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QPR ProcessAnalyzer wiki contains end-user documentation for QPR ProcessAnalyzer. That is, the wiki explains the QPR ProcessAnalyzer functionalities in such a manner that it provides valuable information on using QPR ProcessAnalyzer. Wiki pages are created roughly according to what functionalities are available in the QPR ProcessAnalyzer user interface. To complement this, the site also contains use cases and examples that are included in the related feature page (e.g. 'Path Analysis') as a separate 'Use Case' section or as a link to a page that contains only the use case. Use case scenarios also typically contain the steps on reaching a goal described in the scenario.

Everyone is welcome to use and contribute to the wiki. If you see some place in the wiki that could use some corrections or improvements, email us at and describe what you would like to change. Or, better yet, if you feel you would like to edit the page in question yourself, create a user account via this page.