Exporting and Importing Data in QPR ProcessAnalyzer

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QPR ProcessAnalyzer models can be exported into .pacm files. A single .pacm file contains one model including the following data:

  • Case and Event attributes in the model.
  • Views and Reports for which the user doing the export has at least View rights.
  • Model specific user rights.

If importing a model from a .pacm file to the same database from which the model was exported, all data in the .pacm file is imported.

If importing to a different database than from which the model was exported, the following restrictions exist:

  • Imported Views and Reports are restricted to those that were made by the user that exported the model.
  • Model specific user rights are imported if the same UserID-Username combination exists in the target database.
  • Users with <All> Administrator rights in the source database aren't given any access rights to the model in the target database unless they also have model specific access rights in the source database, in which case only these model specific access rights are copied.