Storing Secrets for Scripts

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Secrets provide method to store passwords and other confidential data in QPR ProcessAnalyzer, so that they can be used without users being able to see the original plaintext. For example in ETL scripts, SAP, Salesforce and ODBC passwords can be stored as secrets, which can be referred by their names in the ETL script commands.

Each secret has a type which defines in which command the secret can be used. The purpose of the type is to improve security, so that the secret can only be used in the intended command.

Secrets are project specific, so their permissions come from the project. To use a secret, the user needs to have GenericRead permission to the project. To define a secret, the ManageProject permission to the project is needed.

Setting secrets

Secrets can be set by calling the SetSecret function for Project entity. There is also the property Secrets for projects to list all secrets in the project. Note that the secret value cannot be retrieved even by system administrators.

Using secrets

Secrets can be used in the following commands:

Note: Currently ImportSqlQuery and ImportOleDbQuery don't yet support the secrets.