Model Creation in QPR ProcessAnalyzer

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Model Creation

In order to create functioning data models for Process Mining the minimum requirement is that you have an event log which contains the following information:

  • Case ID - An unique identifier which connects the series of events together, eg. Purchase Order number, invoice number etc.
  • Event name - The name of different process steps, eg. Delivery: Goods Issue, Invoice Receipt, SO Item Created etc.
  • Timestamp - A registered time of the occurrence of an event
  • Attributes - Any additional information attached to a Case ID, eg. Company Code, Customer information, Order status information etc. Attributes are not mandatory for creating functioning models but the more attributes there are in the model the higher quality analysis can be done.

Based on this information QPR ProcessAnalyzer creates a flowchart which with combination of other available tools lays the foundation for the start of Process Mining. Most common ways of creating models in QPR ProcessAnalyzer are using the webUI to import data and more advanced techniques such as SQL to import data directly from various data sources.