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This page contains preliminary information about new features and fixed issues in the next release.

New features in next release

  • B-08381: Table vertical scrollbar is now hidden when table is not scrollable.
  • B-08382: Measures, dimensions and columns can be duplicated in chart settings.
  • B-08340: New users don't have a default model selected when login for the first time.

Issues fixed in next release

  • D-14147: Snowflake queries gave "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error with MaximumRowCount higher than 2 billion.
  • D-14189: Dropdown list gives following error when clicking add for "List items": Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'axisLabel').

Features under work

  • B-08355: EL: Changes into identifier matching precedence.
  • B-08365: Added visual settings for KPI Card: font size, text color, text styles, vertical and horizontal alignment.
  • B-08389: Added support for making multiple Snowflake queries in same request.
  • B-08404: Design and create quick smoke test exec plan to be run for every build.

Fixes under work

  • D-14184: Giving ScriptText or ScriptFileName as parameter for ScriptLauncher creates broken script.
  • D-14186: Highcharts visualizations datalabel texts were incorrectly shown over tooltips.

Note: Features and fixes under work are not necessarily targeting to the next release.