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This feature is available in QPR ProcessAnalyzer 2022.1.

Label component shows a static text in the dashboard, such as a title or detailed description. There are variety of settings available, such as font size, text color and bolding to customize the visual appearance of the text. If you need a changing text based on the model content, use the KPI Card where the text can be defined using the expression language.

To edit the label text, the Edit mode needs to be active. The text spans to multiple lines, if it doesn't fit to a single line. It's also possible to add line breaks to the text to have several text paragraphs.

The label can also work as a link to other dashboard or web site. When defined as a link, the label is a clickable link only in the Preview mode.

When hovered, there is a tooltip showing the text, which is useful when all text doesn't fit to the available space.

Label has the following visual settings:

  • Font size: Size of the label text in pixels, defined in 1 pixel granularity.
  • Text styles: Following visual effects for the label text can be defined: Bold, Italic, Underline, Overline and Line through. Multiple effects can be used at the same time.
  • Text color: Color of the label text.
  • Horizontal alignment: Horizontal alignment of the label text: Left, Centered, Right or Justified (justified means that full lines take the entire width by increasing spacing between words).
  • Vertical alignment: Vertical alignment of the label text: Top, Centered or Bottom. If you want to see scrollbar in the text when the text doesn't fit to the visible screen, use the Top vertical alignment.
  • Link target: Defines a link to other dashboard (defined as the target dashboard identifier) or to an external web page. The link is identified as a external web link if it's starting with http:// or https://.
  • Background color: Background color of the label area.
  • Border color: Border color of the label area. Note that the border is visible when its width is not zero.
  • Border width: Border width of the label area.
  • Border corner radius: Rounding of the border corners.