2021.8 (build 614) (released 2021-11-02)

Known issue in 2021.8: Some dashboards created with earlier releases, may give following error when opened: Chart settings are invalid, and the chart may not work correctly. Type of property "measures/0/nullValue" must be string." Despite the error message, the dashboard still works correctly. The issue can be resolved by going through all charts in the dashboard and opening the Chart settings (in the Advanced tab). If the settings contain one of the following: nullValue: null, emptyStringValue: null, trueValue: null or falseValue: null, replace them follows: nullValue: "", emptyStringValue: "", trueValue: "", falseValue: "". When changes have been made, save the dashboard and check that there is no error, when the dashboard is opened. This issue will also be fixed in the next release, and if decided to wait for it, there is no need to edit the dashboards.

Known issue in 2021.8: Some dashboards created with earlier releases, may give following error when opened: Chart settings are invalid, and the chart may not work correctly. Property "expressionType" is required in dimensions/0." In addition to the error message, some charts in the dashboard may not work correctly. This issue appears if there are empty measures or dimensions ("none" selected) above defined measures or dimensions. The issue can be resolved by removing the empty measures and dimensions by clicking the Remove button for the measure/dimension. This may affect how the remaining measures and dimensions are mapped to the visualization, so the mappings may need to be adjusted in the measure/dimension settings. When changes have been made, save the dashboard and check that there is no error, when the dashboard is opened. This issue will also be fixed in the next release, and if decided to wait for it, there is no need to edit the dashboards.


  • B-06288: CSV file import can update existing rows in the datatable.
  • B-06281: User specific date format, first day of week and 12/24 clock can now be set separately from the language.
  • B-06291: Script log is refreshed automatically during the script run.
  • B-06269: In Workspace, projects have been moved into a separate tab.
  • B-06213: Performance for numeric and date dimensions has been improved (by taking into use NumberPrecision and DatetimeTruncation parameters). Additionally, data type is now specified only for custom expressions, and for the custom dimensions, there is new setting "Date interval" for date values granularity (Truncate function is not used anymore).
  • B-06316: Old data import view has been removed.
  • B-06267: Blocking for brute force password guess attacks.
  • B-06290: Expression optimization for pattern <aggregation function>(_.Attribute(<attribute name>)).
  • B-06286: Backend support for date format, first weekday and 12-hour clock in server side.
  • B-06262: Error codes added for different cancelling operation situations.
  • B-06323: Added support for stored calculation sessions.
  • B-06335: Frontend components have been updated.
  • B-06327: Translation updates for release 2021.8.
  • B-06221: .NET core migration: Thread.Abort calls are replaced with Thread.Interrupt.
  • B-06349: ColumnTypes property for IDataFrame.
  • B-06289: Enable ScriptLauncher to use Web API - improvements.

Fixed issues:

  • D-11257: Sometimes date axis marks didn't match with data points.
  • D-11136: In prediction preset, when all cases were filtered out, there was error "Index was outside the bounds of the array".
  • D-11284: When viewing datatable contents, float type of columns are now shown in two decimals.
  • D-11242: When dashboard was opened, it might have initially been in the scrolled down position.
  • D-11116: Validation was missing when dashboard is imported from file.
  • D-11252: Benchmark performance did not have input value limitation check for Repeat benchmarks.
  • D-11219: Workspace tabs did not use Open Sans SemiBold correctly.
  • D-11213: Dashboard Save button text was not well aligned vertically.
  • D-11225: BPMN context menu stayed on screen when other functions were used.
  • D-11199: CSV import validation process continued forever when the file had format error.
  • D-11134: Two popup menus were displayed at the same time in the Workspace.
  • D-11178: Underline of tabs was in the wrong order.
  • D-11179: Checkbox at the table header was misaligned.
  • D-11173: Some icons had visual defects.
  • D-11160: Workspace item name create/rename validation failure was not clear.
  • D-11211: Following error appeared: Could not convert object of type 'System.String' to type System.Collections.Generic.List.
  • D-11262: Query designer didn't work in the dataframe mode if "dataframe" was not written in lowercase.
  • D-11299: Importing timestamps from CSV that didn't exist in the local time, was incorrectly incremented by one hour.
  • D-11263: Model was incorrectly loaded into memory event though query is run in dataframe mode.
  • D-11227: "Self referencing loop detected ..." error for weighted root caused when there was expression filter with NumberPrecision.
  • D-11170: Error: "Unable to set the value of an uninitialized variable var1 due to variable not being defined inside the current parallel context".
  • D-11089: Querying same column multiple times omitted the duplicates from the response in SQLDataFrame.
  • D-11247: Filtering numeric values gave incorrect results near zero.
  • D-11198: Models where MOD_LAST_MODIFIED_DATE is null could not be deleted or modified.
  • D-11230: Removed hardcoded allowed TLS versions from software.
  • D-09453: Boolean values didn't work with EventAttributeValue filter.
  • D-11256: Importing data to datatable having data and with previously created column created new columns as sql_variant.
  • D-09452: Designed exceptions in running expressions shouldn't be logged as errors.
  • D-11050: Time information was missing in error message.
  • D-09497: Duplicate and empty column names gives now better error message in ODBC data source model.
  • D-11113: Stopping never ending expression calculation did not stop processing.
  • D-11226: Operation end time was not recorded when operation was canceled.
  • D-11258: WriteLog function didn't write to script log if function call was in sub scope.
  • D-11171: Log level for aborted operations should be info.
  • D-11228: Entries were written to the script log twice.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2021.7 (build 535) (released 2021-09-21)


QPR ProcessAnalyzer is now fully web browser based software, and so QPR ProcessAnalyzer Excel Client is not released anymore. If you have any issues in switching over to the web UI, please give us feedback through customercare@qpr.com and describe your process mining use case.


  • B-05991: Models can be managed in the Workspace in a new tab.
  • B-06212: Images can be added to dashboards.
  • B-05926: Presets performance can be benchmarked with one click and results report can be export.
  • B-06230: When duplicating elements in dashboards, now the width and height of duplicate stays same.
  • B-05994: Duration datatype is now supported when importing data to datatables.
  • B-05857: Implement expression language function to remove all preprocessings from model.
  • B-06203: Translations for release 2021.7.
  • B-06206: Web API: Existing datatable rows can be updated in CSV import (UI support implemented later).
  • B-06207: Web API: Support for startFromPosition parameter to get last entries of the current script run log (UI support implemented later).
  • B-06208: Exception codes implemented for usual exceptions returned by server (UI support implemented later).
  • B-06265: Enable ScriptLauncher to use Web API (1).
  • B-05856: Enable ScriptLauncher to use Web API (2).
  • B-05848: Model loading has been refactored in backend.

Fixed issues:

  • D-11188: CSV file import didn't work with negative numbers.
  • D-11210: In boxplot presets, "no outliers" minimum/maximum might incorrectly have been lower/greater than the real minimum/maximum.
  • D-11183: Chart datalabels showed wrong numbers for some presets.
  • D-11175: Single select list was not updated when value was set from multi select list through variable.
  • D-11099: Operation log for open operations does not now show the current operation.
  • D-11206: Underscore before attribute function call caused some parse tree pattern matchers to not work.
  • D-11155: Caching is now disabled when switching between tabs in Workspace.
  • D-11161: Font was broken in the contextual popup menu.
  • D-11165: Dropdown list values were not updated when changing preset.
  • D-11177: Data grid excel filter item selection unselected checkbox layout was incorrect.
  • D-11184: Unclear error information when tried to feed string value to Highcharts when value should be numerical.
  • D-11189: Nothing happened when clicking Delete dimension when there were no dimensions.
  • D-11166: All text type filter should have "Not Contains" option.
  • D-11220: Shuffle function was incorrectly constant foldable.
  • D-11185: Filtering didn't work for charts using variables in columns and row initialization expressions.
  • D-11190: When deleting or modifying expressions, non-matching on-screen settings are now removed to avoid errors.
  • D-11207: Javascript error "RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded" when clicked empty data grid rows area in Notifications and Business calendar.
  • D-11208: When very small percentage of cases are shown, the header showed ".00" (now it shows ≈0%).
  • D-11203: Removing parameters from url went to login page without clearing session and showed unnecessary error message.
  • D-11138: Javascript error in console: "Cannot read property 'column' of undefined at Gs.cellSelecting".
  • D-11200: Unselecting selected cell in table didn't hide the suggested filter.
  • D-11215: There was a javascript error when selecting a range of two or more cells in the same line and then click any cell.
  • D-11090: User terminated expression scripts didn't write to log.
  • D-11172: Path until selected event analysis caused "Variable already exists in context" error.
  • D-11162: DatetimeTruncation parameter didn't work with null values in filters.
  • D-11060: Concurrency issue resolved with Clustering Cases analysis.
  • D-09496: All needed parameters were not not passed to expression parsing.
  • D-11204: Preset CasesByDurationBetweenEvents was failing in Snowflake.
  • D-11218: Cancellation flag was not used correctly when checking if operation was cancelled.

Additional release for QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2021.6 (build 474) (released 2021-08-25)


There is a change in the expression language behavior, as now existing variables cannot be reinitialized using the let operator. Thus, an error is given, if there is already a variable with the same name in the same scope. The new behavior reflects better how programming languages usually work, and also it's able to spot likely bugs in expression scripts.


  • B-06245: Performance issue: Separate eventlogs were sometimes still created when drilling down in dashboards.
  • B-05937: Trying to initialize existing variable in the same scope gives now error.
  • B-03091: Columns of the datatables stored to SQL Server use now specific data types instead of SQLVARIANT.
  • B-06205: Frontend 3rd party components have been updated.
  • B-06021: Server logging has been improvement.

Fixed issues:

  • D-11094: In datatable import dialog, emptying datatable column name field didn't take effect.
  • D-11159: In chart, opening datatables list in "Datatable contents" gave error.
  • D-11056: Table sorting using context menu didn't work.
  • D-11157: "Not contains" filter didn't work and rule didn't show any text in header.
  • D-11158: There was an incorrect html encoding in multiselect list label.
  • D-09506: In pivot table, export created incorrect Excel file from zero values.
  • D-11078: In pivot table, selection caused javascript error when mouse was released over cell value.
  • D-11147: For json type of error responses Content-Type should be "application/json; charset=utf-8".

Additional release for QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2021.6 (build 460) (released 2021-08-19)


  • B-06211: Performance improvement: Reuse event objects in all eventlogs of the model (event level calculation performance is doubled).

Fixed issues:

  • D-11146: Filter calculation on dashboards using large model with several charts slowed down due to unnecessary duplicate eventlog generation.
  • D-11145: "Not contains" option was missing from Excel filter sub menu, and filter type was not filled automatically in Custom filter dialog.
  • D-11121: There was an unclear error message "Conformance statistics cannot be calculated" in Conformance statistics component.
  • D-11152: There was an unnecessary separator in projects menu in models list.
  • D-11150: There was a date conversion issue in CSV import related to number parts with leading zeros.
  • D-11119: DataGrid Excel export didn't work with the "substitute character".
  • D-11129: Case nonconformancies root tried to declare variables twice.
  • D-11151: Some number conversions were incorrect in CSV import.
  • D-11153: Decimal separator could not be specified for duration type of columns in the CSV import.
  • D-11154: Client side validation didn't work for duplicate user and group names.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2021.6 (build 444) (released 2021-08-10)


  • B-05859: CSV file import is renewed and available in the Workspace (old import is still available).
  • B-05988: Charts can be duplicated when editing dashboards.
  • B-05969: Not contains -type of column filter is available in tables.
  • B-03225: If user is authenticated with SAML, password changing is not available.
  • B-03232: In dashboard export files, chart settings are stored as presentation object property instead of context variable.
  • B-05982: Workspace context menu improvements.
  • B-05950: Allow empty value in first column in CSV file import.
  • B-05860: Frontend component update (part 2).

Fixed issues:

  • D-11107: In Workspace, when new project, datatable or script is clicked, the name text was highlighted by default.
  • D-11106: Query cancellation suppression didn't work when cancellation was in the inner exception.
  • D-11118: Issues with Dropdown list selector: (1) dates as variable values are handled incorrectly, (2) list refreshes unnecessary when activated.
  • D-11117: Case attribute and event type filters lists incorrectly made queries already when dashboard is opened.
  • D-11053: All texts didn't fit to screen in Syncfusion grid Excel filter when using UI languages with long words.
  • D-11075: Datatable didn't open after creation from UI.
  • D-11105: Wrong color in Clear Filter icon in data grid Excel filter.
  • D-11092: Code editor should not show errors for correct code.
  • D-11104: When context menu is opened for project that is not previously selected, hierarchy was scrolled.
  • D-11095: For json type of error responses Content-Type is now application/json.
  • D-11071: Web API could still return datatables with null configuration.
  • D-11098: Small layout issue fixes.
  • D-11133: Submenu of "Move to" is opened at the top-left corner.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2021.5 (build 389) (released 2021-06-23)


  • B-05846: Datatable contents can be previewed, and also new system reports dialog.
  • B-03233: Improved UI for chart background color, border color, border width and border corner radius.
  • B-05852: New presets for intelligent process automation and boxplot visualizations.
  • B-05828: Actions for tables to change dashboard variables.
  • B-05853: Scripting supports also scripts written in the expression language.
  • B-05093: Workspace visual layout has been improved and context menu is available also for projects, dashboards and datatables.
  • B-05922: Component filter for case attribute and event type selectors.
  • B-05847: Presets performance improvements: Digital fit rate by attribute, Path until selected event, Path starting from selected event.
  • B-05836: Changed "Automation opportunity scout" to use even types as basis and implement optimizations.
  • B-05825: Better performing method to get event type names in model.
  • B-05821: Improved backend performance by removing unnecessary ToArray calls.
  • B-05817: Backend support for running expression scrips in web UI.
  • B-05855: Running expression scripts in ScriptLauncher.
  • B-05946: Data type conversions for CSV import.
  • B-05944: CSV file writing for expression script through ScriptLauncher and client side execution using expression scripts.
  • B-05827: Distributed computing, part 8: SqlDataFrame support for locally stored datatables.
  • B-05850: Distributed computing, part 9: External table naming, data table import refactorizations, generic context.
  • B-05849: Distributed computing, part 10: Improvements and preparations for performance tests.
  • B-05840: Frontend components have been updated.
  • B-05935: Translations for 2021.5 release.

Fixed issues:

  • D-11084: Syncfusion pivot table headers were not visible.
  • D-11085: Tooltip in chart settings were stuck open in some occasions.
  • D-09524: Polar chart showed wrong tooltips value and graph was shown incorrectly if polar chart disabled and enabled again.
  • D-11007: Workspace grid showed shortly incorrect content.
  • D-11030: Javascript error: "TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of null" when returning to workspace.
  • D-11042: Release package was much larger for 2021.4 than for earlier releases due to unnecessary Monaco editor files.
  • D-11051: Negative timespans returned by server don't work in UI.
  • D-11052: Number of cases not updated when removing ModelId from dashboard properties.
  • D-11054: Background color conditional formatting didn't work for non-numerical columns.
  • D-11055: Extra space appeared in header when changing model and opening filters list.
  • D-11058: Expression filters didn't work due to single quotes don't work anymore.
  • D-11059: On-the-fly migration for existing stored expression filter rules using single quotes.
  • D-11068: When zooming and moving flowchart, following console error appeared: TypeError: Cannot read property 'behavior' of undefined.
  • D-11073: Chart image export should have same scale as in the dashboard.
  • D-11072: Index out of bounds error in Flow Duration analysis view.
  • D-11074: Dragging root causes rule from header to chart sets invalid Comparison variable breaking dashboard.
  • D-11045: Web UI incorrectly fetched resources from fonts.googleapis.com.
  • D-10988: Pivot table javascript error: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'refreshFrozenScrollbar' of null.
  • D-09594: Pivot table: Adjust browser size for event count analysis: Type Error: Cannot read property 'getPanel' of null occurred.
  • D-11043: Deleted scripts caused error if they are in the script editor tab.
  • D-11063: Datatable.Columns gave error for new datatable.
  • D-11064: XES import does not always import event attributes.
  • D-11067: Copying datatable that has configuration=null leads to inconsistent copied datatable.
  • D-11076: Moving script to project didn't work.
  • D-11044: Negative timespans were serialized incorrectly as positive.
  • D-11027: SQL query failed because connection was closed by deadlock.
  • D-11057: Optimization Where(Attribute(<constant 1>) == <constant 2>) works incorrectly.
  • D-11040: All expression lexing errors were not handled.
  • D-11019: Improve following unclear error message: "Selection failed: Unknown case attribute for object of type AttributeType: name".
  • D-11082: Filtering didn't work when clicking cell text for cells using conditional formatting.
  • D-11080: Clustering Analysis view had TypeError: Cannot read property 'field' of undefined.
  • D-11087: Improved unclear error message: Nullable object must have a value.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2021.4 (build 328) (released 2021-05-18)


There is a breaking change in 2021.4 related to using tags in custom expressions: If a tag provides a string value, before it was written e.g. Attribute("<#AutomationAttribute>"), but now it needs to be written Attribute(<#AutomationAttribute>), because the quotation marks of the string literal now come with the value replacement. The former will cause error in 2021.4, as there will be two sets of quotation marks. This problem does not concern other type of values (e.g. numeric), as they don't have quotation marks.

Scripts that are stored to the model or user context are not available in the scripting web UI (scripts in project and system context are available). If you have scripts in the model or user context, they need to be recreated in the project or system context using the Excel Client latest in 2021.4. Starting from 2021.5, scripts in the model or user context are preserved in the system, but cannot be used anymore (and they will be removed in a future release).

Tables used in dashboards are updated to the next generation of Syncfusion JS2 components. The Custom layout settings (defined as JSON) of the table might not be compatible between the generations, and thus they need to be changed manually after updating to 2021.4. See instructions how to migrate settings between the generations of the component: https://ej2.syncfusion.com/documentation/grid/ej1-api-migration/.

Starting from QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2021.4, the Data Grid Export Service (used for exporting tables as Excel files) is not needed anymore. The renewed table is able to create export files in the browser side without using any server/cloud side service. If the Data Grid Export Service has previously been installed, it's recommended to uninstall it for security reasons (to reduce attack surface).

There is a new step in the QPR ProcessAnalyzer server installation instructions for allowing large process mining models: .Net configuration: gcAllowVeryLargeObjects. The change should also be done for earlier QPR ProcessAnalyzer server versions if using models that have more than 50 million events.


  • B-03297: Scripting is available in the web UI.
  • B-03231: Recycle bin for models and projects is available in the web UI.
  • B-05764: Table component in dashboards has been upgraded to newer generation of Syncfusion JS2.
  • B-05814: There are now default parameter values for most preset.
  • B-05812: Optimize "Automation opportunity scout" preset and remove root items duplicate removal from dimensioning
  • B-05769&B-03081: "Cost Savings by Automation" preset performance has been improved.
  • B-05745: Functions CaseByName and Reverse, and improved support for TimespanPrecision/DatetimeTruncation.
  • B-05750: Expression language functions for managing datatables.
  • B-05800: Improvements to SQL script log writing.
  • B-05083: Expression language scripting.
  • B-05789: Expression language scripting: Run expression language scripts using Run function.
  • B-05799: Expression language scripting: Run SQL scripts using Run function.
  • B-05752: Delete multiple items at the same time: Recyclebin.DeletePermanently().
  • B-05082: Distributed computing, part 5: Improving KPI analysis expressions and data import.
  • B-05762: Distributed computing, part 6: Improvements related to imports to external distributed computing systems
  • B-05790: Distributed computing, part 7: Filtering etc.
  • B-05775: Translations for 2021.4 release.

Fixed issues:

  • D-11008: "The given key was not present in the dictionary" still appears in dashboards.
  • D-11034: Business calendar calculates incorrectly.
  • D-10987: Filtering doesn't work from dimensions that need to use root expression.
  • D-10959: Unsaved change confirmation Russian translation  has "% 0" in message.
  • D-10993: Column chart not working in Measure settings.
  • D-10978: PA WebUI: incorrect Case Level Permission expressions prevent using Model manager.
  • D-10984: Model cannot be used when in model json settings Permission.Case="".
  • D-11010: Chart comparison cannot be created from header root cause analysis.
  • D-09533: Table column width changes back to default.
  • D-09509: Datatable multi-selection: Uncaught TypeError: this.selectedRowCellIndexes[_].cellIndex.push is not a function.
  • D-09521: Columns in wrong order for some of the periods in Event Count Trend by Types preset.
  • D-09507: Tooltips for chart table columns shown far away from the column.
  • D-11004: Error: Uncaught (in promise): Error: Dataset doesn't contain column "measure0".
  • D-10970: Parameter define controls should display for full size Duration analysis view.
  • D-11013: TypeError: Cannot read property 'querySelectorAll' of null.
  • D-11018: Case duration exclude cases filter has wrong text in header.
  • D-11021: BPMN editor console warnings: "Passing callbacks to is deprecated and will be removed in a future major release".
  • D-11001: Filter option and checkbox display in two rows.
  • D-09593: TypeError: Cannot read property '0' of undefined.
  • D-10999: Error: <rect> attribute width or X: Expected length, "NaN".
  • D-11012: Tooltip still shown after moving criteria for finding root causes from header.
  • D-10972: Include and exclude dropdown list cannot display properly when analysis view display in fullscreen.
  • D-11020: Boxplot filtering by clicking does not work.
  • D-10992: PDF generated in Chart settings shows some info twice.
  • D-09513: When changing model and chart settings contain case/event attribute that doesn't exist in the model, error is given.
  • D-11023: All mappings in Measures tab not shown when changing to Box Plot Chart.
  • D-11024: Error messages not in logical order for missing values when drawing charts.
  • D-10994: Empty popup for dashboard link going to a non-existing dashboard.
  • D-10961: TypeError: Cannot read property 'refreshUI' of null.
  • D-11026: Unsupported BPMN node types should not be selectable.
  • D-11035: Table column resize causes never ending loading animation.
  • D-11036: Chart settings doesn't open, if configuration has non-existing preset definition.
  • D-11000: Model is incorrectly dropped first time some Permissions Expression data is added.
  • D-10990: System.ArgumentException thrown on model loading from HashSet.SetCapacity.
  • D-10977: Dimension rounding works incorrectly in expression filters.
  • D-11003: Model JSON configuration related error to cases datasource.
  • D-11005: Error shown in some situations after empty string Permissions expression has been removed.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2021.3 (build 263) (released 2021-03-30)


  • B-03242: Sampling for the analyzed objects of the chart.
  • B-03239: Chart settings visual improvement and reorganization (migration to Syncfusion JS2).
  • B-03307: Miscellaneous improvements to Workspace.
  • B-03075: Models are kept in memory when settings are changed (excluding datasources and calculated attributes).
  • B-03079: Improvements to model JSON configuration for Case/EventAttributes.
  • B-03308: In Query Designer, ContextType should be "Model", when ProcessingMethod is "DataFrame".
  • B-05075: Script entities are accessible in the expression language.
  • B-03302: Scripting backend changes: Single state for scripts.
  • B-05079: API for creating and editing scripts.
  • B-05074: Frontend components update.
  • B-05077: Support for scripts in POST /api/uielements/setproject/{projectid} and DELETE /qprpa/api/uielements.
  • B-03296: API for recycle bin.
  • B-03315: Distributed computing: Streamlining dataframe based KPI analysis configurations.

Fixed issues:

  • D-10965: "The given key was not present in the dictionary" error when calculating expression referring to attribute values.
  • D-10985: SAML service provider self-signed certificate is renewed.
  • D-10976: Donut showed slices in incorrect order.
  • D-09534: Filters were not working correctly in some cases.
  • D-10974: Median aggregation didn't work in table conditional formatting.
  • D-10962: Tables conditional formatting referring to other columns, didn't work.
  • D-10963: Chart table web links should not encode tag if it contains entire url.
  • D-09581: Fix for error: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined.
  • D-09589: The error message is now more specific in the "no access" case.
  • D-09592: Fix for error: TypeError: Cannot read property 'querySelector' of null.
  • D-09518: Stacking for Column Pyramid Chart alignment issue.
  • D-09597: Case attribute and event type filter components are not showing counts and visualize items without cases.
  • D-09591: Server required To field information to send a notification.
  • D-09494: Username and setting was missing in ScriptLauncher logs.
  • D-09535: TakeSample function should not decrease performance when sampling is not needed.
  • D-09580: TakeSample function should support DataFrames.
  • D-09610: Expression based greater/lower than filters don't show texts in header.
  • D-09601: Filter rule editor bugs: wrong counts and existing filters not taken into account.
  • D-09606: Flowchart doesn't show loading spinner.
  • D-09609: JavaScript error when opening flowchart for the first time.
  • D-10960: Client side query cache should be cleared when model is dropped, reloaded or model settings changed.
  • D-10967: Missing translation for "Select All" filter option.
  • D-10969: Fix for error: SyntaxError: Unexpected token u in JSON at position 0.
  • D-10979: Browser log should not contain informational messages.
  • D-10982: Model properties has problem to get new added datatables for CASE and EVENT Datasources.
  • D-09522: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'call' of undefined.
  • D-09911: Turn off filter rule will cause i[e][a] is not iterable at Function.compactFilterRules error.
  • D-09510: Clicking workspace button or switching between editor modes don't close chart settings.
  • D-09519: Chart configuration validation doesn't show error message.
  • D-09603: ERROR TypeError: Cannot read property 'getConfiguration' of null.
  • D-09525: Search line is not under the search string for filters in Query Designer.
  • D-09441: "In" function doesn't work with different integer types.
  • D-09612: "In" function doesn't work when written in lower case.
  • D-09586: CSV file import failed.
  • D-09595: Query cancellation doesn't work in /api/expression/query.
  • D-09440: User management web API doesn't write to operation log.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2021.2 (build 215) (released 2021-03-03)


  • B-03237: Dialog for defining email notifications.
  • 308126: Dialog for defining business calendars and using business calendars in charts.
  • 308087: Datatables can be renamed and duplicated.
  • 308090: Model settings dialog renewed, new dialog for calculated attributes, dialog for editing filter rules renewed, model duplicating.
  • B-03292: Support for Polish language.
  • B-03265: Automatic license reactivation.
  • B-03314: Triggering email notifications using expression language.
  • 308094: BPMN models are validated in the BPMN editor.
  • B-03293: TakeSample function to expression language.
  • B-03298: API call for expression query.
  • B-03300: Components update.
  • B-03299: Translations updates.
  • B-03301: Distributed computing, part 1: Merge code from distributed computing branch.
  • B-03317: Distributed computing, part 2: Access external DDBMS via data tables
  • B-03311: Distributed computing, part 3: Restoring support for Spark and Snowflake.

Fixed issues:

  • 219613: Analyzed objects "Events of specific type" didn't work in chart when there is one event selected.
  • 219611: Filtering attributes with empty string values did not work.
  • 219616: Unnecessary small vertical scrollbar in models list in Chrome and Edge.
  • 219624: Dashboard link set variables incorrectly to dashboard context.
  • 219436: Improved error message, when user has no access to any models.
  • 219505: Bottom margin was missing for dashboard if aspect ratio flex is 1.
  • 219434: Error appeared when creating conformance filter for invalid BPMN model.
  • 219427: Error "Conformance model created without any start events!" appeared and BPMN view was not usable.
  • D-09584: Filter parameter was not passed correctly in the url when opening UI.
  • D-09515: When creating/editing filter rule, selections shown should be filtered with other filter rules.
  • D-09495: /api/signout to return 204 also when activation or session is expired.
  • D-09568: Multi-select data from different datatable columns causes error.
  • D-09569: Model loading failed after previously trying to load model with invalid calculated case attribute.
  • D-09570: Performance optimization: BusinessCalendar function changed to constant foldable.
  • D-09572: Clustering Cases analysis failed when data contains null values.
  • D-09573: Predicted Long Cases fails on performance test machine.
  • D-09574: Datatable copy fails to timeout with large data and blocks fetching datatables metadata.
  • D-09577: Server crashed e.g. when editing calculated attributes (error in object finalizer).
  • D-09578: Excel client: Operation log showed details of only one operation.
  • D-09579: "From" in an expression was treated a keyword even if it should not be.
  • D-09587: Improve logging in model loading.
  • D-09516: JavaScript error when sorting by identifier in workspace: "Cannot read property 'closeDialog' of undefined".
  • D-09576: api/expression/query changed to use ProcessCoreInterfaceCall.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2021.1 (build 163) (released 2021-01-18)


  • 308096: New function "EventLog" to expression language to explicitly define preprocessings.

Fixed issues:

  • 219612: Opening models dropdown list jammed UI when there are lot of models.
  • 219495: Improve error message when trying to change login name to already existing.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2021.1 (build 156) (released 2021-01-12)


There is a potential performance issue with the list of models in the header, which may appear when there are dozens of models in the list. When there are lot of models, the models list jams the UI when opened. The next release (build 163) has solved the issue.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2021.1 does not have the Data Grid and HTML presentation objects, and they have been replaced by easier-to-use and more powerful Chart presentation object, which supports many layouts such as tables. After updating to QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2021.1, existing dashboards containing Data Grid and HTML presentation objects will contain a placeholder with a message that the presentation object doesn't exist. That placeholder can be removed and replaced with the Chart presentation object. If you need to preserve settings for the removed presentation objects, that needs to be done before updating to QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2021.1.

Data types of the datatables and temporary tables created by the --#ImportSapQuery command has been changed: previously data types were NVARCHAR(255) for all columns. Now the maximum length in the NVARCHAR data type depends on the SAP data field length. This optimizes the space needed for data storage. In addition, there is a new parameter ConvertDataTypes allowing to specify which data types are converted correctly instead of using textual format.


  • 308075: Chart data point colors can be defined using conditional formatting.
  • 307816: Datatables to workspace (part 1).
  • 308076: QPRLibraries migration to Syncfusion JS2 (part 4).
  • 308086: Syncfusion JS2 update.
  • 307975: Data grid presentation objects and datasets have been removed.
  • 307974: Remove HTML presentation objects have been removed.
  • 308073: Create presentation object types for all HTML presentation objects used in system views - part 2.
  • 308077: Translation updates for PA release 2021.1.
  • 307652: Remove QPR Connector.
  • 307709: Remove most of Excel client functionality and support of Xpress.
  • 308039: Web API for terminating operations.
  • 308046: Web API for copying datatable.
  • 308051: Data type conversions have been improved for SAP import.
  • 308105: Copyright information update to 2021.
  • 308063: SmtpFromAddress setting for sending email.
  • 307368 & 308084: Business calendar for duration calculation.
  • 307565: Expression filter rule improvements for comparing numerical values.
  • 307990: Email notifications part 1.
  • 308071: Conformance analysis performance improvements.
  • 308080: IIS configurations for .po and .woff2 files.

Fixed issues:

  • 219589: Enhanced BPMN system view has unnecessary horizontal scrollbar.
  • 219590: UI got frozen when opening workspace from home view if no other system view opened just before.
  • 219595: Long words were not wrapped in message dialog.
  • 219519: Error message did not show clear enough information.
  • 219557: Root causes analysis is changed to take into account summary row column count.
  • 219592: Excel client installer did not contain all connector files.
  • 219600: Confirmation message is improved when deleting project.
  • 219607: Dashboards don't work with bpmn models having linebreaks.
  • 219604: Special characters do not work correctly in chart settings.
  • 219606: Using dashboard links sometimes causes an error message to popup.
  • 219608: Conformance statistics po tooltip in tool palette is incorrect.
  • 219593: Getting data tables is really slow and the query times out after 30 seconds.
  • 219582: ScriptLauncher not work in direct database mode.
  • 219549: Number of columns in the totals row of analysis types 14 (root causes) and 29 (duration root causes) should be same as in other rows.
  • 219544: Inconsistent # Cases Total when running an analysis.
  • 219539: Excessively large amount of data added into expression language exception messages.
  • 217293: SQL script parser lost lines and error show wrong line numbers.
  • 219572: In-memory dataframes (SimpleDataTable) don't work with >1 billion unique strings.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.8 (build 113) (released 2020-12-09)


This release fixes the following performance issue 219585: Showing models list blocks until model loadings have been completed. It caused the Model manager and list of models not to open while a model loading was in progress. This may have caused considerable performance degradation in environments where large models are loaded manually by users.


  • 308061: QPR ProcessAnalyzer version related detailed information is shown User settings.
  • 308067: Charts have performance benchmarking to measure the time taken to calculate a chart.
  • 308042: Dashboard layout logic has been changed in a way that the possible empty space is preserved when viewing dashboards.
  • 308002: Web.config contains by default HTTP response header Cache-Control: no-cache, so that browsers check the latest QPR ProcessAnalyzer version is in use after update.
  • 308079: New parameter OperationId is added to operation log.

Fixed issues:

  • 219585: Showing models list blocks until model loadings have been completed.
  • 217940: PAPO flowchart scroll position was incorrectly on the very left.
  • 219564: Duplicate of dropdown list contents appears in wrong place when opening dynamic single selected list after changing model.
  • 219511: Scheduled loading of datatables caused the server to run out of memory.
  • 219591: Using Web.HttpsOnly.config caused HTTP Error 500.19 - Duplicate connection cache-control.
  • 219586: Previous modifications to Web.config are also done to Web.HttpOnly.config.
  • 219566: Settings panel cannot be opened for flowchart.
  • 219569: Conformance check view has "Cannot read property min of undefined" JavaScript error.
  • 219562: It was not be possible to filter based on the rest of the items exceeding maximum in charts when there are more than one dimension.
  • 219422: Chart Setting dialogue was not closed when user was redirected to relogin after session expiring.
  • 219584: Flowchart cache was not cleared when user logs out.
  • 219536: SVC log file was incorrectly generated to QPRPA root folder.
  • 219532: Creating new objects using Web API incorrectly required property id=-1.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.8 (build 80) (released 2020-11-10)


The database major version has changed in QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.8, which means that earlier QPR ProcessAnalyzer releases are not compatible with the database that has been updated to QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.8. This needs to be taken into account in those environments where multiple versions of QPR ProcessAnalyzer server are run using the same database.

Eventlog data for the legacy models is removed from the database automatically when updating to QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.8. This leads to permanent loss of data if all the needed models are not converted into the datatable-based models before updating to QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.8. If there are model conversions to be done, install QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.6 that can be used at the same time with QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.7 and make the conversions as described in the release notes for QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.7. After the conversion, update to QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.8 can be done (and QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.6 and 2020.7 be uninstalled). If you need help in converting your models, please contact customercare@qpr.com.

The web.httpsOnly.config file included in the 2020.8 installation package is incorrect and it should not be used. The issue has been fixed in the next release (build 113).

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.8 brings a change in the server Web.config file which need to be taken into account in the update. The change concerns section configuration > runtime > assemblyBinding > bindingRedirect for Newtonsoft.Json, where the new line is <bindingRedirect oldVersion="" newVersion="" />.


  • 307071: User management is available in the Web UI.
  • 308038: Database tables related to the legacy model data structures are removed from the database.
  • 308028: PAPO is changed to a component containing the Flowchart only that does not contain any other analyses.
  • 308060: Web links can be defined for tables. Web links can be parametrized to contain information from the clicked row.
  • 308068: Chart definition and preset improvements, e.g. Query analysis, Root causes analysis in tabular format, Case count trend by type.
  • 308031: Server API: Web API for models.
  • 308045: Server API: Version information to /api/serverinfo.
  • 308050: Expression language: Template strings containing embedded expressions.
  • 308056: Server API: Filters support for NumberPrecision/DatetimeTruncation/TimespanPrecision and StringifiedValues.
  • 308062: Server API: The expression analysis, has a "criteria" property for filtering analysis results.
  • 308069: Constant folding optimization for expression language.
  • 307965: Expression language: New functions for handling dataframes.
  • 308041: SendEmail function in expression language.
  • 308049: Backend performance improvements for dashboards.
  • 307910: Caching improvements: QueryIdentifier is not part of the cache key, and UserId is excluded from cache key when the expression is not user specific.
  • 307806: Angular Web UI framework is updated to version 10.
  • 308034: All 3rd party components in the Web UI are updated.
  • 308059: Expression language: Modify scoping in user defined functions to correspond more with javascript (static/lexical) scoping.
  • 307985: Create presentation object types for all HTML presentation objects used in system views - part 1.
  • 308037&308055: QPRLibraries migration to Syncfusion JS2 - parts 2/3.
  • 308043: Language translation has been updated.
  • 308065: Restore feature: Model statistics (e.g. cases, events, event types) calculation has been improved. Now the statistics are not reset when model settings are changed, and case count shows only cases having events.

Fixed issues:

  • 219241: Filter from ChartView is not confirmed when clicking Flowchart.
  • 219507: X-AspNet-Version http response header has been removed from error responses.
  • 219533: Dashboard gave randomly "Collection was modified, enumeration operation may not execute" error.
  • 219540: Conformance analysis with incorrect BPMN model containing loops crashed server.
  • 219349: When flow is selected in PAPO flowchart, event type filtering should not be possible.
  • 219535: Empty strings in X-axis values show category index.
  • 219554: When using lasso tool to filter in chart, y-axis position should be ignored in most chart types.
  • 219558: Clustering and prediction doesn't take into account when there is one event type selected.
  • 219221: Add many duplicate filters to same view should be prevented.
  • 219534: It should not be possible to create filter rules without values selected.
  • 219546: PA page content stays in very small area after reload page.
  • 219555: Changing focus to other chart while selection is in progress creates invalid filter if clicked chart has chart filter.
  • 219403: Improved error message texts for access denied errors.
  • 219514: GET api/users/memberships/{id} should also return group's members.
  • 219565: "No measure or dimensions have been defined" error in Conformance Root Check view.
  • 219567: Typo in Chart Settings Presets.
  • 219570: Color scale is inverted in Root causes for case duration preset.
  • 219573: Event type filter component doesn't work.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.7 (build 39) (released 2020-10-21)

Fixed issues:

  • 308058: Roll back improvement of model statistics calculation (307988) which inadvertently changed the Excel client protocol.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.7 (build 36) (released 2020-10-13)


Known issue: QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.7.1 is not compatible with Excel Client 2020.7, even though the Excel Client protocol version hasn't changed. To resolve the issue, update Excel Client to 2020.7.1.


  • 308036: Default values of chart margins have been adjusted, and there is a dashed line helping aligning charts.
  • 307988: Model statistics (e.g. cases, events, event types) calculation has been improved. Now the statistics are not reset when model settings are changed, and case count shows only cases having events.
  • 307956: Backend support for dimension values rounding for numbers, datetimes and durations.
  • 308040: Variation calculation performance has been improved.

Fixed issues:

  • 219518: Root cause analysis doesn't change after first analysis when comparison criteria is changed.
  • 219523: Analysis query fails when there are filter rules and model is not already in memory.
  • 219516: User description in Excel breaks web UI.
  • 219527: Opening UI with a link containing sys:dashboard opens previously used model instead of model stored to dashboard.
  • 219525: Filtering fails when first clicking chart and then PAPO flowchart.
  • 219510: Filter creation doesn't work from "Cases where specific events occur" dimension.
  • 219503: Flow duration gives "Index out of bounds" when selecting a flow that does not exist.
  • 219517: "Cases with specific case attribute value" measure doesn't take into account datatypes.
  • 219254: When other than traditional model has never been loaded, model statistics should return null in expression language.
  • 219509: Event types is empty after ResetModelCache.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.7 (build 12) (released 2020-09-29)


Support for the legacy models is dropped in QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.7, and the models need to be converted to the new datatable-based models before updating to QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.7. You can check the model type as follows: Open QPR ProcessAnalyzer Web UI, open the models dropdown list in the header, find the model, open Properties for the model, and go to the Datasources tab. If the Load from Database is yes, the model is a legacy model and requires conversion.

The conversion can be done as follows:

  1. In QPR ProcessAnalyzer Web UI, export the model as a .pacm file by clicking Export Model in the Model Properties (in the Actions tab).
  2. Go to the Datasources tab, change the Load from Database from Yes to No, and change the Cases Datasource to Datatable. The Events Datasource is already correct.
  3. Import the .pacm file back to the same model using the Data Import in the navigation menu. In the import form, select Import to Existing model and choose the model. Checkbox Add to existing data can be in either position.

Notes regarding the conversion:

  • Exporting and importing operations might take long time for very large models.
  • Model id's are not changed in the conversion.
  • Original filters and their id's are preserved but new duplicate filters are created during the import (which can be deleted).

QPR ProcessAnalyzer server installation has some files removed comparing to the previous version, because the WCF tester legacy functionality has been removed. Please note this, if updating the server by replacing the old files, because the files that need to be removed don't actually get removed with that method. The files to be removed are default.aspx, favicon.ico and processanalyzer.png and folder scripts.

Excel Client protocol version is changed which requires to update QPR ProcessAnalyzer Excel Client when updating to QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.7.

The version numbering of QPR ProcessAnalyzer has changed, and now releases are identified using a simple version number instead of the previous version format (e.g. 2020.6.0.42152). The version number can be seen in the User Settings in the main navigation menu.


  • 308003: Filter rules can be turned off.
  • 308021: Dimension specific maximum number of items can be defined.
  • 308006: KPI card has customizable colors.
  • 308009: Dimension values can be mapped to colors for visualization.
  • 308008: Chart specific model selection.
  • 308017: Remove left and right axis synchronization in Chart.
  • 307995: Ending tasks in web UI.
  • 307987: Navigation menu width is set based on dashboard names.
  • 307993: Model size estimate is decreased by 20 %.
  • 308018: Bottleneck identification and optimizations for models having lots of cases.
  • 307994: Taken into use functions stdev, stdevp, var and varp in Chart.
  • 308016: Migrate Chart pivot to Syncfusion JS2 PivotTable.
  • 307805: Syncfusion JS2 migration - part 1.
  • 308025: Chart components migration to Syncfusion JS2 (part 1).
  • 307939: Remove manually updated version numbers.
  • 308005: Remove "Dimensions/columns as calculated attributes" and "Chart settings (compacted)" from chart.
  • 307999: Remove legacy model settings from model properties.
  • 308020: Change default bpmn model to empty.
  • 307758: Standard deviation, sample standard deviation, variance and sample variance to expression language.
  • 307976: Angular migration finalization.
  • 307992: In Conformance root causes view, replace datagrid with a chart.
  • 307759: Add requirements and tests to mathematical functions from NCalc.
  • 307879: Optimize preprocessing for model event log.
  • 307916&308010: Drop support for legacy models.
  • 308007: "On-screen settings follow flow selection" to work for all start and event event type selections.
  • 308030: Change password changing to use /api/users/password.
  • 307989: Expression language: Dictionary.Clone-function and improvement to generic ToDictionary and ToDataFrame functions.
  • 308029: Revision number in UI.
  • 308004: Expression designer results field should be editable.
  • 307996&308012: Translation fixes.
  • 307954: Web API for datatables.

Fixed issues:

  • 219429: Chart case attribute dropdown list item count did not match with the chart presentation.
  • 219487: When moving and resizing, presentation objects should be aligned with each other and with the canvas.
  • 219472: Improvements to model and data table loading slowness and memory usage.
  • 219465: "Case/event attribute not found" error messages improved.
  • 219474: Filter rule text said "undefined" for some expression based filters.
  • 219462: User could not fix incorrect chart settings.
  • 219471: "All cases" option was not visible when changing between models that don't have filters.
  • 219488: Filter selection should be cancelled when changing dashboard.
  • 219494: Duration values in flowchart were sometimes rounded incorrectly.
  • 219484: Alignment of dashboard objects was difficult.
  • 219502: When clicking same Case attribute/Event attribute preset again, loading animation staid for ever.
  • 219481: Stdev, stdevp, var and varp functions should return null when there are zero or one items in the array.
  • 219496: Series should be stacked bottom-to-top and from-left-to-right in charts.
  • 219499: Chart colors were reset to default when resizing window.
  • 219480: Attribute+Variation filter resulted in zero cases.
  • 219479: SAML login redirection replaces contains http even if https is configured.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.6 (released 2020-08-18)

Build number: 2020.6.0.42152, Model compatibility version: 3, Database version: 74, PACM file version: 7, Protocol version: 33. (see more)


  • 307918: Localization for Russian, Spanish, German, Finnish and Swedish.
  • 307921: New dashboard Preview mode is separated from the Edit mode, to be able to temporarily change chart settings without saving them to the dashboard.
  • 307982: Changes to showing model last imported date and additional information to Model Properties dialog.
  • 307983: Editing calculated case and event attributes.
  • 307980: Chart setting "On-screen Settings Follow Flow Selection" to freeze chart from reacting to flow selection.
  • 307824: Expression language function improvements (IndexOf, LastIndexOf, ToString, ParseDateTime, First, Last).
  • 307952: When loading model data, the order of events inside cases is primarily based on the timestamp and secondarily by event row number.
  • 307953: Querying model-datatable linking in expression language.
  • 307817: User management operations to Web API.
  • 307900: Memory consumption improvement for getting number of unique attribute values.
  • 307978: Performance improvement: Taken into use AttributeType.UniqueCount to replace Count(_.Values) in expression used by UI.
  • 307781: ProjectId property is removed from dashboard export files.
  • 307955: Dataframes are loaded in parallel.
  • 307934: AsParallel function implementation has been finalized.

Fixed issues:

  • 219388: Old data comes to dashboard when data imported to datatable.
  • 219412: No scrollbar for both error message and web UI window.
  • 219414: Error message appears in Clustering Analysis for model with zero events and cases.
  • 219419: QueryIdentifier should be excluded from client side query cache.
  • 219426: Script editor cannot save changes in 2020.5 version.
  • 219430: Filtering does not work in PAPO Cases and Event Types when using French.
  • 219431: PAPO Events and Root Causes not working when using French.
  • 219435: Dialogues have small layout issue.
  • 219441: Deletion does not work correctly in folders screen when selecting using shift+ctrl-click.
  • 219160: Hidden case attributes are visible in profiling case analysis, and in Influence Analysis for case attributes settings.
  • 219418: Missing translations for the Clustering analysis.
  • 219446: JavaScript error when closing dialog using the X button.
  • 219444: Deselecting selected item by re-clicking it will not hide the selection buttons in Chart and generates an error in browser console
  • 219449: Prediction fails with certain small models.
  • 219450: Evaluation stack is not generated correctly if an exception occurs while inside a function having no parameters.
  • 219456: Query cache is not cleared when model settings are changed.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.5 (released 2020-06-29)

Build number: 2020.5.0.41888, Model compatibility version: 3, Database version: 73, PACM file version: 7, Protocol version: 33. (see more)


  • Dashboards structure is simplified, as panels are removed and presentation objects are placed directly to the dashboard canvas. In addition, panel headers are not available anymore. Presentation objects have now background color, border color, border width and border corner radius, that were previously in the panel level. All existing dashboards are automatically migrated to the newer structure. Existing dashboards that have several presentation objects within a same panel, are positioned on top of the others, so in those cases presentation objects need to be repositioned manually after updating to QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.5.
  • IP address verification of user sessions has been removed. Previously, each user session was only allowed from the same IP address. This kind of security feature won't work with IPv6 addresses which usually change more often than IPv4 addresses.


  • 307938: Support for French language.
  • 307868: New dashboard designer that doesn't have panels.
  • 307947: Tables conditional formatting
  • 307948: Dashboard properties layout and terminology changes.
  • 307911: IP address verification has been removed.
  • 307931: Expression language and performance improvements (originated from Spark prototyping).
  • 307774: Web API operation /api/importfile for data import.
  • 307933: Default logging mode has been changed to ExclusiveLock for all components.
  • 307904: Server side support for UI languages.

Fixed issues:

  • 219372: Issue with simultaneous eventlog processing that caused "Value cannot be null" errors and sometimes calculation with incorrect eventlogs.
  • 219375: --#CallWebService didn't work with Content-Type parameter.
  • 219357: UI was stuck to IdP login page when SAML settings (e.g SAMLUserIdAttribute) were misconfigured.
  • 219391: After logout GetOperationProgress failed for validating session.
  • 219408: Removed focus outline border from buttons and textboxes.
  • 219398: ETL Access denied CheckIsInProjectContext.
  • 219373: Case.FlowOccurrences and Case.FlowOccurrencesByType have Variations preprocessing missing.
  • 219382: Query for open operations should not return "open" operations that were started before the server startup time.
  • 219402: Model with LoadOnStartup=true doesn't work with case level permission with expressions referring to current user.
  • 219409: Filters containing event type and variation rules always filter out all cases.
  • 219416: Error in model loading in startup can effect other model loading.
  • 219369: Change error message "Time out while waiting for server response.".
  • 219387: Text filter options opened to left for ChartView making them partly hidden for first column.
  • 219395: Save button not always enabled when editing dashboard.
  • 219396: Context change notification should not be called for closing dashboard charts.
  • 219411: Right click menu issue in PA Flowchart analysis view.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.4 (released 2020-05-26)

Build number: 2020.4.0.41643, Model compatibility version: 3, Database version: 71, PACM file version: 7, Protocol version: 33. (see more)


  • In QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.4, the deployment package dashboards come with the installation, so there is no deployment package anymore to be installed. The previous deployment package located in the QPR ProcessAnalyzer UI project can be deleted when 2020.4 is installed.
  • To fix issue Datetimes are incorrect in files exported from data grids (219377), data grid export service needs to be updated from version V001 to V002.
  • Issue workaround: After updating to QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.4, dashboards containing the root causes analysis give an error message about invalid chart configuration. The problem can be fixed as follows: from the JSON text that appears in the full screen text editor, make the following text replacements: "Case Attribute" --> "Case attribute" and "Attribute Value" --> "Attribute value". When the dashboard is saved, the error doesn't appear anymore.
  • To improve performance, for custom expressions in charts it's recommended to replace ??_remove with the RemoveNulls function. Example: Expression Average((_.Attribute("Cost") ??_remove)._) can be changed to Average(RemoveNulls(_.Attribute("Cost"))).
  • To improve performance, for custom expressions in charts it's recommended to change expressions that make duration aggregations to work in a way that the aggregation is made before converting TimeSpans to integers (e.g. to days). Example: expression Average(_.Duration.TotalDays) can be changed to Average(_.Duration).TotalDays.
  • Issue: In Firefox, when opening a dashboard, an error message "Error in chart settings" might appear (the dashboard is still opened correctly). If the issue appears, it's recommended to use Chrome, where the issue does not appear that often. There are no other workarounds available for the issue.
  • Issue: FlowOccurrences and FlowOccurrencesByType properties don't work for Case objects when there are also filter rules applied. Some measures and dimensions use those properties. QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.5 will fix the issue, and for earlier versions there is no workaround.


  • 307859: Deployment package dashboards are embedded to QPR ProcessAnalyzer release.
  • 307899: RemoveNulls function to remove null values from arrays.
  • 307915: Expression language improvements related to CSV file generation.
  • 307809: When dashboard is opened, editing mode is disabled when no rights to edit the dashboard.
  • 307829: Highcharts, Syncfusion, GoJS and some other components have been updated to their latest versions.
  • 307848: Component updates for building QPR ProcessAnalyzer UI.
  • 307882: JavaScript libraries are split into smaller files in release build.
  • 307932: Some PAPO buttons are removed from the tool palette.
  • 307912&307917: ChartView and main header improvements for 2020.4 (parts 1 and 2).

Fixed bugs:

  • 219365: Sometimes system stuck during the time models were being loaded into memory.
  • 219326&219377: Datetimes are incorrect in files exported from data grids (time zone difference) (See also the notes above).
  • 219378: ChartView resizing sometimes didn't work when using full screen.
  • 219371: Error messages have been improved for session expired and unknown error.
  • 219360: Some styles were defined twice in CSS.

Additional release for QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.3 (released 2020-04-23)

Build number: 2020.3.0.41450, Model compatibility version: 3, Database version: 71, PACM file version: 7, Protocol version: 33.


  • 307902 ChartView improvements for 2020.3 hotfix: Custom expressions have by default datatype "auto", added support for binding to multi-select lists in Variable bindings, bugfix: Custom sorting didn't work in presets, bugfix: Aggregation method for Pivot table was not selected correctly.

Fixed bugs:

  • 219370: Dashboards could not be edited by other than administrators.
  • 219361: Flowchart sometimes crashed to ThrowKeyNotFoundException when pressing Root Causes button.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.3 (released 2020-04-16)

Build number: 2020.3.0.41413, Model compatibility version: 3, Database version: 71, PACM file version: 7, Protocol version: 33.


  • Legacy Chart and Gauge presentation objects are removed from QPR ProcessAnalyzer (they are different than ChartView). If there are dashboards containing those types of presentation objects after updating to 2020.3, there will be a placeholder frame instead with an error message of a non-existing presentation object. To change the dashboard, remove those placeholders and replace with ChartViews. It's recommended to make the replacement to ChartViews before the update, because chart and gauge settings cannot be accessed anymore in 2020.3.
  • ChartView will change from an HTML presentation object to a native presentation object, which ensures that dashboards will work in future releases when the ChartView is evolving. ChartViews created with 2020.2 will be automatically migrated to the native ChartViews in 2020.3. ChartViews created with 2020.1 or earlier releases need to be updated manually by removing the ChartView from the dashboard and replacing it with a new ChartView.


  • 307849: Securely stored strings for passwords.
  • 307746: ChartView is now a native presentation object instead of an HTML presentation object. ChartView's made in 2020.2 are automatically converted to the native presentation objects.
  • 307880: When a datatable model is moved to another project, the linked datatables should also be moved to the project.
  • 307556: Functions to expression language to improve usability and performance: CaseCount, EventCount, EventCountByType and Round.
  • 307895: SQL scripting command for database commit.
  • 307850: Expression language performance improvement by a new way to calling functions and properties.
  • 307858: Expression language: Support for array operators.
  • 307845: Header buttons layout has been improved.
  • 307870: Preprocessings are determined automatically.
  • 307761: Functionality that user doesn't have access is now disabled in the dashboard designer and workspace to avoid access denied errors.
  • 307839: Generic chart and gauge presentation objects are removed.
  • 307863: Automatic redirection to SAML authentication.
  • 307872: API support for querying if SAML is configured.
  • 307846: Error message further improvements.
  • 307888: Error message text changes for Dashboard not found and Multiple dashboards found.
  • 307874 & 307887: ChartView and main header has been improved.

Fixed bugs:

  • 219341: Analysis function unnecessarily required FilterId parameter.
  • 219343: Root causes analysis gave access denied when using Analysis function.
  • 219348: Query cancellation caused database connection leakage.
  • 219332: "Thread was being aborted" returned to client while loading model from datatable.
  • 219321: Removed unnecessary error log lines "Missing expected HttpRequest X-Forwarded-For" that appeared even if UseXForwardedForAsClientIp=false.
  • 219335: [_remove ]._ or empty array is not handled correctly in a KPI dimension.
  • 219340: default.aspx does not work.
  • 219330: EditDashboards permission should be needed for target project when moving dashboards between projects.
  • 219347: Queries done by the main header were cancelled when view is changed.
  • 219355: Expression language: Was unable to use properties of the parent context in dictionary initialization.
  • 219346: PAPO flowchart should have by default median duration shown on flows and flow counts hidden.
  • 219333: PAPO generated incorrect filter JSON and unnecessary query.
  • 219311: When opened a view by identifier, the view was fetched twice from the server.
  • 219329: Unnecessary information was stored in database for dashboard definitions.
  • 219362: Issues with session expiration checks.
  • 219364: Session expiration with SAML authentication configured gives incorrect error message.
  • 219344: Case count view in model manager header and Home view can cause unwanted model loading.
  • 219242: Flowchart is not updated correctly after event type filtering.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.2 (released 2020-03-09)

Build number: 2020.2.0.41129, Model compatibility version: 3, Database version: 67, PACM file version: 7, Protocol version: 33.


  • Expression language has now a conditional operator "if" and variable declaration operator "let". In earlier QPR ProcessAnalyzer versions, the expression language had functions If and Let which earlier could also be written in lowercase (i.e. "if" and "let"). Starting from QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.2, the lowercase versions refer to the conditional and variable declaration operators, and the uppercase versions refer to the corresponding functions. If there are expressions containing "If" and "Let" functions written in lowercase, please change them starting with uppercase.
  • Issue workaround: The Root Causes analysis don't work (shows empty) in the right side chart (PAPO) of the Process Discovery view. The issue can be fixed as follows by an administrator: click the Edit toggle button, click the right side chart, click the Edit icon in the top right of the chart, click the chart again, click Properties icon in the top right of the chart, open Variables tab, find the InfluenceAttributeTypeId variable, and change its value to empty (instead of 20). Click Close twice to go back to the main level and click Save button. The issue will be fixed to 2020.3.
  • Issue workaround: In ChartView, the Duration between events measure and dimension don't work when there are filters in use (the chart is empty). Workaround is to add the following Suffix expression to the measure or dimension settings (without quotes): "//eventtypes". The issue will be fixed to 2020.3.


  • 307779: SAML 2.0 support for PA UI.
  • 307789: PAPO now supports ModelId variable and new filters.
  • 307854: Filter selector for main header.
  • 307844: Improved main header (visible in view designer and workspace) (part 2).
  • 307820: Improved main header (visible in view designer and workspace).
  • 307840: Model loading script is now run in a security context allowing access to the project. Setting AllowExternalDatasources for disabling ODBC interfaces.
  • 307763: Root causes analysis supports multiple case attributes.
  • 307737: Datatable columns can be queried without loading entire datatable into memory.
  • 307780: When user logs in, last used model and default filter of the model is added to the session context.
  • 307547: Expression filter rule supports value conversion expression for better compatibility with e.g. date values.
  • 307841: Expression language has a new function Case.DurationBetweenEvents.
  • 307819: Expression language improvements for functions, variables and statements.
  • 307827: New function EventsWindow (and expression optimization to take it into use automatically)
  • 307794: GenericWrite permission should see model object counts when case level permissions are in use.
  • 307776: Effective permissions can be queried using expression language.
  • 307838: /api/projects returns effective permissions for each project.
  • 307832: Browser side caching has been optimized for performance.
  • 307787: Session data and permission are cached for improved performance.
  • 307853: Memory management operations to expression language.
  • 307803: Error message improvements (part 2).

Fixed bugs:

  • 219198: In web.config, empty setting names are formatted as <value></value>.
  • 219199: In web.config, ResponsePollingInterval is 3600000.
  • 219200: Model.EstimatedMemory gave too large estimate for models with lot of event types.
  • 219222: AggregateOthers didn't work with MaximumRowCount when dimensions is null in expression analysis.
  • 219276: It should be possible to set filter to be model default filter when the filter is created.
  • 219280: It should be possible to delete model default filter.
  • 219275: Changing model default filter should only be possible for ManageViews permission.
  • 219297: Designer user can delete other people published filter from web UI but cannot delete it from PA Excel Client.
  • 219285: Expression filter gives "Value was either too large or too small for an Int32".
  • 219304: Expression analysis returning DataFrame doesn't work in SQL script that prints to Excel sheet.
  • 219251: Sample files removed from \\Release\Files\OfficeAddIns\Excel\Example Data.
  • 219293: AnalyzeConformance function throws KeyNotFoundException - variation data missing.
  • 219261: Restored model model could not be open.
  • 219271: Invalid security notification when using Excel client.
  • 219298: X-Forwarded-For handled incorrectly in Functions.GetClientIpAddress.
  • 219305: Decimal datatype caused problems in the expression language.
  • 219323: Delete operation deleted unexpected project, models and datatables.
  • 219337: EventTypes in ModelInformation in PA response should contain entire model data.
  • 219339: Expression language: If statement without false statement causes an exception if the condition is false.
  • 219172: Invalid filterId causes "Internal server error" and " Method Not allow" error.
  • 219258: Exception message is not shown properly in PA Web UI for FaultException.
  • 219281: Improving the error handling for invalid ModelId.
  • 219284: Client side forces filterId=0 even if filter is not mentioned.
  • 219313: After adding the same existing panel twice, not possible to delete it from the view.
  • 219320: Duplicate id on PanelDesigner field-properties.html template.
  • 219336: When PAPO is added from tool palette, InfluenceAttributeTypeId variable contains invalid value "20" (should be empty).

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2020.1 (released 2020-01-21)

Build number: 2020.1.0.40909, Model compatibility version: 3, Database version: 65, PACM file version: 7, Protocol version: 32.


  • 307749: Support for importing data to the datatable models.
  • 307813: DataSourceType parameter to --#ImportEvents and --#ImportCaseAttributes ETL scripting commands.
  • 307743: Backend support for saving the new filters.
  • 307775: Effective dashboard permissions are included to dashboard definition when fetched from the server.
  • 307772: Dashboard project path is added to dashboard definition when fetched from the server.
  • 307778: When saving a view, the view is not anymore reloaded unnecessary.
  • 307810: Expression language adjustments.
  • 307818: Drop support for QPR ProcessAnalyzer Excel Client for Excel 2013.

Fixed bugs:

  • 219236: Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.Core.dll and Microsoft.AspNet.Identity.Core.xml files missing when installing QPR ScriptLauncher from the installation package.
  • 219291: QPR ProcessAnalyzer didn't work in https only configuration.
  • 219264: DataFrameMode enabled for KPI analysis even if Values have been defined (but Dimensions is empty).
  • 219223: Variable function don't work with upper case variables.
  • 219267: Viewing DataFrame contents in KPI analysis gives incorrect results.
  • 219279: DataFrame columns by name is unavailable inside user defined functions in KPI analysis.
  • 219259: It should be possible to enable CORS from all origins.
  • 219274: "Inconsistent or unavailable ids" error when using all cases filter.
  • 219290: Getting contents of a dashboard is slow in a customer environment.
  • 219286: User could not open any models after using broken model.
  • 219227: Slowness in model creation when read data from datasource - event cost calculation improvements.
  • 219250: Slowness in event creation when read data from datasource - group by event sorting.
  • 219292: Performance issue in /api/uielements as it unnecessarily fetched dashboard contents.
  • 219295: Client side fix for 219292.
  • 219269: Query results were handled incorrectly in the client side - datatype is cell specific, not column specific.

Additional release for QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2019.9 (released 2019-12-18)

Build number: 2019.9.0.40754, Model compatibility version: 2, Database version: 63, PACM file version: 7, Protocol version: 32.


  • Starting from QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2019.9 the separately installed QPR UI is not needed anymore. Instead, the web UI is now part of QPR ProcessAnalyzer and does not require a separate installation. The new UI can be accessed in http(s)://SERVER/QPRPA/ui/ (where SERVER is the hostname of your QPR ProcessAnalyzer server). Dashboards in the old QPR UI are not moved automatically to QPR ProcessAnalyzer, and also the QPR UI dashboard export files are not compatible with the new QPR ProcessAnalyzer UI.

Features for QPR ProcessAnalyzer:

  • 307785: Angular Migration: Migrate ProcessAnalyserService.
  • 307786: Angular Migration: Migrate FieldPropertiesUtils.

Fixed bugs for QPR ProcessAnalyzer:

  • 219262: Login to PA UI is not possible when there is + character in the password
  • 219263: Opening dashboard which definition is large
  • 219257: It should be possible to get DataFrame cell value by column name in expression analysis

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2019.9 (release date 2019-12-10)

Build number: 2019.9.0.40704, Model compatibility version: 2, Database version: 63, PACM file version: 7, Protocol version: 32.

Features for QPR ProcessAnalyzer:

  • 307484: Implemented Excel client protocol version for improved compatibility for older Excel Clients.
  • 307564: Case sampling is disabled by default.
  • 307724: There is a support for self-signed certificate for QPR ProcessAnalyzer service.
  • 307705: User related information and session id is available for HTML presentation objects.
  • 307712: Error messages from the backend are shown in UI
  • 307750: PA UI Frontend (part 3)

Fixed bugs for QPR ProcessAnalyzer:

  • 219170: Conformance checking didn't work when there is a non-existing bpmn task between parallel gateway and the end event.
  • 219152: Loading model into memory doesn't anymore require a ResetModelCache permission.
  • 219213: Improved model loading performance when using ODBC, datatable and expression datasources.
  • 219218: Order of the comparison rules incorrectly affected the influence analysis results.
  • 219240: Import model or export model from filter gave "Input string was not in a correct format" error.
  • 219238: Fix for error message "CommunicationException: The remote host closed the connection".
  • 219249: Access was incorrectly denied for non system admins when saving a new dashboard.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2019.8 (release date 2019-10-30)

Build number: 2019.8.0.40391, Model compatibility version: 2, Database version: 62, PACM file version: 7.

Features for QPR ProcessAnalyzer:

  • 307633: Datatables can be used as a PA model datasource (part 1).
  • 307700: JSON filter rules should not give error for non-existing values, such as event type names.
  • 307721: Improvements to model Improvements to model LoadOnStartup: loading is done in a separate thread and in parallel.
  • 307693: Expression language: Return attributes in alphabetical order.
  • 307738: Expression language: null-conditional and null-coalescing operators.
  • 307725: Expression language: AsParallel function for making calculations in parallel to improve performance.
  • 307715: New PA Web UI Backend (part 3).
  • 307728: New PA Web UI Backend (part 4).

Fixed bugs for QPR ProcessAnalyzer:

  • 219210: ScriptLaucher CSV export should quote string values with double quotes when the string value contains semicolon.
  • 219143: IIS https only setup does not work.
  • 219186: Event.IndexInCase had issue with event type filters.
  • 219167: Event.OutgoingFlowOccurrence and Event.IncomingFlowOccurrence had issues with event type filters.
  • 218689: _.Cases and _.Events doesn't work as a root in EventLog context in KPI Analysis.
  • 219004: PA license expiration causes unclear error in UI.
  • 219187: KeyNotFound exception occurred when include only all cases from the Path Analysis.
  • 219197: Minor issues in ODBC datasource.
  • 219207: Flowchart influence analysis does not work properly when using both Filter and Comparison parameters.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2019.7 (release date 2019-09-25)

Build number: 2019.7.0.40226, Model compatibility version: 2, Database version: 61, PACM file version: 7.

Features for QPR ProcessAnalyzer:

  • 307655: Drop support for SQL core as PA data source (Part 5 Memory optimization).
  • 307696: New PA Web UI Backend.
  • 307710: New PA Web UI Backend (part 2).

Fixed bugs for QPR ProcessAnalyzer:

  • 219164: Event.NextInCase/PreviousInCase didn't work with event type filters.
  • 219136: ODBC model not support import and remove functionality.
  • 219171: Event.NextInCase and Event.PreviousInCase requires CaseEvents preprocessing.
  • 219173: Out of memory error and application pool crashing in customer environment.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2019.6 (release date 2019-08-08)

Build number: 2019.6.0.40009, Model compatibility version: 2, Database version: 59, PACM file version: 7.

Features for QPR ProcessAnalyzer:

  • 307260: Update to Visual Studio 2017 and update to .Net 4.7.1.

Fixed bugs for QPR ProcessAnalyzer:

  • 219106: Datetime ticks property in the expression language should be in UTC.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2019.5 (release date 2019-06-19)

Build number: 2019.5.0.39902, Model compatibility version: 2, Database version: 59, PACM file version: 7.

Features for QPR ProcessAnalyzer UI:

  • 307330: Filtering renewal: PAPO.
  • 307638: Angular Migration: Migrate Analysis classes part 3.
  • 307653: Angular Migration: Migrate Analysis classes part 4.

Features for QPR ProcessAnalyzer:

  • 307649: Drop support for SQL core as PA data source (Part 4 Source code removal).

Fixed bugs in QPR ProcessAnalyzer UI:

  • 219040: Clustering analysis expression doesn't take into account model without any case attributes.
  • 219001: Case Analysis always limited to 1000 rows (other analyses have the same problem).
  • 219042: PAPO: "Influence Analysis for Case Attributes", value is rounded to closest integer.
  • 218944: PAPO: Recycle bin icon in filter rule name is not visible when there is long text without spaces.
  • 219041: When duration limit 0, filters made from duration beams don't work.
  • 219099: Datetimes in expression language query don't show fraction of seconds (QPR UI).
  • 219103: PAPO: context menu is not working in KPI analysis.

Fixed bugs in QPR ProcessAnalyzer:

  • 219062: GetModels is slow for admin.
  • 218978: Odd 1 million filter is adapted once you remove your custom filter.
  • 219015: Script Launcher million rows limit when exporting to excel csv.
  • 219022: GetModelAsStream webservice not support modelId.
  • 219080: JSON filtering does not work with flowchart analysis.
  • 219087: Increase from 1GB to 2GB limit in PA webservice.
  • 219032: PAPO Variation Analysis is not drawn.
  • 219017: Datetimes in expression language query don't show fraction of seconds (PA CORE).

Additional release for QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2019.4 (release date 2019-05-31)

Build number: 2019.4.0.39800, Model compatibility version: 2, Database version: 59, PACM file version: 7.

Fixed bugs in QPR ProcessAnalyzer:

  • 219078: PAPO loses saved filter when changing analysis
  • 219000: User with only Analyzer role can see and use private filter created by Administrator.
  • 219049: Copy of a model with odbc datasource doesn't have filters from the original model.
  • 219044: Calculated case attributes don't work with odbc model without defined cases.

Features for QPR ProcessAnalyzer:

  • 307611: Drop support of PAIK.
  • 307636: Drop PA Excel client support for Excel 2010, Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.
  • 307628: Drop support for SQL core as PA data source (Part 3 Source code removal).

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2019.4 (release date 2019-05-07)

Build number: 2019.4.0.39420, Model compatibility version: 2, Database version: 58, PACM file version: 7.

Release Highlights:

  • Custom dashboards for QPR ProcessAnalyzer can be browsed and edited more easily, as there is a Dashboards menu item available.

Features for QPR ProcessAnalyzer:

  • 307419: Change the database connection type to use in-memory core (PA Core).
  • 307324: Drop support for SQL core as PA data source (Part 1: Export from EventLog).
  • 307619: Drop support for SQL core as PA data source (Part 2: Remove analysis 26, 27 and 28).
  • 307523: Refactor ModelInformation code in PA Core.
  • 307613: Quick & Easy memory usage optimizations: PA Core.
  • 307618: Prediction capability to expression language.

Fixed bugs in QPR ProcessAnalyzer UI:

  • 218909: Data grid based analysis jumping.
  • 218971: PAPO Variation analysis has both paths and counts at the same time.
  • 218972: PAPO Duration analysis missing the grouped by dimension (default value is not set in analysis).
  • 218969: Event attribute "Cost" doesn't work in Profiling Events analysis and in Expression language.
  • 219006: Case id's (case names) are interpreted as numbers by PAPO.
  • 219027: Numerical attributes are shown as zero decimals in some analysis in data grid presentations.

Fixed bugs in QPR ProcessAnalyzer:

  • 218938: Filter rules information is not showing names for odbc loaded models and calculated case/event attributes.
  • 218945: PA UI Profiling and Event type analysis with selections costs are lost.
  • 218976: Inconsistency in pre-processing CaseEvents results.
  • 219012: Pre-loaded models give null reference exception.
  • 219008: Key is not in dictionary is thrown when selecting benchmark case attribute.
  • 219034: Model calculation context for expression data source is not initialized correctly.
  • 218920: Private filters are visible for other users (which is fine for admins but not for other user types).

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2019.3 (release date 2019-03-27)

Build number: 2019.3.0.38860, Model compatibility version: 2, Database version: 58, PACM file version: 7.

Release Highlights:

  • It's possible to add calculated case and event attributes to QPR ProcessAnalyzer models using the expression language. Calculated attributes are created when the model is loaded into memory, and they are available in the analyses like the normal imported attributes. Calculated attributes allow e.g. data conversions and cleansing, and also making calculations beforehand to improve performance.
  • QPR ProcessAnalyzer has a new Clustering Analysis, which divides cases into similar groups based in case attributes and occurred types of events. Clustering analysis provides a new way to understand and structure your process mining data.
  • In the expression language, the left out rows can be aggregated as the last row, which is useful, e.g. when you want to present only the most important data but still see the total amount of cases in the model. Also ChartView contains a new setting Group and Show Others using this expression language feature.

Features for QPR ProcessAnalyzer UI:

  • 307507: Disable rectangular selection in flowchart.

Features for QPR ProcessAnalyzer:

  • 307545: KPI: Clustering analysis and related utility functions.
  • 307512: Expression language: Description attribute to Model.
  • 306900: Calculated case and event attributes.
  • 307533: Level of event log pre-processing can be set for expression analysis.
  • 307575: Change items memory caching times.
  • Support for Windows 8 has been dropped. Windows 8.1 is still supported.

Fixed bugs in QPR ProcessAnalyzer UI:

  • 218863: Model manager not updated after changing Filter Id.
  • 218874: Sorting and filtering icons overlap in datagrid.
  • 218922: There should be default maximum number of items for different analyses created from tool palette.
  • 218723: Empty analysis window after error thrown by PA service.

Fixed bugs in QPR ProcessAnalyzer:

  • 218908: Wrong Client data in operation log.
  • 218928: Expression filter doesn't work with integers.
  • 218940: Model eventlog can drop from memory.
  • 218927: JSON filtering for case attributes doesn't work with nulls.
  • 218779: Source data formatted to two decimals accuracy but PA total cost flowchart show much more decimals.
  • 218943: ODBC SQL boolean values does not work with filter CaseAttributeValue.
  • 218965: Accessing calculated event attribute value from EventType.Events -property does not work.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2019.2 (release date 2019-02-14)

Build number: 2019.2.0.38539, Model compatibility version: 2, Database version: 58, PACM file version: 7.

Release Highlights:

  • Support for Microsoft Office 2019 for QPR ProcessAnalyzer Excel Client.

Features for QPR ProcessAnalyzer:

  • 307423: Improved memory management: unused objects are automatically dropped from the memory. Settings can be configured in web.config or from the model JSON settings.

Fixed bugs in QPR ProcessAnalyzer UI:

  • 218838: KPI analysis: Event Occurrence Time isn't calculated properly, e.g. Period=Month fails.

Fixed bugs in QPR ProcessAnalyzer:

  • 218880: PAPO: odbc case and event attributes are not shown in dropdown menu.
  • 218877: Support material - Project admins are not able to create new users.
  • 218898: Importing XES file with xmlns -definition fails.
  • 218893: Model status shows incorrectly "offline" when Model event log is in memory and Model information not.
  • 218917: BaseContext.EvaluateChildExpression with given root object iterates the root object if it is an array.

Additional release for QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2019.1 (release date 2019-01-23)

Build number: 2019.1.0.38400, Model compatibility version: 2, Database version: 58, PACM file version: 7.

Features for QPR ProcessAnalyzer:

  • 307357: PA model management: Analysis requests canceling. All operations have new parameters QueryIdentifier and CancelEarlierQueriesWithIdentifier.

Fixed bugs in QPR ProcessAnalyzer:

  • 218806: Variation filter doesn't filter correctly.
  • 218802: It should not be able to load deleted models into memory.
  • 218866: Case Analysis shows "0" for textual Case Attribute (SelectedActivityCounts=0 column count and data not match).
  • 218862: Case Analysis returns incorrect Start and End times when start or end transition is selected.
  • 218847: Variation Analysis Include Only Cases Filter Fails when using Event Counts and filter.
  • 218765: Event Occurrence Time calculation for KPI analysis (Server side).

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2019.1 (release date 2019-01-03)

Build number: 2019.1.0.38310, Model compatibility version: 2, Database version: 58, PACM file version: 7.

Release Highlights:

  • There are new training videos available for QPR ProcessAnalyzer in QPR Community. QPR ProcessAnalyzer users can access the videos by clicking Training Videos in the header menu of QPR ProcessAnalyzer UI.
  • ChartView can show several measures at the same time. In table, measures are in different columns, and in chart, measures are presented as different series.

Fixed bugs for QPR ProcessAnalyzer UI:

  • 218768: Number of decimals is not updated in KPI analysis due to HistoryId context variable.
  • 218787: Datagrid export fails with numerical values.
  • 218757: KPI analysis - null value shown as NaN.0 in table.
  • 218794: Popup menu is replicated when PAPO is drawn multiple times.
  • 218740: Case Analysis Year period should not show thousand separator.
  • 218805: Analysis not shown after adding duration analysis to panel using view designer "shortcuts buttons".
  • 218804: PAPO showing only Analysis Window doesn't show anything when other PAPO hides the Analysis window.
  • 218815: Flowchart influence analysis does not always show the results in an identical way.
  • 218791: Flowcharts visibility stepper don't work in PA deployment package Process benchmarking view.
  • 218844: KPI Analysis sorting is not saved to the context variable.

Fixed bugs in QPR ProcessAnalyzer:

  • 218755: If user selects Influence Analysis for Case Attributes into analysis window, it freezes the analysis window completely.
  • 218756: PA model - with event attributes - without case attributes = event attributes shown in profiling case attributes analysis.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2018.8 (release date 2018-11-29)

Build number: 2018.8.0.38236, Model compatibility version: 2, Database version: 58, PACM file version: 7.

Release Highlights:

  • New types of charts have been added to the KPI Analysis in PAPO. In addition to the previously available column chart and table presentations, there are now bar, donut, area, line and spline charts.
  • Tool palette contains now items for each QPR ProcessAnalyzer analysis making it easier to create dashboards with different analyses. The analyses have also needed context variables predefined so that settings are saved to the dashboard.
  • Duration Influence Analysis is now calculated in the memory which makes it significantly faster than previously when it was calculated in the SQL Server.

Features for QPR ProcessAnalyzer UI:

  • 307398: More chart types to KPI analysis, such as line chart, bar chart and donut chart.
  • 307473: PAPO tables exporting to Excel, Word and PDF

Features for QPR ProcessAnalyzer:

  • 307417: Duration Influence Analysis in In-Memory.
  • 307458: Performance improvement in reusing event logs.
  • 307456: Expression language plugin mechanism.
  • 307459: PA service support for script generated reports as csv file (for QPR UI Script Manager).

Fixed bugs in QPR ProcessAnalyzer UI:

  • 218711: PAPO duration analysis is failing.
  • 218663: PAPO - KPI Analysis - Number of decimals effects column height.
  • 218664: PAPO - KPI Analysis - Default number of decimals in the drop-down list should be 1.
  • 218669: PAPO - KPI Analysis duration from - to.
  • 218557: PAPO - Duplicate flows when increasing the flow amounts in flowchart.
  • 218718: PAPO - Flowchart sometimes shows portions of the flowchart completely unconnected from start/end nodes of the flowchart.
  • 218668: PAPO - KPI Analysis - wrong names in droplist and wrong chart title.
  • 218666: PAPO - KPI Analysis - CamelCase column headers.
  • 218670: PAPO - KPI Analysis - title Duration between "undefined" and "undefined".
  • 218665: PAPO - KPI Analysis - numerical data should be shown linear on X axis.
  • 218629: PAPO - KPI Analysis - Year period should not show thousand separator.
  • 218667: PAPO - KPI Analysis - units are missing in table.
  • 218725: PAPO - KPI Analysis - NumberOfDecimals should be enabled for numerical case&event attribute.
  • 218731: PAPO - layout issue when displaying error message.
  • 218747: PAPO - KPI analysis - Column header text is not consistent with x-axis label.
  • 218762: PAPO - KPI Analysis - Error message doesn't disappear when switching from wrong selections to correct ones.

Fixed bugs in QPR ProcessAnalyzer:

  • 218727: Null values don't work in GroupBy/GroupByValue functions.
  • 218708: Filtering with duration value 0 does not work in duration analysis.
  • 218770: Case analysis with variation Id -> Exception: The given key was not present in the dictionary.
  • 218771: Conformance: Parallel gateways having multiple branches with only one node aren't analyzed correctly.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2018.7 (release date 2018-10-10)

Build number: 2018.7.0.38036, Model compatibility version: 2, Database version: 58, PACM file version: 7.

Features for QPR ProcessAnalyzer:

  • 307319: Expression language: GroupBy and GroupByValue functions.
  • 307370: PAPO/A1 cell case/event/event type/variation count should only show cases user has permissions in case level security.
  • 307369: String handling functions in the expression language.
  • 307424: KPI analysis in generic context.
  • 307439: Quick & easy expression language improvements.
  • 307336: PA performance improvement (part 1).

Fixed bugs in QPR ProcessAnalyzer UI:

  • 218673: Null values in PA expression language should appear as nulls in datasets.
  • 218693: Performance for PAPO's data grids has been optimized.

Fixed bugs in QPR ProcessAnalyzer:

  • 218453: .TMP files is not deleted always. After 65k .TMP files exist then PA service stop working. If issue is encountered, workaround is to manually delete .TMP files (e.g. files are located in folder C:\Windows\Temp or C:\Users\<pa_applicationpool_user>\AppData\Local\Temp).
  • 218643: InMemory: Open model after pacm file import fails to "Object reference not set to an instance of an object.".
  • 218652: Access denied. Unexpected ModelEventLog dropping object with from cache.
  • 218648: Import empty model with filter crash (evevenlog.Content is null).
  • 218685: XES import runs out of memory when importing BPIC2018 -model.
  • 218690: Expressions returning boolean values should be returned to QPR UI as booleans.
  • 218687: Average and Sum functions should return null for zero length arrays instead of zero.
  • 218705: InMemoryCore: TotalCost in event analysis has incorrect values.
  • 218704: Mismatch in case counts in Variation Analysis when event type filter has been applied.
  • 218709: FileType parameter not select correct stream compression mode in ImportFromStream.
  • 218698: The given key was not present in the dictionary - Variation Analysis error.
  • 218710: PAPO case analysis is currently failing.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2018.6 (release date 2018-08-29)

Build number: 2018.6.0.37869, Model compatibility version: 2, Database version: 58, PACM file version: 7.

Release Highlights

  • KPI Analysis update: The KPI Analysis feature has new updates to it. The Analysis Menu design has new options that allow for efficient creation of KPI analysis presentations. Menu items have been grouped into sub-groups making finding analysis options much swifter.
  • Model load on startup: You can now define which models are loaded onto memory on startup allowing for quicker setup of QPR ProcessAnalyzer servers. This loads the key models needed directly into memory without any separate in-memory loading.

Features for QPR ProcessAnalyzer UI:

  • 307351: KPI analysis UI - part 2

Features for QPR ProcessAnalyzer:

  • 307323: Remove old PA web client.
  • 307200: PA model management: PA model automatic loading on startup.
  • 307350: KPI analysis UI - part 2 (server side).
  • 307208: PA model management: PA model status information to expression language.

Fixed bugs in QPR ProcessAnalyzer UI:

  • 218391: PA UI Flowchart selection does not clear automatically.
  • 218606: Edit mode is ON > Floating Action Buttons are not clickable.
  • 218626: PAPO: some popup menus are not closed properly in IE 11.
  • 218607: PAPO: popup menu is not displayed in IE 11.

Fixed bugs in QPR ProcessAnalyzer:

  • 218597: PA Exception details show null in QPR UI.
  • 218575: Incorrect results in conformance analysis calculation.
  • 218540: KPI analysis not working properly.
  • 218314: Variation analysis shows duplicate variations if there are excluded event types.
  • 218604: PA Excel client does not log enough during connection creation.
  • 218624: Estimatedmemory not calculated correctly when model not have events.
  • 218396: KPI analysis - ApplyAnalysisFilters. InvalidOperationException: Sequence contains no elements.´
  • 218628: PAPO: Error popup appears, "Error processing QPR ProcessAnalyzer request.
  • 218631: Performance improvements (Path analysis was slow).
  • 218485: ProcessAnalyzer Excel client cannot be removed from Programs and Features, as it wont show up there.
  • 217775: GetAnalysis(18) should write a progress log entry after each chunk.
  • 217653: SQL command not in log when ODBC connection failed.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2018.5 (release date 2018-07-17)

Build number: 2018.5.0.37716, Model compatibility version: 2, Database version: 58, PACM file version: 7.

Release Highlights

  • QPR ProcessAnalyzer Deployment Package for QPR UI: The new version comes with preloaded QPR UI views that can instantly kickstart your Process Mining experience. These views are readymade and require no extra configuration. These views introduce new functionalities, such as ready made conformance views, for deploying a more varied Process Mining offering.
  • New Dashboard Design features: Panels can be now instantly developed and evaluated in viewer mode, allowing for a more powerful dashboard creation. The object placing logic has been overhauled, allowing for new options in creating dashboards.

Features for QPR ProcessAnalyzer:

  • 307338: Web service support to load and drop PA models.

Fixed bugs in QPR ProcessAnalyzer UI:

  • 218536: PAPO: KPI Analysis should not be available from Control Windows.
  • 218519: The numerical values in QPR ProcessAnalyzer Influence Analysis were aligned to the left.
  • 217888: Selection lost from influence analysis table when user slightly adjusts browser window or panel/presentation object window size.
  • 218465: PAPO: Newly created filters are not displayed in the list.
  • 218556: PAPO: An unnecessary vertical scrollbar was shown after PAPO Case Analysis was resized.
  • 218520: PAPO: Filter does not recognize decimal separators.

Fixed bugs in QPR ProcessAnalyzer:

  • 218537: ODBC xlsx loading failed with data format issue.
  • 218495: Changing default filter does not drop cached model information.
  • 218550: Accessing projects from expression language fails in some cases.
  • 218549: Datatable import from Excel sheet data corruption if first column value is empty.
  • 218558: Errors in default.aspx. Login fails.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2018.4 (release date 2018-06-11)

Build number: 2018.4.0.37669, Model compatibility version: 2, Database version: 58, PACM file version: 7.

Release Highlights:

  • ODBC driver support for QPR ProcessAnalyzer: Use external data sources to create a dynamic model that is updated every time the model is loaded. Using the ODBC driver, the model data can be accessed from a separate data source. All the event data information can be defined in JSON format allowing for automatic model creation.
  • KPI Analysis: A new analysis is added to QPR ProcessAnalyzer. KPI Analysis utilizes the KPI expression engine for creating visualizations of data. KPI Analysis is a fully fledged analysis that can be used in conjuction with the existing QPR ProcessAnalyzer analysis for more focused results. In addition, KPI Analysis is available as a separate QPR UI view for creation of dashboards that present real-time data taken from QPR ProcessAnalyzer.
  • Tabular Analysis results updated with data types: Analysis featuring tabulated data are now automatically updated with correct data types. Automatic data types allow for exporting the data in a format that can be used in other compatible tools as the data types are automatically defined into the data.

Features for QPR ProcessAnalyzer UI:

  • 307265: KPI analysis UI - part 1 (KPI).
  • 307278: The tabular analyses (e.g. Case analysis) in QPR ProcessAnalyzer UI now have the correct column data types based on the information from the QPR ProcessAnalyzer server.

Features for QPR ProcessAnalyzer:

  • 307204: Load PA model from ODBC datasource.
  • 307313: Expression language improvements - part 7 (performance).
  • 307317: Update new EULA to QPR ProcessAnalyzer.

Fixed bugs in QPR ProcessAnalyzer UI:

  • 218487: Influence analysis for Flowchart changes the flowchart settings.
  • 218498: No history entry is created while changing visibility threshold via stepper or context variable.
  • 218508: PAPO variation analysis should limit the queried number of variations.
  • 218513: PAPO settings buttons cover analysis content.
  • 218532: PAPO: Profiling analysis does not work with data loaded via ODBC.

Fixed bugs in QPR ProcessAnalyzer:

  • 218515: IIS crashes in kernel during Odbc query reading csv/xlsx file with Microsoft Access Text Driver and Microsoft Excel Driver.
  • 218484: ImportEvents fails in StartBackground mode.
  • 218525: InMemory CaseAnalysis ShowAllCases not work if there is cases without events.
  • 218463: Issue to install excel client (part 2).

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2018.3 (release date 2018-04-23)

Build number: 2018.3.0.37545, Model compatibility version: 2, Database version: 58, PACM file version: 7.

Release Highlights:

  • Conformance Checking is supported in QPR ProcessAnalyzer. Using the KPI Expression Language as a basis, process mining models can be compared to BPMN notation and analyzed if the process data conforms to the BPMN design. These results are implemented in ChartView and KPI Expression Language allows them to be implemented into dashboards.
  • BPMN Editor has been added to ChartView. You can now import and design BPMN process maps for use in conformance analysis. The BPMN editor is a web component that is used in the browser, allowing for quick and easy process design. The designs can also be exported for further use.
  • Flowchart Visibility Settings have been overhauled with a new visual presentation. New stepper elements allow for more flexible flow threshold settings while maintaining a user-friendly approach.

Features for QPR ProcessAnalyzer UI:

  • 307276: Remove PAPO Offline mode.
  • 307193 & 307298: The Flowchart Visibility Settings were improved.

Features for QPR ProcessAnalyzer:

  • 307077: Support for Windows Server 2016 (PA Service).
  • 307246: Expression function to calculate conformance to BPMN.
  • 307297: Expression language improvements - part 6.
  • 307301: In-memory memory usage optimizations.

Fixed bugs in QPR ProcessAnalyzer UI:

  • 218306: PAPO control window is affected by analysis window's 'Show as' setting.

Fixed bugs in QPR ProcessAnalyzer:

  • 218241: PA Duration Analysis In-Memory - numbers for Events and Cases too high (focus flow).
  • 218456: Issue to install excel client (part 1).

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2018.2 (release date 2018-03-12)

Build number: 2018.2.0.37453, Model compatibility version: 2, Database version: 58, PACM file version: 7.

Release Highlights:

  • Case Permissions have been added to the data security featureset. Case Permissions allow for limiting model visibility based on rules that reference the case attributes of a set model. Case permissions can refer to usernames or user groups, creating a link between the attributes and groups.
  • Influence Analysis for Case Attributes has been simplified. The feature presents basic information relating to the root causes when it is opened. If further information is needed, this can be accessed via the feature menu.
  • DataGrids support Excel exporting. You are now able to export data from fixed dashboards featuring datagrids. With this feature, you can take your data for further manipulation using Microsoft Excel.
  • Chartview has been improved with a new layout and excel exporting. The new layout allows for quicker access to creating charts using the ChartView tool. With the exporting functionality, the views created are exported for use in presentations in Microsoft Excel.
  • KPI Expression Language has been added with support for Influence Analysis for Case Attributes. This allows for further creation of dashboards with specific analysis result queries. Using the KPI expression language, dashboards can be made to present up-to-date data based on influence analysis results.
  • Dataset tag support for data visualization. Adding dataset tags will help in creating more dynamic chart presentations as the data can be inserted into the JSON settings of charts and datagrids.

Features for QPR ProcessAnalyzer UI:

  • 307220: The Influence Analysis for Case Attributes settings now has a toggle for showing and hiding the detail columns.

Features for QPR ProcessAnalyzer:

  • 307273: PA model JSON settings.
  • 307269: Case permissions.
  • 307261: PA InMemory core, part 8 (Path Analysis).
  • 307282: PA KPI's and expressions (part 5).

Fixed bugs in QPR ProcessAnalyzer UI:

  • 218426: Using PAPO with customers model crashes PA Server (Entice Changes).

Fixed bugs in QPR ProcessAnalyzer:

  • 218371: Event types aren't provided to PAPO by PA server.
  • 218372: Having multiple expressions in one selection item in a JSON filter does not work.
  • 218375: Empty comparison -setting with nonempty filter -setting causes influence analysis to return incorrect results.
  • 218380: PA Activation ends one day before the actual end date.
  • 218362: WebService GetAnalysisAsImage does not work.
  • 218389, 218397: Performance issues in PA in-memory core with multiple simultaneous users.
  • 218412: PercentageNumber property is not set properly in PA analyses.
  • 218410: Event attribute profiling event amount mismatch.
  • 218404: Using PAPO with customers model crashes PA Server (PA changes).
  • 218430: Pre-release mandatory PA bugfixes.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2018.1 (release date 2018-01-31)

Build number: 2018.1.0.37330, Model compatibility version: 2, Database version: 57, PACM file version: 7.

Release Highlights:

  • ChartView is introduced as a new QPR UI view. This interactive view allows the creation of customized charts to answer specific business needs, with measures and dimensions the user has selected. ChartView comes preloaded with numerous different presentation features for the creation of customized charts fit for any business need.
  • New Table Filtering for Data Table Views. A new Excel-style filtering feature has been added to the different analysis features, such as Influence Analysis for Case Attributes and Event Analysis. The feature allows the presentation and comparison of different data using robust filters.
  • The QPR UI version of QPR ProcessAnalyzer has an overhauled popup menu. Selecting different analysis and creating new filters is quicker and new icons have been added for added clarity.
  • XES filetype importing support. The IEEE TaskForce standardized XES logs are now supported by QPR ProcessAnalyzer. This filetype aims to unify the transactional data produced by information systems and makes them usable in tools used in data analysis.

Full Features for QPR ProcessAnalyzer UI:

  • 307244: The various tables (e.g. Case Analysis) in QPR ProcessAnalyzer UI received filtering functionality familiar to the one in Microsoft Excel.
  • 307163: Popup menu improvements.
  • 307224: Cache model information into browser side.

Features for QPR ProcessAnalyzer:

  • 307271: PA InMemory core, part 7 (Canceling analysis).
  • 307247: XES Event log file format support.
  • 307257, 307270: PA KPI's and expressions (part 3, 4).
  • 307211: Enable custom data sources: Selections as JSON.

Fixed bugs in QPR ProcessAnalyzer UI:

  • 218327: PAPO Grid view row selection issues when opening popup menu.
  • 218328: PAPO Missing null check in ModelState.
  • 218365: PAPO: Settings etc. buttons not visible in the latest chrome version (automatically updated).
  • 218324: Fixed an issue where a dataset wasn't refreshed when a context variable was changed from PAPO.

Fixed bugs in QPR ProcessAnalyzer:

  • 218288: PA service installation with DeployPAService.ps1.
  • 218291: Problem with --#GetAnalysis type 31 (filter rules).
  • 218315: PAPO: InMemoryCore: Offline mode shows incorrect case attribute values.
  • 217922: Filtering Flow Table with Case Attribute is too slow.
  • 218321: PA core - Internal server error in PAPO when duration analysis result is empty.
  • 218322: Flow analysis results not always in same order (InMemory).
  • 218340: Not allow to delete default filter ("No access/Access denied").
  • 218345: Unknown filter rule. The given key was not present in the dictionary.
  • 218363: Attribute values are sent to clients as strings from InMemory profiling analysis.
  • 218365: PAPO: Settings etc. buttons not visible in the latest chrome version (automatically updated).
  • 218379: PAPO: Side panels visible in multi papo even if they should be closed and invisible.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2017.9 (release date 2017-12-19)

Build number: 2017.9.0.37199, Model compatibility version: 2, Database version: 57, PACM file version: 7.

Release Highlights:

  • The Filtering system on the WebUI has been updated. The user can now easily rename filters, add specific permissions to control privacy of the filters and delete filters easily. The filtering system has an improved interface for easier handling of the filters.
  • New Expression language for KPI calculation. This new language allows power users to create analysis that are customized to their needs and creates the possibility for caluclating KPIs inside the server core. This JSON based language allows users to take their analysis functions even further.
  • Other improvements in this release include performance improvements and further development of the in-memory mode.

Features for QPR ProcessAnalyzer UI:

  • 307237: PAPO: There's now a new "DisabledFunctionalities" context variable for using with PAPO to define which PAPO functionalities should not be.
  • 307173: It's now possible to edit the Name and Privacy of a filter in QPR ProcessAnalyzer UI, as well as delete a filter.

Features for QPR ProcessAnalyzer Server:

  • 307235: PA InMemory core, part 5 (Flow Analysis).
  • 307262: PA InMemory core, part 6 (Canceling model loading).
  • 307257: PA KPI's and expressions (part 2).

Fixed bugs in QPR ProcessAnalyzer UI:

  • 218251: Multi-PAPO: Model page shows when model button of one papo has been disabled.
  • 218275: Change PA WS methods from GET to POST.
  • 218132: PAPO: Zoom change when item is selected from Variation Analysis.
  • 218196: PAPO: Variation Analysis: graph bar lengths doesn't match with data.
  • 218157: PAPO: QPR UI Graphics messed in Influence Analysis for Flowchart.

Fixed bugs in QPR ProcessAnalyzer Server:

  • 218241: Duration Analysis In-Memory - numbers for Events, Median duration and Average duration are too high.
  • 218046: System.ArgumentException: Value of '-170' is not valid for 'red'. 'red' should be greater than or equal to 0 and less than or equal to 255.
  • 218275: Change PA WS methods from GET to POST.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2017.8 (release date 2017-11-07)

Build number: 2017.8.0.37022, Model compatibility version: 2, Database version: 57, PACM file version: 7.

Release Highlights:

  • The QPR UI interface features a new feature: Profiling Event Analysis. Now you can drilldown to your events and see what event attributes the event types in your data contain. You can also use this knowledge to benchmark your process.
  • The Selection logic in the QPR UI has been updated. You no longer have to update after making a selection, as the selections are responsive and updated automatically. This leads to more responsive and effective analysis.
  • In-Memory Engine has been improved upon, allowing for more efficient analysis for small-to-mid-size models. This update gives you improved performance in your analysis operations. This feature applies for all analysis features and improves the performance of the software immensely, giving you faster operations.
  • The Excel Client has been preloaded with new and updated demo models that demonstrate the power of QPR ProcessAnalyzer. New Models include Healthcare and Insurance claims process models. These give you a great idea on how to utilize QPR ProcessAnalyzer.

Features for QPR ProcessAnalyzer UI:

  • 307161: When selecting items in PAPO, the "Selected" context variables are now updated without the need to explicitly do the update. As a result, the "Select into UI Context" item was removed from the PAPO popup menu. This means that the TempSelectedActivities, TempSelectedTransitions, TempSelectedVariations, and TempSelectedCounts context variables were removed, and their functionality changed to be in the SelectedActivities, SelectedTransitions, SelectedVariations, and SelectedCounts context variables.
  • 307061: PAPO now has the Profiling Event Analysis available.

Features for QPR ProcessAnalyzer Server:

  • 307219: Excel client demo model changes.
  • 307216: To improve performance, QPR ProcessAnalyzer can now be configured to run the analyses in the server memory instead of the database.

Fixed bugs in QPR ProcessAnalyzer UI:

  • 218060: PAPO doesn't add transition duration but case duration filter rule type when Duration analysis shows transition duration.
  • 218039: PAPO: Analysis window has incorrect width when opening view (splitter issue).
  • 218036: PAPO: Web UI shows archived/recycled PA models.
  • 218100: PAPO: Once Analysis view show "No records to display" message, then switch to other analysis view is not possible for current model.
  • 218159: PAPO: Popup menus don't work in tabular analyses in IE11.
  • 218169: PAPO: SelectedAttributeType parameter in PA request has invalid value when switching model and applying filter that requires model change.

Fixed bugs in QPR ProcessAnalyzer Server:

  • 218148: InMemory: Include Only Event Types does not work with sampled models.
  • 218179: InMemory: Amount of cases in Duration analysis when flow is selected.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2017.7 (release date 2017-09-25)

Build number: 2017.7.0.36871 36762, Model compatibility version: 2, Database version: 57, PACM file version: 7.

Release Highlights:

  • New In-Memory core for Process Analysis calculation. This server-side improvement can improve Analysis Performance speed up to 20 times faster than previous releases. This is achieved by offloading the memory functions directly to the application server where in the previous versions of the software, the SQL server handledthe workload.
  • This release also features different bug fixes and performance improvements, aiming to improve your process analysis experience. Combining these features with the new WebUI platform release, the implementation of your data for analysis and improvement is smoother than ever.

Features for QPR ProcessAnalyzer UI:

  • 307060: CSS styling and grid configuration improvements (technical feature).

Fixed bugs in QPR ProcessAnalyzer UI:

  • 217986: The pie (in profiling analysis) is rendered initially too small.
  • 217721: One extra scroll position / zoom -history entry created when PAPO is initialized.
  • 218052: Flowchart shows incorrect duration.
  • 217978: Profiling analysis is empty in Analysis window when opening splitter again.
  • 217926: Duration Analysis in control window doesn't select all "other" cases.
  • 217708: It is not possible to make multiselection using radial graph.
  • 218043: Issue with AnalysisWindowSize context variable.
  • 218058: Profiling Analysis for Case Attributes doesn't work when using numerical case attribute.
  • 218035: Switch model from filter: Error processing PA request. Invalid column name 'CA_VALUE_1290462'.

Fixed bugs in QPR ProcessAnalyzer Server:

  • 218024: Add log writing to odbc query.
  • 217836: Error when opening filter in customer environment.
  • 217995: ImportCaseAttributes command does not import cases properly.
  • 218094: PA error text doesn't have information which value have problem.
  • 218145: Input String was not in the correct format error when opening customer model.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2017.6 (release date 2017-08-15)

Build number: 2017.6.0.36561, Model compatibility version: 2, Database version: 57, Stream version: 7.

Release Highlights:

  • The major feature of this release is the support for Multiwindow Process Analysis. Need to create new, custom views for specific analysis? It's now possible with the customizable dashboards offered.
  • If you want to take dashboard customization even further, you can now add SVG Backgrounds to views and panels. You can make your dashboards look more impressive by adding a SVG image to it.
  • For powerful analysis, the new version offers a table view for Profiling Analysis. For larger datasets with multiple attributes, this is an extremely useful feature as you can easily profile the data with the table.
  • If you want to do accurate lead time analysis, you will find the table view for Duration Analysis very useful. The data presented in the tables offers you accurate data and can be used for further analysis.
  • Managing navigation and creating links for dashboards has been furthered with the addition of Identifier Support. You can now give your dashboards identifiers that you choose, making your dashboard management much easier.
  • For more under the hood features, we implemented dynamic tag support. Dynamic tags allow you to add functional behaviour to dashboards by specifying set context variables. This will lead to more responsive dashboards!
  • Finally, we redesigned the zoom buttons. Not only did we redesign the buttons, but we implemented into the analysis window! By adding a zoom button to the analysis window, we now offer you the chance more control on the visualization of the analysis.

PAPO Features:

  • 307063: The Profiling Case Analysis can now be shown as a table.
  • 307012: The zoom button look was changed.
  • 307064: The Duration Analysis can now be shown as a table.

Fixed bugs:

  • 218010: Sample files are missing from PA Excel Client.

PAPO Fixed bugs:

  • 218005: The Profiling Analysis case attribute selection was reset to the default value after applying a filter.
  • 217876: The flowchart was not centered after being opened in the Control window.
  • 217934: Fixed an issue where the "Limit to" field in the analysis settings could be used to enter unacceptable values and could display negative values.
  • 218028: The Model and Analysis buttons were shown in the Control and Analysis windows even when the windows were hidden by using the splitter.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2017.5 (release date 2017-07-06)

Build number: 2017.5.0.36503, Model compatibility version: 2, Database version: 57, Stream version: 7.

PAPO Features:

  • 307067: The Variation Analysis in QPR ProcessAnalyzer Presentation Object can now be run in the Control window.
  • 307021: The QPR ProcessAnalyzer Presentation Object now has Case Analysis.
  • 307020: The QPR ProcessAnalyzer Presentation Object now has Event Analysis.
  • 307058: The QPR ProcessAnalyzer Presentation Object now has Event Type Analysis.
  • 307105: PAPO: In the Flowchart analysis, some terms, default values, and button visibility were changed.

Fixed bugs:

  • 217925: 'SelectedCaseAttributeTypes' is not supported in --#CreateFilter.
  • 217710: Copyright shows 2016.
  • 217973: PAPO now uses the web browser's date and number formatting when showing date and numbers in data grids/tables.
  • 217946: Fixed an issue in PAPO, where the table grid didn't fit the window after switching from Offline Mode to normal mode on Case analysis

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2017.4 (release date 2017-05-23)

Build number: 2017.4.0.36424, Model compatibility version: 2, Database version: 57, Stream version: 7.

PAPO Features:

  • 307022: The Profiling Analysis can now be used in the Control window in the QPR ProcessAnalyzer Presentation Object to select cases for the analysis in the Analysis window.
  • 307003: The buttons in the QPR ProcessAnalyzer Presentation Object (PAPO) were rearranged.
  • 307057: The Duration, Profiling, Influence, and Variation Analyses in QPR ProcessAnalyzer Presentation Object now have generic and some analysis specific settings supported.
  • 306969: The QPR ProcessAnalyzer Presentation Object now supports the Influence Analysis for Case Attributes in the grid format.
  • 307030: Duration Analysis can now be used in the Control window of the QPR ProcessAnalyzer Presentation Object.

PA Features:

  • 403516: Consolidate event names in PA example Excels (SAP_OrderToCash.xlsx, SAP_OrderToCash v2.xlsx and SAP_OrderToCash_Extended.xlsx).

Fixed bugs:

  • 217845: Create Filter from CaseAttributeTrends with PA script doesn't work.
  • 217830: Tab delimiter is not taken into use when datatable imported.
  • 217902: SqlException thrown when opening influence analysis on a filter without any case attributes.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2017.3 (release date 2017-04-11)

Build number: 2017.3.0.36338 36324, Model compatibility version: 2, Database version: 57, Stream version: 7.


  • 305862: There now are new StartTime Limit and Maximum Text Length settings to be used with the QPR ProcessAnalyzer Operation Log and the Operation Log Analysis GetAnalysis script command.
  • 306983: PAPO - Highlight selected flow label in flowchart: selected flow labels are now clearly visible on the flowchart. Selected objects are highlighted on the flowchart.
  • 306986 & 307017: The QPR ProcessAnalyzer Presentation Object (PAPO) now has a new window system.
  • 306987: PAPO - in-memory Variation analysis: Variation analysis is now supported in in-memory mode.
  • 307000: The model shown in the QPR ProcessAnalyzer Presentation Object (PAPO) can now be changed via a menu.
  • 306999: The Start and End symbols in the QPR ProcessAnalyzer Presentation Object (PAPO) flowchart were updated.

Fixed bugs:

  • 217679: PA cannot add new case Attribute values to exising case via Excel if CaseId starts with leading zero.
  • 217790: Filtering is too slow.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2017.2 (release date 2017-02-28)

Build number: 2017.2.0.36218, Model compatibility version: 2, Database version: 56, Stream version: 7.


  • 306966: Performance optimizations into PA database.
  • 306930: Improved messages to SQL Queries.
  • 306910: Implement importSalesforceQuery support for TLS 1.1. Note that the support from PA Salesforce Integration service has been discontinued.
  • 306964: Make it possible to transfer the contents of a filter efficiently to UI.

Fixed bugs:

  • 217605: Operation log throws some exception.
  • 217546: Slow access to project by project name. ETL parameter: (SELECT 'ProjectName', 'name').
  • 217363: ScriptLauncher should LogOff.
  • 217618, 217636: PA Excel Client doesn't connect to PA Server when Windows performance counter is not accessible (part 1 and 2).
  • 217650: System.DBNull objects returned from event analysis when IncludeCaseAttributeValues is used.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2017.1 (release date 2017-01-16)

Build number: 2017.1.0.36111, Model compatibility version: 2, Database version: 55, Stream version: 7.


  • 306899: The SendEmail script command now supports sending attachments.
  • 306896: A case prediction Open R example script was added to QPR ProcessAnalyzer wiki.
  • 306484: There is now a new ImportEventsIncremental script command for synchronizing event data between a data table that holds event data and the specified model.
  • 306906: The Script Log entries are now written to the database at the same time as the script is being run. There is also a new Script Log Report analysis type for the GetAnalysis script command for administrators to access script logs.

Fixed bugs:

  • 217526: Log entries written as errors even if they are not.
  • 217545: Session expires exceedingly often in a service deployed in AWS behind load balancer.
  • 217591: Special characters in PA script parameters cause script to fail and hide the actual root cause of the failure.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2016.7 (release date 2.12.2016)

Build number: 2016.7.0.35938, Model compatibility version: 2, Database version: 55, Stream version: 7.


  • 306677: There now is a possibility to remove the runtime selection and reopen the current analysis by selecting "Change > Clear Runtime Selection".
  • 306873: In the QPR ProcessAnalyzer Service web.config, there is now a ResponsePollingInterval setting to be used if QPR ProcessAnalyzer data is to be accessed via QPR UI.
  • 306860: New Influence Flowchart Analysis allows users to see how the process differs between two sets of cases.
  • 306874: There's now a new CreateFilter script command available, that enables making QPR ProcessAnalyzer filters in QPR UI by calling a QPR ProcessAnalyzer script there.
  • 306750: The GetAnalysis script command now has a new 'IncludeSelection' parameter.
  • 306342: There now is a new @_CurrentScriptId script variable that enables making loops in scripts without hard coding the script id into the script.
  • 306891: There are now two new analysis types to be used with the GetAnalysis command FilterReport and FilterRuleReport.
  • 306614: Remove Excel client login attempt to global-url.
  • 306864: Some performance optimizations were done for QPR ProcessAnalyzer core and recommendations for some SQL Server settings were added.

Fixed bugs:

  • 217430: Insert bulk failed due to a schema change of the target table.
  • 217447: Remove LocalDb check if PA Xpress not activated.
  • 217446: Possible to import over 1 million events with Xpress standard and after that it is not possible to login to Xpress anymore.
  • 217395: Write exception text in progress log and server log file if an exception is caught.
  • 217465: Clarification about Open R setup on server side.
  • 216370: Stack traces missing in script run logs.
  • 217467: Caught unhandled exception. Import invalid pacm file with Pro.
  • 217478: Minimum Flow Volume setting changed in an unexpected way.
  • 217500: Fix comparison flowchart color algorithm.
  • 217356: Improve log writing [Data import fails for timeout (SAP error text missing in ClientSideImport)].
  • 217493: Analysis title, benchmark drop down menu not updated properly.
  • 217525: EVT_ORDER based index is missing in event cache tables.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2016.6 (release date 24.10.2016)

Build number: 2016.6.0.35754, Model compatibility version: 2, Database version: 54, Stream version: 7.

- 306662: There now is a new StartBackground script command, that makes all script commands that are placed after it be run in background, so that the user can continue using QPR ProcessAnalyzer Excel Client while the script is being run.
- 306314: QPR ProcessAnalyzer Xpress now comes with Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Express LocalDB. Due to this, support for 32-bit operating systems is dropped. Support for 32-bit Microsoft Office Excel remains.
- 403132: Epicor and ServiceNow demo models have been added.
- 305476: Comparison Mode is now available for flowchart benchmarking.
- 306559: There now is a Duration Influence Analysis that shows which case attributes have the most effect into the durations of cases or the selected flow.
- 306842: Support for Open R and example script for clustering / case prediction.
- 306859: IWA support for --#CallWebService.
- 217341: NaN-double values cause problems in json parsers.
- 216725: PA service stops randomly.
- 217290: Extra error message shown after "Unsupported Operation" error in Excel Client.
- 217037: QPR Tab is disabled in Excel client.
- 217404: Drill-down from duration analysis is slow.
- 217419: Deadlock in SqlCore.SetScript.
- 217435: Update labels in dropdown menu for Duration Analysis.
- 217432: Group By Settings chosen in the Duration Analyses will not be adapted to Influence Analysis/Influence Analysis will not work.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2016.5 (release date 19.8.2016)

Build number: 2016.5.0.35492, Model compatibility version: 2, Database version: 54, Stream version: 7.

- 306728: Added support for Microsoft SQL Server 2016 for QPR ProcessAnalyzer Service.
Note: When doing migration to SQL server 2016, the read-only flag for the sandbox database should be switched off. After the migration is done switch the read-only flag back on.
- 306727: The Profiling Analysis now has a new Trend type analysis that shows the amount of cases that have the particular value for the selected case or event attribute for any particular period.
- 306733: In addition to the Case Attribute Influence Analysis that has existed before, there's now a new Influence Analysis - Process Path available.
- 306536: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1 has been taken into use.
Note: This component needs to be installed on the machine running PA service.
- 306756: The Profiling Analysis Trend type analysis supports case filtering based on the selected cells in the analysis.
- 306754: Common QPR Authentication now supports QPR UI.
- 306760: The GetAnalysis script command now has a new "ForceAnalysisResultType" parameter to support putting all analysis types into tabular format, so the data can more easily be used in scripting environments and QPR UI.
- 213348: Analysis settings are now persistent in PA Excel Client.
- 216399: Fixed importing script with big script logs.
- 216447: Fixed auto-sizing for the comments field of A1 cell in Excel Client.
- 216748: Improve line numbers in ETL script error log.
- 216863: Improved error message shown when connection to PA service is lost.
- 216934: Transition flow issue when unselecting "Show duration" in Path analysis.
- 216938: Path Analysis: remove event type filtering and simplify case filtering.
- 216952: Improved error message shown when trying to connect to PA service with older version of Script Launcher.
- 216960: Added documentation for DeleteModelsInRecycleBinOnStartup parameter of PA_CONFIGURATION table.
- 216972: The Start Time column formatting in the sample file LoanApproval.xlsx has to be updated.
- 216973: Improved error messages shown when the amount of data exceeds the user quota.
- 217034: Fixed the issue with the wrong number of cases and events shown in Path Analysis with benchmark settings.
- 217213: Fixed the issue in Excel Client when the analysis details text in the header was truncated.
- 217229: Update PA service requirements and support material.
- 217232: Documentation bug: ScriptLauncher fails to load SAP dlls in some environments.
- 217244: Optimized the query for getting all models.
- 217254: Update Influence_Analysis wiki page.
- 217264: Columns lenght too narrow in some analysis.
- 217269: Wrong term used in PA.
- 217275: Multi-select drilldown from flowchart and flow analysis behave inconsistently.
- 216734: Add description for Sample size inheritance when creating filters based on existing ones.
- 217074: Curved flows drawn even if they should be straight.
- 216994: Missing icon in windows - operation aborted.
- 216863: The error message, for broken connection from client side, is not user-friendly.
- 217294: Adding a bookmark in Profiling Analysis fails in Web Client.
- 216447: COMException occurs unexpectedly while using excel client (set_AutoSize).
- 217244: Slow MainService.GetModels query.
- 216399: ScriptDeployer fails to import scripts with big script logs.
- 216952: Unclear error message - ScriptLauncher.
- 216960: DeleteModelsInRecycleBinOnStartup requires support material and API test for verification.
- 217017: PA Manage script icon is not visible in Excel 2007.
- 216973: Improve error messages of amount of data exceeded situations to more specific.
- 217279: Deleting model is slow and requires lots of SQL Server disk space.
- 216910: Case costs can be imported as strings in when case attributes are updated.
- 217309: Runtime filtering from Events - chart analysis works inconsistently.
- 217212: Layout issue when exporting filter.
- 217325: Influence analysis terminology.

Hotfix for QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2016.4 (release date 15.6.2016)

Build number: 2016.4.0.35184, Model compatibility version: 2, Database version: 53, Stream version: 7.

- 217233: ScriptLauncher doesn't write anything into log if the script file does not exist.
- 217217: Unclear instruction on how to update PA service installation to new version.
- 217223: Importing events from current sheet - start time should be datetime.
- 217245: User rights query suspended (slow execution).
- 217249: Import filter with eventtype fails.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2016.4 (release date 30.5.2016)

Build number: 2016.4.0.35096, Model compatibility version: 2, Database version: 53, Stream version: 7.

- 305509: Back button to Excel Client.
- 306666: The GetAnalysis script command now has a new analysis type: Event Type Trends.
- 306697: The GetAnalysis script command now has a the 'ShowAllCases' parameter available for case analyses. The parameter can be used in conjunction with the new RemoveCases command to remove unwanted cases from a model.
- 306695: The Event Type Analysis now as the Trends analysis type with selectable analysis settings in the user interface.
- 306698: The Event Type Analysis Trends analysis type supports case filtering based on the selected cells in the analysis.
- 217116: Fix common authentication for QPR Portal bookmark links.
- 217132: ReloginInterval and ReloginDuration can't be configured from command line.
- 217159: COMException after opening a xlsx-file.
- 217126: Run script manager crash or not start if focus is cell editor.
- 217104: Operation log exception in Excel 2007.
- 216967: KeyNotFoundException: The given key was not present in the dictionary in Common.Core.SqlCore.DoReadOnlyGetModels.
- 217094: Influence results are not sorted correctly when MaximumCount is used when viewing from QPR UI.
- 217156: COMException occurs when running a script with #ShowReport twice with selected activity box.
- 216810: Attempt to write negative values into progress bar in progress status dialog.
- 216813: Connection timeouts are hard coded to all PA database connections.
- 217029: Case attribute dependent filter rules get corrupted when exporting a view to pacm file.
- 217176: Problems running scriptlauncher performance tests.
- 217216: Update QPR PA About box.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2016.3 (release date 19.4.2016)

Build number: 2016.3.0.34871, Model compatibility version: 2, Database version: 53, Stream version: 7

- 306647 & 306660: The A1 cell comments and the ShowReport and GetAnalysis commands now support automatic creation of pivot tables.
- 306439: The QPR ProcessAnalyzer ScriptLauncher now supports passing configuration settings as command line parameters. It can also do CSV exports of the scripts being run, and it can pass analysis parameters to the scripts being run.
- 306655: QPR ProcessAnalyzer now has new look & feel design for the user interface.
- 306658: Show Script reports in UI (and run scripts).
- 216554: Selecting a green or red flow from Path analysis and going to Cases shows a empty Cases list.
- 216928: Creating filters from Path Analysis with selected starting/ending transitions doesn't work properly.
- 216927: Selection from Path Analysis doesn't work when there are loops in the flowchart.
- 216948: Timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation.
- 216460: Examples with parameters of different GetAnalysis types missing from PA Wiki.
- 217015: EventId's stored to INT cause problem (cause 2G event limit).
- 217026: secureWebHttp endpoint does not work at all in PA service.
- 217023: Sorting order: influence analysis internal sorting should be sorted by contribution.
- 216971: The QPR ProcessAnalyzer home link is broken and leads to nowhere.
- 216933: Ambiguous column name error when clicking on Cases analysis.
- 216991: Open any analysis from Profiling view causes invalid runtime filter if nothing valid is selected.
- 216805: --#GetAnalysis for Model report ('AnalysisType', '21') cannot get "Compatibility Version" information.
- 217001: Error message displayed regarding VSTO during PA installation.
- 216830: Production URL is pointing to a wrong end point in Salesforce integration.
- 217043: API tests stop responding after certain tests have been run.
- 217035: Flowchart analysis headers show incorrect counts while benchmarking.
- 216862: GetAnalysis(6) for event analysis is slow and eventually even crashes (probably consumes lots of memory).
- 216975: ScriptLauncher runScript with Text.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2016.2 (release date 8.3.2016)

Build number: 2016.2.0.34637, Model compatibility version: 2, Database version: 53, Stream version: 7

- 306619: Refactor event cache table generation
- 306616: The filter definitions are now available for all filter types in the Filter Rule Properties dialog.
- 306617: The A1 cell in the analyses now has the added information of total processing time of the analysis (query and Excel client processing), Project name, User name, and Filter rules.
- 306367: The Excel Log is now in use by default. In addition, the implementation now uses log4net which provides log rotation capabilities among other features.
- 306637: SalesforceURL parameter was added to #ImportSalesforceQuery command.
- 306625: The QPR ProcessAnalyzer Service can now be activated manually via email to QPR Customer Care in case the automatic activation is not possible.
- 306634: The Influence Analysis now has a new setting "Weighted by Case Cost" for adding case-specific weights for individual cases.
- 216831: Fixed an issue in drilling down from benchmarked Flowchart Analysis.
- 216866: Fixed an error thrown when opening Variation Analysis view from Path Analysis.
- 216871: Fixed an issue with Variation Analysis that gives 0 for event count in the first line.
- 216859: Fixed an issue with initializedb.sql and optimizedb.sql missing from the PA_Deploy.zip file.
- 216440: Changed the error shown when opening bookmarks with invalid benchmark settings.
- 216872: Added a notification that only the sampled cases are copied to a new a model or exported to a .pacm file.
- 216924: Changed the default context for script manager to be "Project" instead of "Model".

Hotfix with version number 2016.1 (release date 10.2.2016)

Build number: 2016.1.0.34489, Model compatibility version: 1, Database version: 53, Stream version: 7

- 216715: Excel Client go unstable state if session expired when session information dialog is open.
- 216719: Fixed the issue in Excel Client where the number of events was not checked before starting animation.
- 216786: Fixed the issue with corrupted bookmarks.
- 216814: Refactored flow analysis predecessor and successor calculation.
- 216464: Fixed the error message shown when user inputs activation key in an invalid format while activating via email.
- 216847: Fixed an issue with filtering with include only cases, takes a lot of time.
- 216856: Fixed an issue about Duration filter that does not work correctly when used together with event type filters.
- 216848: Fixed an issue TA: Model export is taking too long time.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2016.1 (release date 18.1.2016)

Build number: 2016.1.0.33400, Model compatibility version: 1, Database version: 53, Stream version: 7

- 306474: QPR ProcessAnalyzer now supports Microsoft Office 2016 suite.
- 306485: This feature introduces new filter rules that enable defining which Case and Event Attributes are included or excluded in filtering.
- 306508: In this refactorization feature, the internal mechanism for filtering has been changed.
- 306509: New sample size functionality is introduced for filters to facilitate finding the optimized sampling size for the analysis.
- 306512: A new model compatibility version has been introduced to enable making backward compatibility breaking changes related to the way models are handled without having to break the backward compatibility of the whole QPR ProcessAnalyzer database.
- 306513: The Filter Properties dialog has been redesigned to enable access to filter rules directly from this dialog.
- 306592: Internal and product version numbers have been updated and changes have been made to database version backward compatibility. See Version Compatibility for more information.
- 306596: Changes have been made to some of the settings for Influence Analysis. For example, you can now limit the number of shown top and bottom rows.
- 306581: Case attributes source model functionality has been removed.
- 306597: InstallShield was upgraded to version 2015.
- 216205: Fixed an issue where QPR ProcessAnalyzer Service had the wrong EMS address.
- 216404: Fixed an issue where a Evaluator user could not log in to QPR ProcessAnalyzer when the user did not have rights to the model default filter.
- 216405: Fixed an issue where case attribute import was not showing an error message if no case attribute columns existed.
- 216729: Fixed an issue where after importing a big model using a script, a file model import with Excel Client was very slow.
- 216770: Fixed a performance issue where unnecessary temporary tables were created when there were no runtime filters being used.
- 216763: Fixed Profiling Analysis so that by default it should always be opened for case attributes.
- 216781: Fixed performance issue in Flow analysis with selected Start or End Event attributes.
- 216789: Removed automatic retry mechanism for the case when EndpointNotFoundException was thrown.
- 216792: Fixed an issue in Flow analysis with incorrect values for starter events when event attribute based benchmarking is performed.

Hotfix with version number 2015.5 (release date 7.10.2015)

Build number: 2015.5.0.33631, Model compatibility version: 0, Database version: 44, Stream version: 6

- 216456: Fixed an error that occurred when using the #ImportSapQuery command and transferring data from server to client and executing it in the client side.
- 216556: Fixed a timeout issue related to memory consumption that occurred when running a script.
- 216566: Fixed an issue where the client-service polling was broken when exporting a model.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2015.5 (release date 25.9.2015)

Build number: 2015.5.0.33554, Model compatibility version: 0, Database version: 44, Stream version: 6
- 306448: A new service product, QPR IntegrationPlatform, is introduced. QPR IntegrationPlatform allows users to create new projects and data tables, and to run ETL scripts. Changes have also been made to the user interface of QPR ProcessAnalyzer Excel Client in order to improve user experience.
- 306453: With the new feature, Common QPR Authentication, it is possible to configure a common authentication system between different QPR Suite product web clients.
- 306467: In preparation for upcoming support of the MS Office 2016 release and Windows 10 operating system, the installer for QPR ProcessAnalyzer has been updated.
- 306471: Scripts now have the CallWebService command available enabling you to extract data via a Web Service.
- 306473: QPR ProcessAnalyzer now supports Windows 10 operating system.
- 306486: Four new demo models (SAP_OrderToCash_Extended, SAP_PurchaseToPay, LoanApproval, and ServiceTicket) have been added to Sample Files that come with QPR ProcessAnalyzer installation.

- 216363: Fixed an issue with Web Service requests in which TimeOutExceptions could not be handled in the client side.
- 216465: Fixed a performance issue with Influence Analysis.
- 216498: Fixed an issue where temporary tables got dropped when using the Run command with arguments.

Hotfix with version number 2015.5 (release date 26.8.2015)

Build number: 2015.5.0.33323, Model compatibility version: 0, Database version: 44, Stream version: 6

- 216466: Fixed an issue where the ImportSalesforceQuery function failed.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2015.4 (release date 13.8.2015)

Build number: 2015.4.0.33243, Model compatibility version: 0, Database version: 43, Stream version: 6

- 306379: Scripts now have the Run command available enabling you to run another script with specified parameters.
- 306401: The product activation limits for QPR ProcessAnalyzer Xpress and Xpress Evaluation have been changed.
- 306406: Scripts can now be encrypted.

Fixed Bugs:
- 214282: Fixed an issue in old databases to comply with the current implementation where all models are considered base models (i.e. there are no child models anymore).
- 215227: Fixed an issue when the value "(others)" is selected as a filter in Profiling Analysis so that an error message will now be shown.
- 215832: Fixed an issue with the delay after a user cancels an operation in Excel Client.
- 215854: Fixed the inconsistency issue in the operation ID which caused a failure in Excel Client progress bar.
- 215886: Fixed the issue where Excel was not responding when a user tried to open a sample file.
- 215998: Fixed an issue where an Evaluator user was able to create an unlimited amount of models.
- 215999: Fixed an issue with user roles so that creating new data tables requires now also any one of the following global roles: Administrator, Model Creator or Evaluator.
- 216057: Fixed an issue where QPR ProcessAnalyzer Excel Add-in crashed when a user opened an Excel file in protected mode and tried to enable editing.
- 216070: Fixed an issue related to Evaluator user rights.
- 216079: Fixed an issue with Profiling and Influence Analysis failing if the SQL value is of type FLOAT.
- 216084: Fixed an issue where the error text did not show the script name when an error occurred in the running of a script.
- 216152: Fixed an issue where old data still existed in a temporary table when importing data to a temporary table with the import Data Table commands using the parameter Append = 0.
- 216153: Fixed an issue where old temporary table was not deleted before it was used in GetAnalysis command.
- 216183: Fixed an issue in Influence Analysis where the subset of zero values could not be selected for drilldown.
- 216189: Fixed an issue where the QPR ProcessAnalyzer Excel Client was connected to a database initialized with newer initialization script versions than the used client.
- 216192: Fixed an issue with case attribute import in case the first column has the name "Id".
- 216211: Fixed a connection slowness issue in QPR ProcessAnalyzer Xpress after the LocalDB instance was stopped.
- 216215: Fixed the error message in QPR ProcessAnalyzer Web Client when a user tried to open a bookmark of unsupported type.
- 216218: Fixed the error message for a network connection problem.
- 216238: Fixed an issue where hidden Excel sheets were created every time a user would open Excel.
- 216249: Fixed an error that occurred when trying to copy a model multiple times in a row.
- 216255: Fixed an issue where deleted filters were still visible in the list of filters accessible from the Change button in the ribbon.
- 216256: Fixed an issue where QPR ProcessAnalyzer Web Client became unresponsive when user tried to relate an idea to a deleted filter.
- 216262: Fixed an issue where after each import, all the variations that were not used by any case existing in the model were removed, causing variation dependent filters to no longer work as expected.
- 216269: Fixed an incorrect label in the Bookmark Properties dialog.
- 216312: Fixed the URL of the link for "Forgot your Product Activation Code?" in the QPR ProcessAnalyzer Activation Utility dialog.
- 216329: Fixed the GetAnalysis command so that deleted models, projects, scripts or data tables are not returned in the analysis by default.
- 216338: Fixed an issue where an unhandled timeout exception was thrown when restoring a big model.
- 216350: Fixed an issue with slow Variation Analysis in models having lots of variations.
- 216352: Fixed an issue where import of a model caused variations to be updated for all models.
- 216355: Fixed an issue with the ShowReport command related to an Excel limitation of showing only 1 million rows of data.
- 216357: Fixed an issue where QPR ProcessAnalyzer Integration Kit failed in case there was no data to be loaded.
- 216359: Fixed an error which appeared when user tried to use Excel client newer than the recommended client version in the service.
- 216361: Fixed an issue where the stack trace was not always written to the log file when an error occured.
- 216375: Fixed the QPR ProcessAnalyzer ScriptLauncher to be a 64-bit application instead of 32-bit.
- 216380: Fixed the build errors which appeared in the installer log of QPR ProcessAnalyzer.
- 216422: Fixed an issue in QPR ProcessAnalyzer Excel Client where Run Scripts button in some cases was visible for a user without RunScripts rights.
- 216423: Fixed an issue with an error occurring when trying to open Project Workspace after an expired session in QPR ProcessAnalyzer Xpress.
- 216425: Fixed an issue where QPR ProcessAnalyzer Web Client became unresponsive when user tried to open a deleted bookmark.
- 216432: Fixed a performance issue with GetAnalysis operation.
- 216433: Fixed an issue where case-related data was incorrectly shown in Project Workspace after importing a new model.
- 216436: Fixed an issue with filters not working in a customer production environment.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2015.3 (release date 20.5.2015)

Build number: 2015.3.0.32848, Model compatibility version: 0, Database version: 42, Stream version: 6

- 306343: The SQL Server Express LocalDB Instance API has been taken into use for LocalDB instance startup. This makes it possible to support multiple different versions of LocalDB.
- 306358: Several performance improvements have been implemented to enhance the Cancel operation, importing of attributes, and updating of variations, among other things. There is also a new ValidateModel function available for QPR ProcessAnalyzer QPR ProcessAnalyzer Web Service API.
- 306372: There is a a new tool, QPR ProcessAnalyzer Integration Kit, which consists of QPR ProcessAnalyzer ETL scripts making integration to other systems, such as your own SAP or SQL system, easier.
- 306377: A new analysis parameter, IncludeEventIds, has been added for use in the GetAnalysis command with Event Analysis when running scripts. This enables, for example, removing certain events from the model with the RemoveEvents command.
- 306382: There is a new tool called QPR ProcessAnalyzer ScriptLauncher which enables running scripts on a QPR ProcessAnalyzer Server.

Fixed Bugs:
- 215322: Fixed an issue where attribute value selection in Flow Analysis was not working in Web Client.
- 215422: Fixed an error preventing the use of Web Client when clicking hyperlinks while the page is loading.
- 215490: Fixed an issue where the analysis parameters could not all be shown in the comment field of the A1 cell due to an Excel length limit.
- 215775: Fixed an issue where having dots in database names was causing an error.
- 216117: Fixed an issue with changing Analysis settings when Excel table filter was applied.
- 216130: It is no longer allowed to delete a filter when there are bookmarks using that filter in benchmark settings.
- 216135: Fixed an issue with Variation Analysis where an Event Type string was shown as empty.
- 216148: Fixed an error which occurred when the model was saved as a new model from Filter Properties.
- 216159: Fixed an issue where the QPR ProcessAnalyzer Activation Utility did not display the options properly.
- 216162: Fixed an error which occurred when opening Case Analysis.
- 216163: Fixed an error which occurred when a user's default filter had been deleted by another user.
- 216175: Fixed an issue with showing the Flowchart when a bookmark was opened in Web Client.
- 216184: Fixed an issue with cancelling logging in when the server for QPR ProcessAnalyzer was not configured properly.
- 216190: Fixed a performance issue related to reading scripts from the server.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2015.2 (release date 17.3.2015)

Build number: 2015.2.0.32408, Model compatibility version: 0, Database version: 40, Stream version: 6 Features:

  • There's a new QueryObjectProperties function available for QPR ProcessAnalyzer Web Service API.
  • The Influence Analysis now supports the Include and Exclude cases filtering and Runtime Selection filtering.
  • For users with Administrator rights, it is now possible to set any configured filter to be the Model Default filter in the Filter Manager.

Fixed Bugs:

  • 216050: Fixed an issue in Influence Analysis where empty and non-existing attribute values were combined into '(blank)' subset.
  • 216051: Fixed an issue in Influence Analysis where whitespace characters were cut at the end of attribute values.
  • 216062: Fixed an issue where the Settings pane disappeared from a bookmarked view.
  • 216088: Fixed an issue where Excel Add-in for QPR ProcessAnalyzer crashed on Excel start-up.
  • 216091: Fixed an issue with importing data tables where the parameter "Append=0" did not remove the contents of the data table before the import.
  • 216122: Optimized the Workspace opening to take less time.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2015.1 (release date 5.2.2015)

Build number: 2015.1.0.32120, Model compatibility version: 0, Database version: 40, Stream version: 6
- Four new analysis types (Model Report, Project Report, Data Table Report, and Script Report) are now available for the GetAnalysis command when running scripts.
- The Progress Status dialog now shows the Excel add-in activity figures for ongoing operations.
- A new CatchOperationExceptions parameter and related script variables are now supported by QPR ProcessAnalyzer script commands.

Fixed Bugs:

- 215360: Fixed an issue where the selections on the Settings pane were not updated after running a script.
- 215515: Fixed a performance issue related to selecting several groups or models in Project Workspace.
- 215707: Fixed an issue where the user received an error message when opening a bookmarked view.
- 215818, 215969: Fixed layout related issues when using the 150% font size setting in the operating system.
- 215855: Fixed an issue related to timestamps when importing events.
- 215867: Fixed a memory issue which occurred when using the ExecuteInClientSide function.
- 215959: Fixed a performance issue related to importing events.
- 215960: Fixed a performance issue related to opening Project Workspace.
- 215980: Fixed a layout related issue for drop-down menus in some Analysis views.
- 216023: Instead of the Exit script command accepting invalid RunScriptId parameter values, an exception is now thrown. In addition, the RunScriptId parameter can now have an empty value.
- 215966: The "Append = 0" parameter not working with ImportOdbcQuery, ImportOleQuery, ImportSapQuery, and ImportSqlQuery when importing data to temporary tables was fixed.
- 215968: Fixed an issue where the number of events in a model that was copied was not correct.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2014.4 (release date 28.11.2014)

Build number: 2014.4.0.31422
- It is now possible to configure LDAP authentication to be used as a user authentication method.
- When performing an operation in QPR ProcessAnalyzer, the status of each operation is now shown in more detail in the Progress Status dialog to enable monitoring its progress.
- There is a new Progress_Log listing the recent operations and their progress.
- Microsoft .NET 4.5.1 Framework has been taken into use.
- The contents of the SAP where clause parameters used in the ImportSapQuery are now visible in the Script Log after the script is finished.
- The activation level limits have been updated.

Fixed Bugs:
- 213258: Fixed an issue where generating the Operation Log using the "All" option for the maximum row count caused an error.
- 213703: Fixed an issue where list customization was lost when opening an element.
- 215330: Fixed an issue where some unicode characters were not properly handled in equality checks.
- 215381: A warning message is now displayed to the user before the start of copying a large model.
- 215474: The HealthcareData sample file now contains instructions for using the sample data.
- 215517: Fixed an issue where the user got a system exception when trying to open a model that was larger than allowed for the user's product activation.
- 215677: Fixed an issue where illegal characters in an Excel sheet tab name caused the model import to fail.
- 215678: Fixed an issue related to the handling of broken bookmarks.
- 215691: Fixed an issue where no log was written when opening a sample file failed.
- 215695: Fixed an issue where the View setting panel disappeared in Excel Client when a bookmark was opened.
- 215715: Fixed an issue where Event Analysis showed an incorrect number of events in the A1 cell.
- 215741: Fixed an issue where Variation Analysis was not working correctly on Finnish and German Excel.
- 215773: Fixed an issue where sandbox related information was missing from the Excel log.
- 215837: Fixed an issue where running a script with ImportSAPQuery commands failed randomly.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2014.3 (release date 16.9.2014)

Build number: 2014.3.0.30795
- Activation is now required for running a QPR ProcessAnalyzer Service.

Fixed Bugs:
- 213234: Fixed an issue where an error message occurred after deleting a model.
- 213784: Fixed an issue in which the internal SQL data type was not supported by Excel for showing in the report.
- 213785: Fixed an issue where an overflow of text data in a single cell occurred.
- 213811: Fixed an issue where opening the Path analysis of some models hanged the Excel client.
- 214106: Fixed a script import issue by removing the support for .pasql import.
- 214612: Fixed an issue where a violation of unique key constraint occurred due to duplicate global ID's.
- 215017: Fixed an issue where cancelling an open Workspace dialog caused an exception.
- 215026: Fixed an issue where trying to import a Data Table via SQL query as an administrator resulted in an error message.
- 215044: Fixed an issue with client version mismatch dialog.
- 215165: Fixed an issue where opening a Data Table with the name 'Events' in the Excel client resulted in opening the Settings pane for Event analysis.
- 215183: In the Activation Utility, 'Next' is now the default button instead of 'Back'.
- 215230: Fixed an issue where the first cell of a column in the Excel client was in a different format than the others.
- 215276: Fixed an issue where an error occurred when an ETL script tried to create a table that already existed in the sandbox database.
- 215331: Fixed an issue where you couldn't log in to another database after the current database was deleted.
- 215394: Fixed an issue in the Web Client where event attributes in the Influence analysis were included in the attributes list in the Settings pane.
- 215449: Fixed an issue where the official sample file, SAP_OrderToCash, could not be opened from the Excel client.
- 215453: Fixed an issue where an error occurred when trying to import event data to a model as a case attribute.
- 215472: Fixed an issue where deleted filters were not removed completely from a model.
- 215473: Fixed an issue where an empty Flowchart view caused the View title also to disappear from the current view.
- 215482: Fixed an issue where copying a model failed if the attribute type was GUI.
- 215492: Fixed an issue where an error message was shown if a user tried to import large amount of case attributes, event attributes or a data table with many columns.
- 215498: Fixed an issue where an error occurred when the database connection to QPR ProcessAnalyzer was lost.
- 215506: Fixed an issue where the analysis drawing duration in Excel was missing.
- 215513: Fixed an issue where an error occurred when trying to load a big table to a temporary table in the script with the GetAnalysis command.
- 215515: Fixed an issue where selecting a group of models/projects in Project Workspace caused slowness.
- 215630: Logs were added for checking the sandbox connection when QPR ProcessAnalyzer Xpress is connected to LocalDB.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2014.2 (release date 18.6.2014)

Build number: 2014.2.0.30286
- For optimization purposes, the internal database format has been changed for event and case attributes.
- A limit has been introduced for the number of attributes in a model, so there can now be a maximum of 300 case attributes or event attributes in one model.
- Scripts now have the ImportSqlQuery command available for extracting data from an ADO.NET source (the SQL Server database) and importing it to QPR ProcessAnalyzer.
- Scripts now have the ImportOleDbQuery command available for extracting data from an OLE DB source and importing it to QPR ProcessAnalyzer.
- The commands ImportSapQuery, ImportOdbcQuery, ImportOleDbQuery and ImportSqlQuery now have a new parameter 'ExecuteInClientSide' which makes it possible to execute these commands in the client side also when using QPR ProcessAnalyzer Pro.
- The ImportSapQuery command now has a new parameter 'SapFunction' which makes it possible to specify the value for the SAP function to be called.

Fixed Bugs:
- 214783: Fixed an issue where animation did not work correctly when using Flowchart benchmarking view.
- 214842: Fixed an issue where there are projects with the same name, calling the project by its name in an ETL script targeted one of the projects randomly.
- 215160: Fixed an issue where animation did not work for cases with empty attribute values in benchmark settings.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2014.1 (release date 23.1.2014)

Build version: 2014.1.0.28965
- The Operation Log now shows the Last Polling Time related to the new asynchronous web service interface in QPR ProcessAnalyzer.
- Version numbering scheme in QPR ProcessAnalyzer was updated.
- Scripts now have the ImportOdbcQuery command available for extracting data from an ODBC source and importing it to QPR ProcessAnalyzer.
- In animation, it is now possible to select one or several cases and perform drill-down analysis on them.

Fixed Bugs:
- 214640: Fixed an issue where opening the Workspace dialog as an Administrator user took long.
- 215003: Fixed an issue where opening the Workspace dialog took a long time when there were many Data Tables containing a lot of rows.
- 214661: Fixed an issue where variation string was incorrect in Case Analysis if Event Types had been filtered.
- 214736: Fixed an issue where transferring a large Data Table (1000000 rows containing more than 1GB data) to a temporary table resulted in a timeout exception.
- 214995: Fixed an issue where importing a large .csv file into a single Data Table in a project created multiple projects and Data Tables.
- 215006: Fixed an issue where the "Append = 0" parameter didn't work when importing data into Data Tables.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 4.7 (release date 20.11.2013)

Build number:
- Scripts now have the ImportSapQuery command available for extracting data from a SAP system and importing it to QPR ProcessAnalyzer.
- The Flowchart Analysis can now be made to show the progress of each case as an animation.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 4.6 (release date 9.10.2013)

Build number:
- Added the "Show", "Title", and "SheetName" parameters for the GetAnalysis command and the "SheetName" parameter for the ShowReport command.
- It is now possible to start executing other scripts by using the new "RunScriptId" parameter of the Exit command.
- Added support for a number of Script Variables that can be used for getting various information about the QPR ProcessAnalyzer environment as well as the Analysis Settings and analysis object selections that the current user has made.
- Scripts now have a SendEmail command available for use with notification purposes.

Fixed Bugs:

- 214286: Fixed an issue where in some cases it was impossible to log in to the PA service.
- 214354: Fixed an issue where an exception was thrown when a large CSV file was imported to a data table.
- 214393: Fixed an issue where bookmarks didn't remember excluded cases.
- 214404: Fixed an issue where an error occurred after a project was deleted.
- 214422: Running an empty script caused ProcessAnalyzer Excel client to hang. Now it doesn't.
- 214437: Fixed an issue where importing case attributes or events from a large CSV file created multiple models.
- 214441: Fixed an issue where the @_FilterId variable was not updated properly.
- 214455: Fixed an upgrade issue in QPR ProcessAnalyzer installer.
- 214458: Fixed an issue where an exception was thrown when Manage Scripts button was clicked after the session had expired.
- 214407: QPR ProcessAnalyzer now remembers the SQL Import Connection String and SQL Query values during the login session.
- 214254: Increased the size of the drop-down selection list of import target models so that longer names can be shown.
- 214271: Added some descriptions for the Filter Rules.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 4.5 (release date 28.8.2013)

Build number:
- ImportSalesforceQuery command for importing data from Salesforce cloud into Data Tables and temporary tables using a script.
- To help in developing scripts, the Project Workspace dialog now has a tab that lists all the Data Tables in the selected project.
- There are now Script Manager and Script Properties dialogs available for managing and developing scripts.
- It is now possible to define the target model for the ImportEvents, ImportCaseAttributes (formerly "ImportCaseData"), and RemoveEvents script commands.

Fixed Bugs:
- 213970: The import functionality was refactored.
- 213988: The values shown in various analysis fields are now rounded to two or three decimal fractions depending on the analysis. In addition, if a value is exactly 0, only 0 is shown.
- 213965: Fixed an issue where a "ButtonClick" error was given when the Cancel button was clicked on login after the session had expired.
- 214134: Fixed an issue where the QPR ProcessAnalyzer installer didn't install sample files when installing to Microsoft Office 2013.
- 214015: Added a note to QPR ProcessAnalyzer Wiki, that in some scenarios when installing QPR ProcessAnalyzer, the computer may reboot without prompting the user.
- 213871: Fixed an issue where some QPR ProcessAnalyzer Service users were not visible to even Administrator users.
- 213966: Fixed an issue where an error message was given when filter properties of a deleted model were opened.
- 213903: Fixed an issue where the user was thrown out of QPR ProcessAnalyzer Service after a failed import operation.
- 211971: Fixed an issue where Path Analysis event boxes were incorrectly named when a long name was given to them.
- 214181: Added troubleshooting instructions for dealing with "Invalid Object Name" exception when running a script with #GetAnalysis and #ImportEvents commands.
- 214053: Added notes to QPR ProcessAnalyzer installer and Wiki, that Microsoft Excel should not be running or started during installation.
- 214040: Fixed an issue where the copied model and the source model were not identical.
- 214052: Fixed an issue where the selected filter name was not updated in the Benchmark Filter menu.
- 214249: Some terminology changes were made: "Script Text" -> "Script Code", "ViewId" -> "FilterId", "ViewName" -> "FilterName", and "@_ViewId" -> "@_FilterId".
- 213686: The Flow Analysis performance was optimized a bit.
- 213841: The Include Only and Exclude buttons are now enabled in Path Analysis.
- 214115: Fixed an issue where exporting a deleted model caused an error.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 4.4 (release date 10.6.2013)

Build number:
- ShowReport command providing customized reporting.
- Importing data to Data Tables using the Excel Client.
- Support for Windows 8 and Microsoft Office 2013.
- Exit command for stopping script execution.
- ImportDataTable command for importing data into Data Tables using a script.

Fixed Bugs:
- 213486: Querying event attribute values in Case Analysis is now faster.
- 213565: Fixed the issue where the progress indicator moves back and forth between 100% and 90% when copying or importing large models.
- 213780: Fixed the wrong date format in 64-bit Excel Operation Log.
- 213736: It is no longer possible to try login to the QPR ProcessAnalyzer Web Client unless both Login name and Password have been given.
- 213832: Added scrollbar for the QPR ProcessAnalyzer Web Client Bookmark view's Navigator pane.
- 213873: In QPR ProcessAnalyzer Excel Client, fixed an issue where error was given if the A1 cell was in edit mode and a button was clicked.
- 213540: Fixed the formatting of Duration Days values to include only two decimals in QPR ProcessAnalyzer Excel Client Case Analysis.
- 213946: Fixed an issue where model export didn't work in QPR ProcessAnalyzer Excel Client.
- 213993: Improved performance of Flowchart Analysis when benchmarking by both start and event attributes.

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 4.3 (release date 23.4.2013)

Build number:
- ETL capabilities within QPR ProcessAnalyzer for script based transformations, data validations, and extended analysis using load scripts
- Duration Analysis - added grouping by Week, Quarter, and Year for easier analysis
- Variation Ids in Case Analysis for allowing benchmarking by process variation
- Enhanced User Roles and Permissions in QPR ProcessAnalyzer for easier user administration and access rights settings
- 32-bit and 64-bit versions available from one installer package for easier delivery
- New Start button and Login window allow automatic login and now also support logout
- Web Client Full Screen Mode for maximixing screen space for large graphs and allowing browser based zoom
- Web Client - improved Variation Analysis visualization for showing the variations in a graphical format
- Updated product names: As an existing user, sign-up normally by choosing the Pro option. More options to be released soon...

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 4.0 - Collaboration Release (release date 1.11.2012)

- Web User Interface – Interactive Process Discovery & Analysis with web browser
- Collaboration – Share analysis results, comments and ideas within the project group
- Project Workspace – Process models are grouped to projects

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 3.11 - Web Portal ‘BETA’ Release (release date 18.9.2012)

- BETA version of the new Web User Interface for QPR ProcessAnalyzer
- Salesforce Lead process supported by Integration Service for Salesforce Cloud

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 3.10 - Maintenance Release (release date 30.8.2012)

- Improved Security
- Improved Performance

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 3.9 - the Real-Time Analysis Release (release date 21.6.2012)

- Real-Time analysis of continuous event streams using Automatic Recalculation
- Keep track of 'include/exclude' actions with View Filters
- Improved performance utilizing new algorithms and SQL Server 2012

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 3.8 - the User Group Management Release (release date 15.5.2012)

- Enhanced User Management includes creation of new User Accounts and Groups
- Influence Analysis for continuous values using subsets
- Clear filter for Event Types only – keeps other filters active

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 3.7 - the Influence Analysis Release (release date 27.4.2012)

- New Influence Analysis reveals reasons for process variations
- User Groups for easier access rights settings
- More informative Model, View & Report Managers

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 3.6 - the Attribute Analysis Release (release date 29.3.2012)

- Show Case Attributes in Process Analysis
- Show Event Attributes in Process Analysis
- Profiling for Event Attributes

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 3.5 - the Reporting Release (release date 7.3.2012)

- Save Analysis views as Interactive Reports for easy distribution
- On-line product documentation
- 64-bit version for 64-bit Microsoft Excel users

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 3.4 - the Salesforce Release (release date 17.2.2012)

- Flow Analysis for benchmarking duration and amount differences in flow level
- Benchmarking for process analysis view
- Integration Service for Salesforce Cloud – Automated analysis of sales process

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 3.3 - the Benchmarking Release (release date 27.1.2012)

- Benchmarking based on Case Attributes in Path Analysis
- Benchmarking for different views in Path Analysis
- QPR Connector for QPR ProcessAnalyzer product launch for integrating on-premise IT systems

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 3.2 - the Analysis Release (release date 5.1.2012)

- Event Type Chart showing the order of activities as a Gantt chart
- Process Cost Analysis with Weighted Durations
- Improved filtering for Path Analysis

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 3.1 - the Navigation Release (release date 19.12.2011)

- Easy navigation between filtered views
- Graphical variation charts
- Event attributes available in Cases list

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 3.0 - the Cloud Release (release date 25.11.2011)

- Automated Business Process Discovery (ABPD) from Cloud
- Support for large databases
- Integration to SAP

QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2.0 (release date 24.2.2011)

- Automated Business Process Discovery (ABPD) using Excel Client