CallWebService Script Examples

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This page contains script examples for the CallWebService script command.

(SELECT 'Address', '') UNION ALL
(SELECT 'Content-Type', 'application/json') UNION ALL
(SELECT 'Accept', '*/*')
PRINT SUBSTRING(@_ResponseText, 1, 50);

When the script is run, entries similar to the following will be shown in the script log:

Execution duration: 0,753 seconds
Execution Log:
2015-09-14T13:59:49.2838661+03:00 	Notification 	85 	Script operation: "--#CallWebService" started
2015-09-14T13:59:49.3468813+03:00 	Notification 	85 	Address:
Method: GET
ContentType: application/json
Encoding: Unicode (UTF-8)
Body content length: 0
Timeout: 60000
ExecuteInClientSide: 0
Additional headers: Accept(3)
2015-09-14T13:59:49.6579900+03:00 	Notification 	85 	Script operation: "--#CallWebService" completed: Result: OK, text length: 53019, status code: 200

2015-09-14T13:59:49.7230130+03:00 	Notification 	85 	<!doctype html><html itemscope="" itemtype="http:/