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Image components show bitmap/raster images in dashboards. Image formats that can be used are png, jpg/jpeg, bmp, webp and gif.

The image is positioned in the center of the area, while keeping the original aspect ratio of the image. If the image is larger than the available space, the image size is reduced to fit to the available space.

The image is stored to the dashboard, which will increase the size of the dashboard and potentially increase delay when opening the dashboard. Good practice is to use as low resolution as possible where the image quality still looks good, because too high resolution takes unnecessary storage and data transfer capacity without providing any benefits.

Following settings are available for images:

  • Click the Select image button to open a file selector to select an image file from your local disk drive.
  • Link target: If you want to make the image a link to other dashboard, define the target dashboard identifier. Clickable images can be distinguished from a different cursor.
  • In addition, there are the same layout settings as for charts. If the image has transparent areas, the background color can be seen in those areas.