Web API: Usersettings

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The usersettings operation saves user specific settings to server. The PUT version is used to store an individual setting and the POST version to store multiple settings.

HTTP request header Authorization with value Bearer <access token> needs to be in place to identify the session.

Stores single setting

Stores single user setting to the server.

Url: PUT qprpa/api/usersettings/{key}/{value}

The key is the setting name and value is the setting value.

Returns HTTP code 204 (No content).

Store multiple settings

Stores multiple user settings to the server at the same time. Possible existing settings in the server that are not mentioned in the request, are not removed.

Url: POST qprpa//api/usersettings/

The request body contains an object that has fields for all the settings to be stored.

Returns HTTP code 204 (No content).