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The ServerInfo operation returns basic information of the server, needed by the user interface. The ServerInfo operation doesn't require user to login (as the information is used by the login screen already before login).

Url: GET qprpa/api/serverinfo

Returns a JSON object containing the following properties:

  • defaultUiLanguage (string): Language code of the default user interface language that new user accounts get by default. The login page is translated using this default language. Language options are same as in the DefaultUiLanguage.
  • defaultDateFormat (string): Default date format that new user accounts get by default. The date format does not contain the time part (e.g. hours, minutes and seconds). Defined using the .Net date format (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/standard/base-types/custom-date-and-time-format-strings).
  • defaultFirstDayOfWeek (string): Default first day of the week that new user accounts get by default. 0 is Sunday and 1 is Monday. This information is used by the UI when showing e.g. calendars.
  • defaultUse12HourClock (string): Defines whether the 12-hour clock (instead of the 24-hour clock) is in use by default for the new user accounts when showing time information in the UI. Defined as true or false. More information about the 12-hour clock: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/12-hour_clock.
  • serverVersion (string): QPR ProcessAnalyzer build version.
  • ssoConfigured (boolean): Whether SSO (SAML) has been setup to the server.
  • hasValidActivation (boolean): Server activation is currently valid.
  • enabledFeatures (string array): List of features that are configured and available to use in the server. Possible features are: snowflake, redshift and spark (denoting that connection strings for the distributed processing datasources have been configured in configuration table).
  • codeRevision (string): Revision information from the version management system.
  • databaseMajorVersion (number): Database major version.
  • databaseMinorVersion (number): Database minor version.
  • pacmFileVersion (number): PACM export file version.

See more about the version numbers.